underRated.eU vs jukud (8104 views)

de mirror
pl sosji
si seareal
be vyndEm
be a1Rtj
ro Stary
ee karu
ee ubka
ee subbi
ee dampface
ee scope
ee xpz

#et.tourney II - 4th Division
Grand Final

jukud has to win twice to win this tournament as they are coming from the Lower Bracket.


Crossfire Newspost

jukud won first game 4:0, uR*eU won second with 4:0 hence 4:2 for uR
15.08.12 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: #et.tourney » Matchlink
Hosting: #et.tourney
Manager: fanatic (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 21370
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 46


I forced this game because none of you contacted me about this and a date hasn't been set yet, and we can't wait forever to play this ;p of course you can play this on another time before/after this day, just talk with each other and let me know!
easy for undeRated...oh wait...heard fanatic will be 7th for jukud.

we prolly can play
gl seareal m8
gl karu & damp!
gl seareal
too izi for underrated

roll the estonians!
for u xoxo
if u have a bed for me onlan
talk to stray, hes responsible for the rooms, and that aint gonne be fun with 15 german speaking guys :D
ich ben ein halve deutscher
gl a1Rtj
:D roll those estonian faggots pls!

and yes, fanatic is retarded and gay.
how would you say something like this if we didn't speak with each other ever. i see your nickname for the first time though so your opinion is mehh..
oh god, maybe its just other name ingame? retard.
hahaa mad nerd is mad
ik ben avi harmen
easy harmen... or not :D

gl man

go jukud!
Easy for book.

En jij ook Harmen, gl.
fanatic can you change lu to :


ty :)
haha wants to "surprise" us with a new lu?
needle not allowed
why not ? needle not cb or esl banned ?
easy for ur
will be very hard i gues
are you kidding? :D going to be easy , gonna watch this when im back from work ~ 9 so perfect! only ince & mcleod are kinda good rest is np
ye was joking ;d and idk if mcleod is allowed to play since he already played for fusion .
GL underRated.eU
Needle really? why is he allowed to play officials. btw needle bro. I thought you ragequit ET after SLAC busted you?
sosiu , booki :)
lunastas aka lullaby aka shelby , is he playin?
welke match ???
GL jukud !
wat probeer je hiermee te zeggen? zelfs als jullie war de enige is die wordt gespeeld op dat tijdstip kom je nog niet boven de 10 viewers, deze heeft tenminste nog mensen die 'iets' kunnen
Sosji, Book powodzenia :D
nice reply skills
You have € 439 on uR*eU
Possible win: € 548.75
GL MCLEOd m8, GL jenka too !
the fuck is this shit? dont be scared uR guys, as this is fake lu.
we are never scared :xd
needle will play
ubka lotte cheater
It's forbidden to play in this cup with more than one team!


oh wait...

u dont know jukud`s fanaticruleschanger.cfg ????

hf uR.
You have € 81 on uR*eU
Possible win: € 105.3

GL seareal
why is ubka not banned???? he plays with lotte cheaters $u$umu needle klapp ???
lol ubka has never cheated, u dipshit fuck
yes he did , i played against them , low cheater wallhacking shit
ET is dead, harmen playing and gg guys
hes not playing,that's the reason why are there 2 stars :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
ik speel niet xd
46 viewers and 2 stars. GTV is dead
you mad bro?
you mad bro?
scope, subbi, xpazje and... seareal, see 4
THAT push that made all viewers go like OMG! Might as well become an ET-related meme for the next 5 years.
alternatively, the div4 serious business lack of a restart that facilitated the push : D
Must love this vyndem guy <333333333

You have € 3000 on eu jd
Possible win: € 8820

gg wp oleks rikkaks saanud :(
all as exspected. gg uR and gratz ;)
Thousands of years from now people will still talk about that push :D
Retards cant even restart map when two were 999

nice pocal faggots..

this game is DEAD
well played. Not so nice but still.. 8]
score should've been set to 4:4 tho :)
well game is not dead but i think its not nice to fkin ignore restart callvote :S cuz 2 guys were 999 before start ... and they won that map by 1 sec maximum ...ffs if reset they would lose forsure
if if if...

you played well.

true story... but still win :C
had to play with 2/3 med+ players to win 4th div..

You should be ashamed... u dishonored that tag...
QuoteuR mirrorrr4xlibres


i actually like that guy now :DDDD

and gj!
Cheaters won ofc. Too obvious mirror and seareal cheat :)