Taipei Assasins vs Azubu Frost (11005 views)

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Best of five.

Winner takes $1,000,000.00
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Game: lol League of Legends
League: S2 World Playoffs
Manager: Brisk (Requestee)
Maps: Summoner's Rift

Total Pot: € 18405
The bets are closed.

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Video Streams
Riot Games
By: msh100
View on GamesTV (external)
Language: English
Riot Games Own3d
By: Brisk
View on GamesTV (external)
Language: English

Viewer Peak: 609,108


Winner takes $1,000,000.00 WHAT THE FUCK
1 milion $ on gbooky
zajmijmy sie lolem. Widze powazny gejming skoro milion do zgarniecia z gierki
Nie milion. Milion to jest suma jaka idzie na wszystkie nagrody.

"Winner takes $1,000,000.00 "
$1mln na 5 osob.
no nie jest to 10k euro na sage lan w et ale tez cieszy.
sugerowanie ze kiedy kolwiek tam pojedziesz.
winner takes it all!
No, the runner-up gets a quarter M
dumb polaks discussing if "$1,000,000.00" means 1 million dollars...........
no ,they discussing about milion = pot of all awards or winner's award... learn polish please
pot it somthing like $2,000,000.00
more lessons coming ?????
:DD your a fucking idiot but i love you
Azubu Frost gone take this
is this prize for real? ?//DDX
is this /!\ for real?
First prize is a million, second is $250,000, semi-finalists get $150,000. Or something about like that.
yep minus the 30,000 fine that one team got LOL
Crazy lol.
fist prize? how bout ill fist u
Ye so learn fast lol so u can play next year also
xtream and me gunna roll next year
bb ET
lol $1,000,000. sweet jesus.
nerds playing on saturday night :XDXD:X:D:XD::XD::XD::XD:d
if u get 200k per face u would skip one saturday night aswell ;P
nerds probably never kissed a girl gtfo virgins get face and muscles
but when they have 200k they can buy hookers
those guys were all 12 max+
fk u
Azubu frost easy win :D
finally some LoL games
Perfect, just when I'll be back from the cklub :)
koreans taking over LoL scene also :D
Maps: Not announced

lie, summoners rift x2 or x3...
lie. summoners rift 3,4 or 5 times :p
Not an option in the maps menu!
Winner takes $1,000,000.00

gotta play LOL
200k per player, still interesting anyway :D
Yes each player will get a lot of money but no way each of them will take home 200k, the mgc will take at least 250k for sending the nerds there plus entrance fee, hotel and they need to make some kind of profit.
makes it 150k per player, still not bad .D
of course it is haha, theyre taking over 100k each for sure.
Actually Riot paid all the expenses for the teams to get to the finals
It would be absurd for the players to have agreed to such a deal. Not saying they haven't, just saying they have zero business sense if they have.
the orgs income comes from elsewhere, they are sponsoring the team. :D if they need the prizemoney to continue as an organisation they're doing something wrong.
nerd just got raped by text
Dota 2 > LoL
SHy <3
that is sick moneyzz
zomg 1m for this noob game, diamond players in sc2 got more skill :XD
swiss are still richer
nice lives gaming saturdaynight s:s:s:
ze kunnen anders wel 1 miljoen dollar winnen aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap
nice busts /!\
from wich country is Taipei Assasins?
Country Taiwan, Province of China
learn2read homosex
dat trollll :d
no you're just an idiot and now you try to make people believe you were trolling
Taipei ... SERIOUSLY?
no voyboy no win!
Why are you fanboi off voyboy so much?
He aint the best top laner ;D
u cant really say who is the best top laner anyway..
126,583 on own3d, 126,583 about on twitch, 7000+ at the stadium ..... wtf this is so insane! O_O
dota2 TI2 had more
170k now O_O
Over half a million watching the streams at the moment, and the game hasn't even started.
Score will be at least 2-3 hours away.

Still in the first round (of a possible five).
holy shit balls that quadra, there are like 700.000 ppl watching in total LOL
I will update the peaks manually at the end of the game, I am monitoring them :) Blame skooli for automatic not working :D:D
tnx m8, i am willing to get surprised to see the amounts :D
gg karthus best champion, high skill cap :D
dont think viewer peak is right m8, at its best it was like 700+ im 100% sure, you sure you counted all the different languages in it aswell ?
The viewer peak is based on the two embedded streams above.

QuoteJon Stein, eSports Coordinator at Riot Games, tweeted during the finals that they had surpassed 900,000 concurrent viewers ... and that wasn't counting online streams in Korea and China.
You're right and wrong. Those are the peaks for those two streams. Remember there were more including TV broadcasts and additional languages, as well as some countries streaming services
Viewer Peak: 609,108
ET is saved... oh wait
gotta love dem haters
just stop commenting on games you do not enjoy because you think an equivalent is better... nobody cares :XD
play the one you prefer and everything's fine...
Thought this would go to a 5th game, but i went to sleep on the 3rd one .. Wth thought, azubu would take this the way they knocked out taipei in the first game.. wp .. hf with $1m & $250k
TPA gave me $999,999.99 USD so that I wouldn't participate in finals.

Give froggen lessons with bird for a day, all of a sudden she's banned every game.

PS: $15 USD For Elo BOOST HMU.

Wait a minute, why are the bets so far in favor of AF. It was obvious TPA would win after they beat MakNoon and M5, DOWNS KIDS.
in all honest when they beat m5, they actually proved that the team fights weren´t optimal, the reason they won the 2nd and the 3rd game vs m5 is because they completely outpicked them, and even though they had a 10k lead, they were still showing signs of losing team fights.
So i also expected af to take it.
You have € 661 on tw TPA
You won € 1943.34

azf couldnt look at the map
You have € 6 on tw TPA
You won € 17.64