in game vs Team Inst!nct (3075 views)

no yousef
nl FarhanN
us peaches
de Kenji
de mUnduS
at wolf

CB 3on3 Ladder

16.11.12 00:45 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: mUnduS (Highadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 3747
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 10


Didnt know that, but thx.
This was while TZAC servers were down. Cheats were enabled on the server he always played in.
rematch with rshownormals 1

You have € 24 on br ingame
Possible win: € 86.64


You have € 10 on br ingame
Possible win: € 38.9
izi INS

You have € 10 on br ingame
You lost

no vapor no win
always suspected this guy...

some random brazilan that suddently plays all day that no ones ever heard of.. typical hacker
what are you talking about moron
you are an idiot

vAPOR did not hack, he was just using sv_cheats 1
ohurcool, it doesnt matter, what he used. Cheat is cheat. And the video shows it.
I agree
I agree with kenjii as well. Honestly what people use (wallhack aimbot) is not even hacking, it's called cheating. hacking is just what gamers call it as a slang since forever but they are not actually hacking anything, they are just using cheats. and sv_cheats even says it all. it's cheating.

hacking is more like cracking passwords. hacking into the game's system. It's what pale and other coders did. and they are labeled as true hackers

Some people used pale's "undetected" cheat just for the cvar unlocker so they are able to use r_shownormals 1 without any aimbot and that is still considered cheating and they got banned for it. Using such servers that have cheats enabled and knowing about it is clearly cheating, Trolling or not. and when you cheat once even for fun on et you are called a cheater. there is no mercy for pathetic people like vapor and others who have cheated on et, you are a fucking cheater even if you did it once. doesn't matter. but people shouldn't be moronic and think he has cheated on all his matches. but he is a cheater for what he did.

same thing with playing LAN with a friend 1on1 match on et. you set up your own server and you decide to use r_shownormals 1 because both you and your IRL m8 is in control of the server. but he dont know he's using shownormals cause they are doing LAN in the next room, its unfair and its the same for people using it online. its no different
holy shit, can u stfu? man
why are you so mad all the time? seems like everyone wants you to stfu lately..and no one is telling you to read it so gtfo
So much text and none of it made sense.
And this has made perfect sense in a point of view of him cheating or not. people are still talking about it if it's considered cheating or not. anyway why you whining about something that has nothing to do with you, last I check I was replying to kenjii not weslann or mistry. cause you two obviously don't care about the subject, so stfu and stay out of it
Guys, calm down, why u're pissing on each other? Always the same shit, someone's explainin' smth. and the next one comes only to say shut the fuck up. Are u kids or what, its just a game, so relax.
honestly you make 0 sense. You even put the definitions of hacking, cracking and cheating wrong. You dont seem to understand what you are talking about.
"Hacking is usually changing the memory of a game or hacking into its system - also hacking is more a word for doing things like hacking passwords off msn or something.
Cheating is when you do something like your playing poker and you cheat somehow.
Hacking is getting into the system and changing stuff and taking peoples info.
Cheating is got nothing to do with that, just knowledge."

Now you tell me if i'm making sense or not, using an aimbot is not hacking, you don't hack the game, you are just using cheats, you install a program that gives the person a disadvantage against you, if someone can do that then anyone can be called a "hacker" and having a disadvantage in a game is called cheating. and that's exactly what vapor did.

cheating is the guy using the program to gain the upper hand he hacked nothing but used a hack to cheat. or in this case vapor used sv_cheats which is normally forbidden on servers. unless you play on cheat servers.

hacking is the guy who made the cheat. and hacking is actually a skill. anyone can cheat
Daaaaamn, do my homework
But it shows varadi to use also sv_cheats 1 how u explain that then?

if server doesn't have tzac addon and doesn't force anything and tzac doesn't why would be that cheating?
Even if u try to use any kind of cheat, let it be a command, aimbot or whatelse, u become a cheater, because u try to use it. And why would u try out? Because U'll get an advantage against ur opponent.
Doesnt have anything to do with the server. Or would u use cheats if they would be available with commands on a server? If u do, u just cheat urself, cause u show that u cant win without it. Thats the point what Mccloud is talkin' about.
I am not defending vAPOR in any way, in fact I think he is a moron for manipulating server settings to give himself an advantage

but the point is that he did not "hack", as trance claims... he simply used sv_cheats 1 on a server without the TZAC server add-on

to say that one has "always suspected this guy" is just retarded - trance only said it to make himself feel good, like he is some uber l33t detective or something
I was never talking to you or your dick riding buddies (torm and such). Why be one of the first to reply when I wasn't even expecting replies. Infact, why are you even involved in this?
implying I need permission to reply to your posts on a public website

I wouldn't even bring up "dick riding" if I were you, although I suppose you are indeed quite the expert in that area
You obviously don't need permissions, but you have no reason to reply.. except to waste time. And for dick riding, the proof is that you replied to my post which had nothing to do with you or torm or anyone else but the cheater himself in the first place.
the reason I replied is that your post was ignorant and needed correction

QuoteAnd for dick riding, the proof is that you replied to my post which had nothing to do with you or torm or anyone else but the cheater himself in the first place

what? how is that "dick riding"? :D
I talk shit to someone, you hop on their dick. How is it not.
I don't even like vAPOR

admit it, you are wrong in every way possible
i loled so hard
always suspected this guy...

some random brazilan that suddently plays all day that no ones ever heard of.. typical hacker