Queens vs No1cares (3657 views)

gb Kamz
gb razz
nl xPERiA
ee Peeter
nl kARMA
gb mexican

CB 3on3 Ladder
14.10.12 00:45 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: KAMZ (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 3075
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 16


the flag made us feel cold at ice
You have € 250 on Queens
You won € 275

That's 25€ we can spend on blankets.
haha kamz playing with razz ;D
nice life razz.. playing on my birthday while i was partying...
That's early to come home
Saving up moneyzz for LAN biggie happy birthday chap <3
fastest 3on3 ever 10 mins and its done xD
nice lives fucking nerds
15 kills , 4-0 ggs :o