Estonia vs Germany (9334 views)

09.04.06 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup IX
Manager: angrykid (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Viewer Peak: 123


gl and hf both teams =) (germany and estonia wins poland :/) both team are very good :) of course good match (sorry my English is bad)
go ger
wird n spannendes Spiel

GER #1
gl & hf
est imo
gl hf
ger ftw!!!!
Might be a great game!
I hope buthcji doesent play.
gl estonia :p
EESTI ftw ;)
^^will be a great match :P
Estonia goes ftw but Germany can be dangerous 2 . So I think 2-2 and than decider that Estonia wins. soz Germany :p n/o :D
damn, a very nice match imo :> and a close 1 too
forza estonia
in my opinion EST
probably GER, GL!
go est .... to final ! ;) gl
Estonia is just a little better then Germany imo.

Gl both of ya tho.
what a game :/

gl 2 both
EST 3 - 1 GER

ger fw!! n1 match
gl2 both but ger ftw :)

est == ger, gl to both :)
i think est will win, but gl ger :D
das hier ist der wahrheit
gl Ger :)
EESTI will fin this one and lose for FIN in the finals! ;>
Go EESTI!! =)
Eesti ftw, butchji ftl ( for the lose)
gl for both teams, EST ftw ;]
reissue of the legendary games: junk52 vs u96d
eesti.eesti! but gl both
hard to say who will win but as est. is sucking sometimes i think germany will make it... anyway gl both

btw. lol @ snoop xD
Ger i hope so will win .. if not GG to both Teams.
estland is a good country and germany 2 so its going to be a good match i hope germany wins it :)
ger ftw
I think est will win 3-1 GL both
go butchji and Night =)
germany for NL vs DE @ finals o/
i guess est but hope for ger :)
EST imo take 1 place in cup then NL then FIN and in 4 place GER... EST FTW!!!!
after the match yesterday i am sure that fin get just place 4 :)
EST seems to be the favs but maybe that will break their neck and GER will take the win and fight against NL in Final! :)

GL both teams :)
gogo esties ;)
Esti win, best team
Estonia I hope!
GL germany
gl :>
poor est..

hf vs butchji the machine :>
belgium ftw...

ah what the heck guess ger will win
eesti ftw ^^ <3
GG and stuff :>
eesti :*
ger go home :c
eesti winner :>
go butchji!
GL both :) go EST !!
Butchji ftw o/
est ftw
gl deutschland [:
i hope estonia wins, cuz then slovenia will be the best team this season :)
doesnt "mather" who will win in this game, i only wish whiners will be owned in finals -_-
Every1 is talking like butchj>all but the game is about teamwork so zip it. ESt ftw
ger ftw! butchji und biqq werden est ownen, und rifle-riddla , gl o/
Why does everybody thinks NL is whiners?? :s
prior experience ?
gl both teams, imo est will make it
Est win this match..... Estonia GL & HF
IMO Estonia will win but GL&HF for both teams. I hope that will be a great match
hate deutsch :> gl hf estonia :*
Shade Deutschland alles ist vorbei!! =)
GER go home, bb
ESTII go to final xD
EESTI 4ever!!! i think u win today 4-2 ;)
germany have played their best in this NC, but estonia is not at their level. sadly, we wont see exciting game, estonia will be dominating today
hmm ok not at their level and stuff...but we got butchji :O
so gg hf germany own them !
gl ger
ger ftw :I
gl and hf @ both
EESTI WIN :D but gl & hf both
germans will be germans, 4-2 for the axis :)
GER pls :>
go mystic go!
awesome! 1310 slots :D great job! hf&gl both (go est <3)
1610 slots w00t gg!
lol over 1600 slots :O
i think the germans will win
mystic is urtier right?
butchji is cheating right?
gg germany
Germany wins
as i said 4:00 minutes till end germans blowed up south gun GG <3
YEAH 4:2 for GERMANY !! Good Game guys !!
very... veeeery long match
gg nice match |:-|
wow...GER rocks...!
very nice match

well done ger <3
nice match :)
looking forward to the final :D
it was one of the most interesting matches on this year imo...