Effectus vs #sticked.et (7964 views)

nl cRackeR
nl Efax
nl sj33
nl SQuid
no Domi
fr soma
fr Provok
fr yokoo
fr AiR
fr rivA

ESL 6on6 Summer Cup 2012 - Cup #1
Playoffs - LB Round 3
30.08.12 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Summer Series 2012 » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: PHOTOSYNTHESIS (Requestee)
Maps: Missile_b4
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Total Pot: € 33534
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 31


so we meet again friends : )
there had been a mistake on ESL, we still have to play against iNm.et :D

cancel this match or unschedule it please !
izi effectus lan winners
gl domi and outlaw
Not avi for this, going with school to texel
Gozer nu met school ga ik inactive dus kan vrij weinig spelen en als ik speel zuig ik waarschijnlijk.
no me gusta.... maar k begrijp t :ÑÑÑÑ
ik kan wel, als pro medic aimmerrrrr
jij wou toch stoppen flikker
we hoeven toch niet tegen sticked ofwel?
jawel, deze donderdag! :Ñ
gl fodo
gl effectus
30.08.12 22:30 CEST

sorry im in gran canaria atm, different timezone. i meant to put 21:30CET :Ñ
Tomorrow 3v3 OneDayCup http://superonedaycup.tourney.cc/ mIRC: #cOokiie.et sign up now !
gl e: esay for photo :D
lets hope so friend. i may need u to play if someone doesnt show up!
go outside it summer nerd photo :X:DLXDLXD:XD:X:D
im in gran canaria as we speak my friend, flying back in 12 hours or so :Ñ x
gl Dommel and cRackeRRRR
I won't play. gl
et mes couilles sur ton front ça fait un dindon ???
"oh wait"
Shout For SigMa PLease :D
- teki + SKYNET
lol domi
gl cracker and photo mates <3 and #sticked.et! sisi yokoo ;D
GL yokoo !
GL cracky!
You have € 230 on e:
Possible win: € 1002.8

Goodluck !
gl cracker
Danke sehr
you no cracer?? you finised?? learn to read england pls
GL like always soma, Provok, Skynet :D
I may dust my microphone off for this game.
gl cracky
star system could be removed actually if this shit already has 2 stars :d
How can this game be rated 2 stars when there are actually 2 players that arent completly unknown?
People spec our games for the great show we offer them, thanks to the big fails we make! ;)
we are all unknow bro
gl photo
Good luck cRackeR
gl yokoo photo efax banaan provok
hf sticked !
gl sjee
no Taichi no win !
gl photo & efax
sticked gl!
gl ripou!!
still playing ? hahaha
gl antho, oh wait..
GOOO CRACKY <3333333
Rolling like a boss :*
2-2, sticked using the "axis" door thingy to get through .
2-2, sticked using the "axis" door thingy to get through .
2-2, sticked using the "axis" door thingy to get through .
4-2, sticked steamrolled effectus on goldrush
En nu timbo?
sticked sterke hold bij goldrush 6 mins en nog geen tank door effectus
supply only, no pocal for Domi again :S
I dont need more pocals, unlike you.
ye "biggest faggot" pocal is enough I can understand your point
You already got that pocal by taking 2x forfeit win in grand final, scared little frenchy =) But I am happy that you finally won a match vs me.
Are these pliers sharp? e: Domi 17 deaths without fragging. Wasn't rly hard tbh
Thats a first timer then.
en plus il avait squid pour le carry :XD
ik stop met et, kanker spel, truste
You have € 250 on sticked
You won € 535
You have € 500 on sticked
You won € 1070
You have € 200 on e:
You lost
...ça m'apprendra à miser sur l'autre tard de norvege
dankje martijn !
You have € 132 on e:
Possible win: € 248.16
gg wp!
bug more ffs
No Cannonize, no win

You have € 1828 on nl e:
You lost

Ouais :/ Enfin je sais pas je vous sentais pas motivé pour ce match donc j'ai mise sur les autres aux derniers moments :D
on est plus trop motivés depuis le début de l'été :(
J'avou que sur supply c'était mode public, pas besoin de mumble :D
You have € 250 on sticked
You won € 535
You have € 250 on e:
You lost

You have € 1000 on e:
You lost

last money bb...
noobs :o -.- :( *dissappointedsmileyattack*
we play once every 2 weeks or less lawl, without real tacts you cant win a map like grush, especially against et nolifez who commit their life to et.
we lost on missile cuz of some scumbag thing we didnt even knew about was possible since b4 is fucking shit
ET IS DEAD, 1 game every 2 weeks still too much, just stop it instand of whine :{D
heh, why let domi play.
Because someone as bad as you couldnt even stand a chance.
dude he was usefull on goldrush :S

You have € 134 on fr sticked
You won € 286.76