Team Decerto vs kingz (9183 views)

nl saKen
nl Cupra
nl SQuid
nl joshua
gb razz
gb koop
gb R0SS
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ESL Storm Assault
Upper Bracket Final


30.10.12 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Storm Assault 2012 » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: saKen (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 62235
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 120


gl sqZz m8 <333
time to give these noobs a prison pounding
gl kingz, but koop is very low in kingz....
GL cupra lad!
gl hulk et karnaj!
gl sqzz ;>
GL razz :)
l4mpje? :(
de graafschap - go ahead eagles
GL Sqzz!
gl Cup!
gl kingz :)
You have € 250 on nl decerto
Possible win: € 2322.5

GL decerto ! :{D
gl kingz
Good luck druwin, Koo to the P & sqZzn00b (:
np 4 cupra
What he said! Gl hf!
hf stownage
same match all days
gl Decerto
hf saKen
hf kooooooooooooooooooooooooooop!!
gl saken and karnaj
btw where is an7ho?
btw where is fabien??!?!?!??
Cupra got this
gl simon!
gl olbaa
gl Both! Esp. olbaa/razz/cupra/sally!
GL kingz
hf R0SS
sqzz->online only
R0SS/Koop->offline only
gl stoneage
simonnnnnnnnnnnn <3
gl R0SS, squalli, sqzz and hf all :-)
gl karnaj ;)
gl sakenji
cupra omg cupra ;o
forfeit, money back plz :$
You have € 21000 on eu kingz
You won € 22890

np guys, take ur time
It' just shameful, we had great coverage and build-up for the game, but it ended up in bickering each other. A perfect example where et is way behind its older brother, rtcw. what I loved about their community was that they were really hospitable, nice. Made me feel welcome. Maybe before long et will grow up as well, but for the time being this is what we miss most, the ability to act civil in game and on forums.
What exactly happened?
I can't see anything supernegative from the logs
Decerto didnt allow Chry to play (he played one game with c45),but they played with Cupra..

Atleast i think hes speaking about this..
Not sure where they got that though as we never said we wouldn't allow him to play. All of our players were allowed to play as well, just a case of people not having a clue about the rules and saying random things, I guess ross would speak of 'banter'.
oh please... the way you said it in priv pretty much meant that chry cant play n hope squall gets online. So dont start this crap "we never said we wouldn't allow him to play" wasn't rly gonna care about it or comment on it at all. but the fact is that you didnt allow him to play so we had to pick someone else. so fuck off with ur bullshit.
Once again, I never said he couldn't play, I asked you whether or not you thought it would be a double forfeit. You came up with the whole "allowing" him anyway, we couldn't care less who you play with.
Next time read the rules before contacting an admin please.

Cupra was allowed to play. Decerto followed every rule and waited the mandatory days before letting him play. Chry was allowed to play also, I don't who came up saying he is not. A teamleader has to know if his players are allowed to play or not, so stop blaming your opponent. Next time don't contact an admin after you are loosing the first map, but before the match starts.

ESL rules:
7. Players Agreements
Pressing F3 means that you agree with all the match settings and all other reclamations will not be taken into account. We, the ESL EU ET Admin Squad, will not take any accusations & reclamations into account if it's proven that you have agreed with the settings before the match started.
none of us contacted you gabri? :D and you can blame saken for all this crap as no matter what he tries to say here he is the one to blame for all this whine about it. He didnt allow chry to play.
You contacted me after you were loosing the first map, because you thought it would be easy for you. After loosing the map you wanted to get ff win, but that is not how ESL works.

ESL was down at that time, so I trusted what I was told by your player, but he lied to me. I came to ask saken when he had added him and he told me the opposite from what your player did.
Why are you blaming the community if you are the first to lie to get a win.
eh? who of us contacted you? I didnt, ross didnt and no one else did it, if it was chry we wont take the blame for it.

+ we would have never taken a forfeit win over this game. Decerto is fucking shit team and we knew we gonna beat them even if we were struggling it in supply, doesnt matter who says in game "forfeit win for us" its all about trolling n stuff as enemy (saken) said "hope squall shows up :)" He didnt allow us to use our backup in the game which got us "pissed" by the fact how retarded a team can be.

You have to realise that nothing of this would have never happened if saken would have just let us use our 7th (backup) player.
Yes chry contacted me. He is part of your team.

+ blame chry, he was trying to claim ff win, thats why I connected to the server.
Chry was allowed to play, what are you talking about? Saken is not an ESL admin, why should you listen to him?
didnt see any esl admins online so i had to ask saken if its okey if we use chry and he pretty much said "no, hope squall shows up" So you cant rly blame us here for this

but everything is sorted out now, never gonna ask saken if we can use someone or not as he is a fucking retard.

I was online all the day yesterday ;)
Why did you ask Saken if you were allowed to use Chry? He was in your roster and didnt play any other match for 1week.

Lets stop it, you won gg, next time read rules and ask an admin if you are allowed to use a player. Do like Kamz did, he contacted me for every little thing, he wanted to be sure of what he was doing
Oh will do so next time for sure :D
#care you won
This is what's wrong exactly, everybody is just hostile against each other, even you (an admin who should remain distant, objective) come up with a aggressive reply like that. This is what's killing et, the general atmosphere.

This cup is for fun (at least for me), and I'm not interested in reading rules for every tournament I participate in. I read the rules for every lan I attend, nothing less, nothing more.

And if decerto read and followed the rules, as you stated, they knowingly deceived us into believing that chry isn't allowed to play - exactly my point in the first comment, not very sportsmanship-like.
I didnt want to be agressive, I am sorry if you thought. I didnt like how you were blaming the community when you are the first one to blame trying to get ff win (I blame the whole team, you can blame chry).

It took me 3min to read the rules, you could have used 3mins of your life to read the rules too.
Decerto follwed the rules, but they cant know everything about every team, maybe they thought chry wasnt allowed to play, thats why you should have contacted me before the match.

GG WP, you won, so be happy, you won even without having to use your backup. Gl for the final
QuoteI didnt like how you were blaming the community when you are the first one to blame trying to get ff win (I blame the whole team, you can blame chry).

Your comments have an aggressive tone as you generalize every action made any team member to all, trying to shift responsibility from individual to group. Should respond in kind by generalizing all admins, good or bad, to the worst example? I just feel insulted by you assuming for me to do something I wasn't going, nor have any authority, to do.

Anyhow, you misunderstood me, I wasn't talking about that game per se, I was talking about the state of this whole game. (given the concept of it being a comment here, I don't blame you, I should've made a journal or something).
And yes I am blaming the community, it's our fault that this game is dying, and compare it to rtcw for example it felt divine not to get flamed in game there. Maybe et will get into the same state as people who play it get older and the community smaller.
community claiming ET is being killed, community itself is killing it. gg wp
Nobel-prize winner's indisputable argument.

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