Nyja vs savak (9151 views)

pl blt!
pl freak
pl Grassman
pl keski
pl uf0l
pl west!
pl aDman
pl Dolar
pl shog
pl sosna
pl wiadro
pl xanah
08.01.08 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: GGT2008
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: orsz (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 10125
The bets are closed.

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Radio Commentary
de HeadShot Radio Shoutcast
By: sokl
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Language: Polish

Total Slots: 500
Listener Peak: unknown

Enemy Territory TV
de #andyF1 ettv Server 2
By: andyF1 (ettvd)

de #cwG.et ettv Server 1
By: trimmi (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: unknown


Shoutout to Nirv who doesnt hack of course !
I hope polak et community wont let the busted cheaters play anymore..
But its only wish :<.
gl shog, adman, sosn4, dolar, kubelek i xanah ! xD
easy for nyja!
polish highskilled player = haxs
Nyja lineup?


looks better :)
ezi ezi ezi bash for westi
Powodzenia suwaczki :)

btw co robia takie pewne dwie osoby w lineup'ie savak?
ofc savak will lose, too much egoboosters and fatmen...

(NYJA|wESTI) Jesli chodzi o mecz z savak, uwazamy sie za zdecydowanych faworytow i zyczymy naszym przeciwnikom powodzenia w wyjsciu z respa, dziekuje
no to co zobaczymy czy gracze savak prezentuja reprezentacyjny poziom !
z tego co wiem kilku aspiruje xD
zesrajom sie na rzadko i popijom herbatkom :*
easy 4 nyja
Rofl, it's too easy for savak. :o
Now Playing : DJ Tiesto - Flt

GO NYJA , I am with you guys !
i will spec your nades xanah
Your bet: 74€ on savak
Possible Win: 83.62 € (+9.62 €)

1000 ojros for NYJA
savak of course
NYJAAAAAAA! (a.k.a. Spartaaaaaaaaaaa!)
izi bash for nyja
izi bash for wiadro
cu @ lan savak
achmed. Gl both:) uf0l hold strong!
achmed will kill them!
NYJA ofc
NYJA lineup

pl blt!
pl freak
pl Grassman
pl keski
pl uf0l
pl west!

pl lesz3k

pl mrk!

GL savak
nie udawajcie ze macie Leszka :OOOOooOOO
nice fake "leszek"
hmm no nie bardzo :)
Your bet: 15E; on Nyja Possible Win: 114.75 E; (+99.75 E)

gl westi <3
nice one to have a spec ("master") with wh http://crossfire.nu/?x=forum&mode=item&id=11494
gl nyja
second comm on new gtv
"ta cala nyja to kompania haxów"

You have € 25 on Nyja Possible win: € 117.75 >:O!
easy for savak!
The site looks cool :)

good luck savak ! aDman & Shog JOLVAGYTOOOOOOKK
nice layout <3
GL westi & uf0l :-) !
i'm gonna be positively surprise if nyja win
suprise imo
gl nyja :)
uf0l got owned !
warszawiacy tacy sa
powiedzial morfeus ( bimbot user ) były gracz savak ROTFL !
Nyja wildcard!
But bet are closed... is it going to be fixed soon?
When a match is closed / cancelled and then re-opened Gbooky will not restart!
This is to stop abuse of the system!
Which abuse?
I usually bet day-to-day, sometimes some minutes before the war :/.
yes, but in the early days of gbooky the system was abused (by an admin tho :-( :
match was scheduled for 20:00 cet
at 20:40 cet (short before the match ended and everybody was still watching but the result was pretty clear) he moved the match to 21:00 cet, bet all his money on the winner and moved it back to 20:00cet.

that wont work anymore now.
Of course now situations like this come up and you cant do anything about it EXCEPT: simply reschedule the match before the time it was supposed to start. This way the bets stay open. But if they are closed once, thell NEVER OPEN AGAIN (DOOMED)
can't you just delete it and make a new one?
Thats upto the Match manager in the new GTV system, I handled the cancellation / re-schedule as a favour
i reopened gbooky manually just this once ;-)
next time I leave match cancelled and tell them to re-request ;)
that doesnt work because the system will force you to reopen your old match

we changed one thing tho:

gbooky can be reopened until 15min after the scheduled matchtime by an admin or manager
lol, ok. Who was that vicious and evil admin? :p

Anyway, thanks for reopening the GBooky.
07.01.08 21:00
? ^^
rofl....he deleted his comment ive answerd for! He asked for the Score.... :DDDD SUCKER WHO EVER U ARE!
plz delete option "delete comment"...
make it editable if no one replied and deleteable if no more comments were added...... or something :<
too izi for savak
Name Error: The domain name does not exist.
the savak guys sometimes rly pwnage, sometimes plays like low fucks... well my bet on them, but i m not sure about they r able to win.
on the other side a wild and dangerous uf0l preparing his smg ! good luck m8 :)))
uf0l is owning them nP. :D
if this game is played online np for savak!
yes it is online, so they will win anyways but most dmg is on uf0l's side. :)
it depends on how much food adman get before match :D
ufol = 1 guy
savak = 6 guys

6>1 :D

savak = 7 ppl, because of you my little fat friend :D
no it will be a singleplay midas..
gl team savak! <:
You have € 25 on pl Nyja
Possible win: € 128
Gl wiadro, ufol i grass :]
jedziesz paweu
gl savak
score ! ??
savak 4:0 NYJA
Good game, guys.
4:0 savak
savak 4:0 nyja
jeszcze tylko xanah dolar i waidro wpiszcie :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Jesli jeszcze sie nie zorientowales, spojrz na date napisania tych komentarzy. Nie wiedzielismy, ze dodajemy je naraz. Poza tym sosne pominales. :o)
so what's the score? didnt get it :\
savak hackers 6/6
thanks for compliment :)