SK Gaming vs DragonBorns (3382 views)

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Season 3 Championship Series
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Game: lol League of Legends
League: Riot Season 3 Championship Series
Manager: Kenzi (Highadmin)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 3943
The bets are closed.

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By: Kenzi
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: 133,818


gl shushei!
uwazaj bo Ci jeszcze na gtv odpisze
Uwazaj, bo kutasa na leb dostaniesz.
Used Slots: 105,232

et is dead
haha sk is somehow never really improving...
actually they got outpicked and outplayed.
easily outplayed.. was so obvious that hosan picks draven again.. and then giving them taric too was just obvious that they will lose botlane so hard..
Meh, i was counting on SK