kingz vs devilry (11590 views)

be chry
gb koop
fr MousS
fi olBaa
fi Salaneuvos
gb sqzz
pl Abject
pl dolar
pl errol
pl guffy
pl miks
pl WuT

CB EuroCup XXVI - Enemy Territory
Grand Final

devilry has to win twice!

This match will not be split if needed
23.12.12 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXVI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: ohurcool (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 596989
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 151


gl devilry :)
dumni po zwyciestwie wierni po porazce, delivery!!!11111
devilry głąbie
Zdałeś maturę z j. polskiego?
na 100% a co
idzie w slady elvisa i pierdoli gimnazjum
people still playing et lol
Your name backwards is ZMAK
ok Egroj
Your name backwards is enam rouY
Your name backwards is KidOkiv
ok lbmuf
Your name backwards is ratstrA
your name backwards is kVh
hello dopiver
waddup legendary tQ player Xitans
omg legendary tQ member eigeip <3
wtf fail of the year
OC final better than the EC final, LOL
go sqzz <3
gratulacje z mojej strony - hf both
what a final haha :D gl both :)
Total Pot: € 450353 n1 ; )
gl l4zu i czaro
You have € 10 on pl devilry
Possible win: € 1000
You have € 500 on pl devilry
Possible win: € 50000
Kart's Gambling Stats ( Rank 8 / 970 )
Open Bets 2 Pending Money 387200 €
looks like he trolling so people bet on devilry, then he'll switch to kingz and take more money, or so he thinks ^
look at the odds, if he would be trolling it would be kingz 100:1.00 deli
but if he wants people to bet on devilry so he gets better return on his kingz bet, he should keep the odds high for devilry.
ofcourse but he isnt doing that
bet trolling goes that you put most of your capital, say 250k on kings, buff up the bets to have devilry on 50-100 multiplier, then switch a smaller bet on kings and the odds for kings go up.

If you first bet on devilry, you only buff up kings' odds and people will bet on them and you're basically peeing in your own pocket if you then switch your bet.
thats the way, right
i did notice that that's the most efficient way, tried lotsa different styles.
avi for this
Joke of the year ! XD :D
comment tu me flam, attends ça va pas aller
Si t'as besoin d'aide appelle moi, je suis reconnu pour ma pyromanie électronique.
ross let me take this 1
tylko mnie tam brakuje i b2k: )
to dolacz
za low jestem:D
chyba ci sie licencja skonczyla na bota
noobs vs koop & sala, how is this fun/fair/even remotely nice to watch?
haven't heard of one player from the polak team. and this is the final. blow me.
we are not playing vs low+ maybe dats why
Oh my god.... Im glad I stopped playing this game.
devliry make me rich !
gl sqZz :) !
gl both :-)

kto biega z rifla?
WuT lata z rifla
gl WuT
gl WuT
sqzz if you dont feel good I'm avi for this ... let me know bro :>
just making a comment since it is EC final
everybody will be tuning into warwitch and the rtcw dignitas cup anyway
just making a comment since it is EC final
just making a comment since it is EC final
t'en as déjà fait plusieurs avant monsieur le singe
tg et suis la chaîne
WuT and l4z in EC final? :D
gj mates
You have € 15 on devilry
Possible win: € 705.15
Total Pot: € 564924

dayum.. hf sqzz, r0ss & koop.
EC? That was still going on? lol
comment about EC
w koncu cos pyklo bez boskiej rifli, gl Czarek co nie wie co to towarek :XD
already Final? Didnt notice the playoffs even
Might watch
GL WuT, HF sqzz ! :D
gl abj wut! hf kingz
gl sqzz & R0SS
I've not watched ET in a while - is this going to be a close game??

kingz will storm them, devilry could hold a round again maybe if they are all performing well.
well they "held" that round since koop had to go and we left after the fullhold in gr.

but yeah, devilry might take a map or a round, certainly possible.
oh, didn't know it was a forfeited round.
Well devilry had a few matches in EC where they were expected to lose according to the betting odds (tMoe, IYA 2x) and yet they won. So they did pretty good. But yeh, they lost already once from Kingz in the UB final and Kingz will probably win again.
mayni <3
what a faggot. go delete someone off facebook.
Hi Sunshine<3
hf kurwut
gl sqzz :)
rozjeb Wut!
najpierw trening hard w csa
abject wut errol l4z skopcie im tylki!
GL devilry ! i hope u won!
nice odds in ec final :D
you have 15€ on kingz
Possible win: 2000€
hf sqzz
mouss's time to shine
gl mouss <3
+ 1 GL u sexy beast!
gl WuT,l4z,Abj
gl WuT,Abject,l4z:))
From team keen to Kingz, now... that's a promotion!
Video Streams ?
mouss new french star? or just spot filler in high skilled machine?
he plays for ages now
maybe, I ask because ive never seen him i team France or any top EC team
he played for wck with simoon and stuff some times ago and for teamkeen for his last one ! great player really !
Why is ET dead, what everyone playing now?
gl sal
hf olbaa
lol lol lol MousS gl m8 !!!
gl mouss,olbaa
mAus come back lol
but with other country ! new skill !
kurwa devilry tyle treningu na darmo bo niestety nawet paczki smiejzelkow nie wygracie w tym prestizowym turnieju
niech ich kule bija za to granie po 10 h dziennie
winghaven is best panza ever btw....;-P
You have € 100000 on kingz
You won € 104000
mouss won ec, congratulations.
tough gaming man i pissed in my pants to close at delivery made me stressy :(

delivery :D
fuck me i mean bremen i was still wasted my bad :DDDDD
What a shit final.
You have € 6000 on pl devilry
You lost

never bet against nerds
gz on ur 999th ec pocal guys
You have € 50 on pl devilry
You lost

myju myju
EC l4z byl za dobry zeby nawet zagrac w tym meczu :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
moze za 3 lata bedziesz mogl zagrac w 2 lidze OC
e tam, nie gram juz w et:D
malo kto juz gra w te giereczke a ty nadal jestes w nia medminusem. Ale spoko, za 3 lata jak na scenie zostaniesz tylko ty i dizel to moze zdobedziecie razem jakis pucharek
okey lowku
dwie najlepsze rifle polski, bedzie co ogladac
kazdy sie przejmuje poziomem umiejetnosci w etku w 2012, jebnij sie w ten pusty leb ogrze
po ile wy macie lat jak nawet ironi nie wyczuwacie?
You have € 74 on devilry
You lost
Mousssss beast !!! Congrats mate :D
mousss <3
where are you bro?
x jeewee
people proving why et is dead, good job
France mouss

Date of ban: 17th March 2015
Ban reason: cheating on a public server (caught by PBBans)
Ban length: 6 months

un petit bonhomme en moussssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!