USA vs Estonia (17054 views)

us Ceres
us joker
us matt
us ppE
us TheEnd
ee freeze
ee sCope
ee Sinnu
ee subbi
ee yEnch

ClanBase ET NationsCup XVI
Group H
3rd Matchweek
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XVI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Sinner (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 76455
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By: DtSje
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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 92

Overall Viewerpeak: 156


Scope is an idiot. This is not being played today.
Why is he an idiot, if you haven't checked CB and done nothing (reschedule/cancel) with the challange? Cause of that it was forced on tonight. Don't think you've even contacted us. Only response that I got from TheEnd is : "next week". Sorry son, that isn't accurate enough.
Why would we contact you and schedule something 3 weeks in advance? Even I, though I don't have anything to do with the team scheduling, told scope the match wouldn't be scheduled it until it's time for it, in other words, after the first two matches. That alone should be enough for you to not put it on gamestv on the wrong date lol. It's ok, we understand you guys are EAGER TO FRAG
3 weeks in advance? Each matchweek is for A WEEK. Atm is the 2nd one, next week 3rd one? If you've got so much time on your hands, you should worry about scheduling at all. Just nolife and nerd 24/7 on your pc.
Scope pmed me before the first week's matches were played. Your point is invalid.
just chillax man, the date has been changed and everything is fine
I misunderstood, I thought that we were talking about 12.02 with TheEnd since it's our matchweek atm. No need to go all hard
Thats what she said
Wats the point of playin it anyways? Everyone knows the outcome
so basically 90 percent of matches shouldn't be played
Did u know the outcome?
1,000 € on ee EST Lost

ty for giving me money nazty you good player
izi for sinnub <3 and MAC LEOd <3 trolololol
izi EST !
subbi for the carry
night injured?
no Jon, no win.
izi bdmatt
izi bdmatt
You have € 100 on USA
Possible win: € 960

easy money
izi for ee gl & hf sinnu
Come watch our stream, myself and Voice will be casting from about 10 minutes before the match starts.
Link of the stream? I can add it to the match if you wish
I've added it already, it's listed under the videostream thing above?
Oh I'm sorry, looked over it haha
easy for Mccloud

no ohurcool no win
not bad usa lu actually

gl subbi, Sinnu & friijz
lmao matt. worst player EVER
win for ping! gl USA
no ipod no win
omg no mant & jyrkz :$ :$

gl eesti mates :))
no mccloud no win
usa number 1 putting all my cash on this
You have € 10 on us USA
Possible win: € 277.3
GL bape & theEnd
ez est
gl matt
np sinnu and end... but America should lose bad
yo come back on vent so we can make you rage quit again
Wher's ertS comment?
euros will worship bdmatt after this match
2:0 usa :D

check it out,
You have € 200 on USA
You won € 6808
Vidis tenisky luis vuitton, diamantove breitlingy to je on! :D
usMcLeod > eeMCCLOUd
Alright, got one. It's a man he walks down the street when suddenly...
nice shoutcast
worst match ever
You have € 250 on us USA
Possible win: € 8510

lol failed hard
Couldn't hit shit on that server. Amazing games...
dear sCope.

copy paste this to ur commandline: C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein_Enemy_Territory\Uninstall
wp nerds

seems like praccing everyday paid off
everyday? you mean the scrims vs Romania ? lol
kes sa oled nagu :D tra mis vend
confirmed retard, igno.
sCope med+ gg EESTI NC

Kuna meil polnud Naiti võtta, oleks pidanud siis 5kesi mängima? Scope mängis nii hästi kui sai oma katkise hiirega. Lasen sul järgmine kord mängida, saame rohkem naerda. =) Ole palun nõus.
dvj noob scope lasen 6on6 igakell üle ta nii low ju ja nighti ka

EDIT: türa sa siis cannonize ei kutsunud pederast ta twice as good as scope EC pelur ikka
rahune maha, mõni eriti välku täis peale pela :D
minu hiir oli katki ka nii et mida sa räägid
scope maybe oli v2he kahtlane lyke a te v6ite oma 3o3-e edasi taguda ja whinida.
pange parem tiim kokku siis kui ei meeldi
You have € 8463 on EST
You lost


You have € 2000 on EST
You lost
You have € 10 on us USA
You won € 340.4
You have € 887 on EST
You lost

Obama is Happy now!
You have € 10 on us USA
You won € 340.4

best score ever =)
Sinnu not enough gather pracc.
nice surprise
random comment
You have € 7040 on EST
You lost

gg wp usa
cares, better luck next time :P still Andrew Mendoza ROCKS Horses!
lol what

dear sCope.

copy paste this to ur commandline: C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein_Enemy_Territory\Uninstall
wp USA =)
dear sCope.

copy paste this to ur commandline: C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein_Enemy_Territory\Uninstall
dear sCope.

copy paste this to ur commandline: C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein_Enemy_Territory\Uninstall
no ipod yes win
dear sCope.

copy paste this to ur commandline: C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein_Enemy_Territory\Uninstall
lol, i really thought u made that up :o
dear sCope.

copy paste this to ur commandline: C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein_Enemy_Territory\Uninstall

SCOPE FROM EE 66 212 38 58 7 0 0 13 4146
Thanks for watching guys! Idle #shoutcastcollective on irc and check out our casts at
faggot, go away nigger.
faggot, go away nigger.
Well Done USA
You have € 20 on us USA
You won € 680.8

You have € 50 on us USA
You won € 1702

Sinnu :DDD
Subbi :DDD
Yench :DDD
You have € 110 on USA
You won € 3744.4

You have € 200 on us USA
You won € 6808
You have € 100 on USA
You won € 3404

easy money
too easy. Estonia is a dump of a country get into the 1st world please
us is second world country :DDDdd
the first is China :D
China will win people. China have a gold backed currency and US have the fiat federal reserve dollar note. Unless US can mantaint itself without the help of anyone in the next 10 years, the US will collapse. There is no such thing as balancing the budget or paying the 16 trillion in debt we have. You just need to understand how the Federal Reserve scam works to see that our economy will crash to the ground in the next 10-15 years while China will keep growing.
I'd really like to stay out of a political argument on Gamestv, so this is my last comment:

China only owns like 10% of our debt. The vast majority is in bonds that US citizens own.

The gold standard is unstable, and our economy is much more stable today than it was under the gold standard (

Please educate yourself with legitimate sources.
do you know what makes a country 1st world 2nd world 3rd? lol
ignorance is bliss
yes the percentage of black people
OOOOOOOOOH, thats a bit harsh. Don't worry, we'll get our rematch in 2 rounds. Then we'll see who's the dump country full of fat niggers.
i heard estonia is having a snowstorm in the next two weeks, thats gonna knock power out for 2 months there. Kill yourself you ugly nerd lol
Too bad you have mentality of 5th world :D
joker my nigga the ghetto are pround of you
LOL everytime i do it i do it for my hood
cade vc?
#real_life_academia hdasuhidausoihdas segue uma foto
luvinha da masturbação? ;D
eeeeeeeeh WTF
Those overall stats!

K 460 D667 G 139 /K 77 DG 83464 DR 92535

K 486 D 526 G118 /K101 DG 71636 DR 64568

Fragstealer SUBBI FROM EE 87 damage per frag

Broken stats are broken or that is some hectic kill revive whoring.
Broken yeah, due to ETTV dcing before the match started and so on. Mine, Subbis and sCope's stats fucked up from EE side.
Hah awesome, anyone get local stats? If someone has their logfile from the match someone could use gravystats or statwhore etc.
even on local the stats are borken. i tried it now 2 times and only broken stats from : Subbi, Sinnu and Scope are available.
\o/ Ceres \o/
Fuck you, come back to fragging this game
sinnu what is that ? :(
That's a loss, my friend. It's all part of our plan! =)
Shit happens :)
Nojah, 8k dammi oleks küll ära lasknud, järgmine kord pange mind mängu Subbi asemel :S
its okay, next game will be better :)
You have € 19 on USA
You won € 646.76

FUCK YEAH thx Kardon that was an "all-in" with all those 19 euros :D
I know you would do it :P
WTF:Dnice usa
:D mida vittu
WTF Nice USA !!!!
told you yesterday USA # 1
thought usa is low but thats eunage
You have € 250 on us USA
You won € 8510
no fucking shit
If Anderson would see this he would cry