Colombia vs Belgium (10614 views)

co david
co Eiti
co Nemesis
co Paper
co Stoner
co t3rra
co torM
be dooppi
be Kevin
be PlAyer
be siL
be spiROZE
be ViKO

ClanBase ET NationsCup XVI
Group E
1st Matchweek
03.02.13 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XVI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Pose!don (Requestee)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 35522
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 47


where is buzzer ?
hf torm spiroze and viko!
gl d4v1d, dooppi, Jere, Kevin, PlAyer, siL and spiROZE
gl PlAyer doopi siL & ViKO
ViKO and dooppi aka infuS aka frsz aka sunta aka bOBmARLEY aka whatever got this
gl belgie izi !
Why no chry? :(
Gl Belgium & specially ViKO :)
I can't find Buzzer in the line up, error?
fake lu
I think they use fake nick because lot of player are missing:x
David vs d4v1d , epic fight!
no xAe no win
Hopefully we can get 6 players this time! Sorry ca!
hf col :)
i think xAe is better than all this LU
no edenn no win - gl kolumbijski katar
gl dooppii
appeltje eitje!
no mAus vila lio :/
vila :D! crossfire`s most brainless 2010.
no mAus no win AND YES IM A FANBOY
You have € 1 on COL
Possible win: € 19.24 GL XD
gl torm
should be close
49ers vs ravens motherfuckers
thats 3 hours after
you mean UCI CycloCross World Championships Louisville, much more important ;-)
No mAus , No undead, bad news :( . +dooppi good news
doopii sucks
ABCD surely better , go in belgium by train , u will be directly the cptn of BE team .
mAus quit?
mAus not selected, dont have time or motivation to play
remember this :)
Kevin and siL back oldschool ^^
I remember that game, was a though one.
Columbia has some skilled players unlike some may think.

torm was on fire!
damage by Belgium: 73438
damage by Colombia: 42189

a tough one? really? :D
from my memory it was, I think I'd better watch it again then.. :)
lol we are not strong aimers but we have big heart :DD
It wasnt a hard match for you guys, we won adlernest (lotto) :p

ps well our d4v1d is quite an accurate fucker
wtf big heart hahahahaha
big heart GTFO
big heart?
kill yourself u fucking faggot
keep leaving in the middle of games little pussy
He was probably cheating then.
always good to know theres some new asshurt out there
That was a joke :(
wasnt funny :(
Should of thought about that before /!\
lol nice team :P
Wrong manager (that's Osorio, current manager of Atletico Nacional) and no James Rodriguez!
haha, he's the only colombian manager in the game unfortunately :(
James Rodriguez is nice indeed, but he's on my bench since Zúñiga is stronger defensively and faster (fifa is all about da pace)
Zuniga (stupid english keyboard sorry cba to change language) should be the equivalent of Armero on the right side bro! I'm not really sure who do you got there, and James where Zuniga is right now!
I'm not trying to make an exact copy of the Colombian national team, just made the best possible Colombian team (imo) on fifa [x
But even if I wanted I could not play Zúñiga on the right, because of the stupid rules of this game-mode :D Can only play him on the left.

Anyways Colombia has some sick players right now, you seem to have a bright future. I watch Serie A a lot and Muriel has the potential to be a world-class striker imo. People compare him to Ronaldo Fenomeno and even if it might be an exaggeration I agree, he reminds me so much of him. Everything from playstyle to looks.. and then of course other sick attackers such as Falcao (!), James Rodríguez, Jackson Martínez. Great hardworking players such as Armero, Zúñiga, Guarín, Cuadrado. Also great young talents coming up like Quintero and Ortega. Just need to get some proper centerbacks :D I guess Mario Yepes is getting a bit too old now.
how do you know all these colombian players btw??
A combination of watching a lot of football and playing a lot of FIFA I guess xD
The league I watch and follow the most is the italian Serie A, and there are a lot of colombian players there. Also, since I'm interested in how Luis Muriel is doing I've seen some highlights of him playing u20 with Ortega etc.

Also, if any of you watch the colombian league, I would love to know something about Brayan Perea of Deportivo Cali. He's rumoured to be a great talent heading for Serie A next season :d
(fifa is all about da pace) +1212122312812347861471562471524912549752497154714529214
Prem teams all the way tbh ! so easy to win with got bored off winning div one, nice to get free gold packs though every win !
gl torm
gl torm & paper
gl torm,paper and stoner
OMG real torm?
GL torm!!!
Needs some Sup3r Gifted players like uNDEAd or AL1.
what the fuckk
Gl stoner
easy for Colombia !
lol just lol
where is mortji at lu? :D
yeah get him on :D
lol... Para la proxima.... Si alguien se lesiona.. XD yo en 7 años mas
gl doopi m8, Jere & David ;)
gl noobpi
no chry no win :)

gl torm :))
gl both teams
succes david ginola en doopinha
vamos capitan torm xDDD
gl viko
Rofl we actually managed to get 6, it's all good Colombia representing! We will have a lot of fun!
Proud on you guys! Belgium FTW! :D
Pretty embarrassing that columbia got rolled so hard xD
pretty embarassing to write Columbia and not Colombia xD
Sorry, I got 1 letter wrong of a third world country :( But at least i'm not a coke sniffing nerd that got rolled :D
what is your problem? I'm pretty sure Colombia knew they would lose, so there's no need to be a dick about it

half of their players are more skilled than you anyway
^ this.
haha ye he is just a random ignorant noob tbh no clue why the random hate, probably got owned or smth and felt the need to comment
Americas cup after this NC, imo!
silly comment
silly comment
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Maus was on nbs yday
ja keithh ja da boeit iedereen /!\