Keskus Rikos Poliisi vs Effectus (11713 views)

fi Blindi
fi t0psu
fi kapaa
fi twidi
fi Vanhaomena
nl banaan
nl cRackeR
nl NoHead
nl Efax
nl sj33

CB 6on6 OC Fall 2012
Premier League - UB Round 1
06.11.12 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2012 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Blindi- (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 39665
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 46


PHOTO gl ; ))
Nice lives
nice life
Lass mal hier nicht so den Polen raushängen, Maks.
es braucht nicht viel einsatz bis die bitch sich freimacht, der aufwand ist ein minimaler wie disneyzeichner
:D du willst also noch mehr?
Deine Schwester will mal wieder n guten Fick, besucht den Pimp und wird im Pool gefickt, wie schlechte Billiardspieler.
ouhyeah bitch :D

und bitte rede nicht, die Uhr und der Ferrari seien Luxusgüter, ich zeig‘ dir den Wert in bar, wie ein Luftdruckprüfer.
Deine Tochter sieht mich und wirft ihren Keuschheitsgürtel hin, wie in Deutschland Türkinnen. Sie hängt freizeitmäßig mit nem Hund ab wie Schaafsherden, Toni kommt und spritzt in ihrem Mund ab, wie Zahnärzte
bring ma lieber deinen schülern was vernünftiges bei

izi for cRackeR
Blindi cant play hes at work.

GL cracker & banaan
tnx nikim8, i will win and hand you the trophy
gl effectus
Crack that hole krp
blindi nerd gaming
gl Photo<3
gl crackerm8 photom8 and bear destroyer
tnx papim8 <3
thx paprik@m8
only bad players need luck
then you sir should buy some rabbits feet OEHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT!!!!!!!!!
gl Kevin
krp gonna get ass rolled. All in for effectus
Krp going to use the black guy in this match.
gl effectus
gl effectus lanwinrars
gl effectus
sj33 good luck innnext stage coz this one u gonna win:D
where outlaw^^^^^^
gl effectus
et is dead
I think this match will be quite easy for us, hence we're going to play it 2on6.

the match will be an interesting three-mapper: KRP wins first map (supply) easily but loses the second one (supply) by being AFK all map (smoking cigarettes and getting more bear). on third map (prolly supply) ensam will toss a 6-man-nade and all efflowtus will get 10 full-spawns each. on def I will be afk getting more bear from store and ensam will kill all becouse he was EC and NC




gl vriends :))
You have € 100 on e:
Possible win: € 348
gl crackybaby
narkomaan veel elus oma norranaistega wow
gl cracky m8 :)
KRP weak.. Should be easy for nl guys
krp winnerman
go press r
You have € 100 on fi krp
Possible win: € 141
is this still being played since tzac down and shit ?
gl mot9f n banaan
nerds playing while champions league
gl topi
lol KRP nerds playing dead game xd
and losing to what they claim to be lows
- MOTIFF + NoHead
ggs wp
hahahahhaah no tzac -> lowskill -> highskill 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD so obvious and so, so faggots

High skill. since tzac came out you all have been pushed down to a maximum of low+/med- , i really expected you, especialy you to own on this match bcs there was no tzac.
im motherfucking living legend and you are? noname cheater 8DD
im the only 1 off us 2 who actually played on 6 lans.

e: im actually the only 1 off us 2 who played on any lan.
damn thats cool
good point you got there.
1:0 NoHead

you've played on lans and so what? :D You've never been amazing or good or anything? have you achieved anything anywhere?
i won a lan. which none of you can say.
ahahahah :D lan with two teams maybe? If I remember right, ensam won 3EC's in a row, 2-3 NC's, WL, ET masters and the list goes on, even though he hasn't been on lan, who the fuck cares? I'd like to find one STUDENT who has like 500-1000e to spend on one weekend
no a lan with more EC teams then Androits lan.
still fucking hilarious argument, almost fell of my chair
yeh and none of those tournament have got him any money XD
again you're wrong. just stfu already :D
+he won those cups when there still was competition :D
+100€, headset, mouse + some other shit. im pro-eSportser.
even got more cash suported on my last lan.
yes but you had to leave your own house, which I believe is hard task for human like you :/
your making no sense again mate.
Then you're just stupid. I am implying that you're basicly saying "nerd" who never leaves his own house:)
well but thats smt you have no clue about, so thats why your not making any sense. you haven't seen me or have never spoken to me.
Seems like I hit atleast a little bit since you went defensive, but seriously it's okay to be nerd or something like that
well in my opinion im not a nerd. wich allot of people who met me on any lan can confirm
There's the problem :/ it's only your own opinion. I can say that I am handsome fucing girls and stuff too, but in reality I am just normal guy who only fucks his own hand.
well and the only girl i had sex with is my gf i have now for more then 5 years.
cool seriously :P how did you get her?
in like how i met her? via friends she was living close to me allready :)
How does dat ensams ass taste like?
vila had good achievement too.
you idiots don't seem to understand that ensam is legend and stays as one XD he was NEVER banned during his prime time
Neither was vila in his prime time
wasn't vila busted when he cheated against those polaks?
no, he selfbusted, if he didnt fail a little with kamz's stats screenshot, he would be legend still.
allrighty, so you call winning a cup while cheating an achievement? The Lance Armstrong Story...
Ye all those teams would have played against him if he was known cheater, + dunno if nohead has had cheating past but imo he was always too shit to cheat. actually I dont know single team in which nohed has played and I've been fulltime nerd for 4years atleast on gtv/cf
im not talking about nohead in this case... Im talking about your asslicking ensam story
I dont even know ensam, or haven't even played with him. It's just facts I'm stating here :D
FACTS? please nigger
after this post you should stfu :D ensam has been busted _once_ for cheating on a public/prac match hard to know in which. And that was back in -07 when he hadn't won anything and probably was 13-15 years old stupid dickhead. :D
once a cheater. always a ........
but we all know about ensams cheating history...
ye ye ye badass cheaterer, you got no right to talk about cheaters when you have atleast 2 ex cheaters in your own shitgamingclubteam
well then stop ase licking a busted cheater XD wich went from ultrahighskill to uberlow at the day tzac came out.
slurp slurp, yes he went to complete low the day tzac came out true :// too bad there are so many cheaters around, even legends like him :(
this doesnt make any sense.
I agreed with you
tiggru also cheated before tzac came out so he can stfu
yep, I don't even deny it nor I have ever did. this shit wasn't about me though
alkaa pikkuhiljaa vituttaa
well? Im asking you a question.. you call winning a cup while cheating an achievement?
:O that's new to me? I have missed his bust from his active pwning times :S could you link that bust to me please?
you probably remember the team masculine mans dont you
sure thing brah. I actually don't think you know them, you seem like complete newfag to me, but yes go on and tell me more:)
ensam played in that team right, ensam got a cheater history. I think i said enuf here. gn
Well now youve seen a game with me playing in it, and won over your 3EC's in a row, 2-3 NC's, WL, ET masters and the list goes on blablabalbalbla
yeah you're now legend like him, congratulations! (:
doesn't make him a legend if he says that about himself.
If I say he's """"LEGEND""" then he fucking is.
well but you are just a random wich is aselicking a busted etplayer.
omg, your mad bro
yep that's me
nothing to be proud off.
It is!! every man has to have his idol and image of manhood!
BTW, it seems like you're amazingly stupid faggots(you and higway) you seemed to miss the whole point of legends comment :/ do you think that kind of legend gives shit about ET anymore when he has won everything :L
yep otherwise he wont play anymore.
like mAus, mystic, butchij people who are actually legends
Imo it's fun to play with old friends game that you used to like
and prac 3-4 times a week =/? they are like the only active team since lan is over,
I have no idea how much they prac and I actually don't care. I am tired :|
krp doesnt prac. we play if we have 6 players willing to play
so praccing 4 times a week sounds right
just asking, weren't him busted before?
stfu :)
you did read all this :)? I got only to word ensam has won
I didn't read but I like the fact that KRP has lost :)
Mouths shut up.
gg deserved
sample ->krp win
You have € 90 on e:
You won € 278.1
NoHead is just a skilled player...
You have € 75 on e:
You won € 231.75

Huh, no 4-0 victory blindi ? thought it would be a easy win..... oh wait.
wp effectus
You have € 249 on e:
You won € 769.41

nerds rolled, get face and muscles krp
WP Effectus
ei yllätyksiä, puuttu krp:n luottomeku, sami.


You have € 3000 on nl e:
You won € 9270

izi money shit cunts
people are mad here lmfao
people are mad here lmfao
kapaa tuuhan nyt selittää miten hävisitte neekereille?

Efax wasnt stoned? And owned? :D
efax never smokes weed, only does coke
I Do alcohol and when im too drunk I use coke. then I drink more and use coke when im too drunk.
Rich sosialbum you must be, coke is fucking expensive
and why you think im a socialbum.
well played effectus boys <3
curat xD
@krp: why didn't u use the secret olba squall tactic?
Stop overrating yourself
wp Mike ;)
This match has been played 15 times

wahhaahhahahaha kijk deze kkkk dikke nerd dan whahahahah hij is kk 20+ en speelt nogsteeds ET en is kk blij omdat ie gewonnen heeft whhahahahahahahhahahahahahah roffflllll
wp cRackeR, winning adler and supply due to awesome smartness and skill
this gamae is dead for sure xd krp losign