Belgium vs Czech Republic (11110 views)

be Boss
be dooppi
be Jere
be PlAyer
be siL
be ViKO
cz cpu
cz Green_Clon
cz malfoy
cz milhAus
cz mnew
cz teente

ClanBase ET NationsCup XVI
Upper Bracket Round 1
10.03.13 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XVI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: milhAus (Requestee)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 43662
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 82


no jalo :( ? gl Green_clon
was kicked from team long time ago
Why? :(
because of his aweful attitude
unable to come at praccs at time/at all, unable to discuss with him anything, not playing for team, not willing to improve
Ok ! Thx
if i were you i'd keep him in the team as he can do tons of dmg. but i understand ur point, shitty attitude is unbereable
gl BE
Gl belgiiuuuum!
gl BE
gl milhAus
greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen clon <3333
no david no win
gl ViKODiCK <3 & milfoy (:
boss and dooppi out
GL CZ :)
mOcInKy dekujeme a slibujeme ze do toho dame srdicko :)
hádám by to chtělo i riflecam ":D"
Hlavne by to chcelo prestať písať prijebané komentáre
nejlepsi na tom obrazku je, ze polovina je cesky a polovina slovensky
hf CZ / viko :)
thx and i hope you will run ET :)
I also hope! Sorry for yesterday :P
waiting for journal:D!
No mAus no win , FANBOY HERE
Sadly this can go either way
no jalo no win !
go go jere

gl mnew & malfoy and my belgium friend Vikodin :)
at se dari draci
twe ja uz fakt nemam prachy, ale tomuhle proste verim! gl :)

You have € 30 on CZE
Possible win: € 135.9
tomu veris i po te posledni hre co jsi s nama hral? :D
no jalo no win
no chry no win
LoL jere alive? havent seen him on for what feels like ages
he played a few times in last month or so :))
I've played 2 pracs and one offi with belgium so far and I'll be there on sunday once more ;)
you missed me btw? :D
worst be lineup ever :(
gl dooppi & green_clon
The biggest GL for CZE .. you need it
hf BE & CZE ;)
oh god
Etonne moi et dis moi quels joueurs, voulant jouer, tu mettrais dans la LU ? :)
Je n'ai pas dit que c'était la faute du capitaine, détrompe toi :)
Pour moi cette line-up ressemble plus à de l'acharnement et à de l'opportunisme, même plus à de la passion.
azur il joue 24/24 7/7 52/52 12/12 365.25/365.25
dégage player il fait des dg mais il sert à rien !!
You have € 40 on CZE
Possible win: € 204.8 GL CZE
You have € 100 on CZE
Possible win: € 502

GL kluci
GL Mňůčko -> chci vidět triplle killy s věnováním pro fanoušky !

dunno bro just posted this smiley to make people believe i understand czech :XDDDDD
but pics are explicit i guess :D:D:D
1. you are completely useless with rifle, take field op
2. finally! and now some triple kill
Well, we could save radar parts and win game, but mnew throw an airstrike and killed 3 guys( 2+1 obj ) 1s before secure... Ofc, we lost :D
gl & hf
Thx for shout Green_Clon, you're one of my fav players and a gentleman :)

GO GO GO Belgium
knew it
gg wp
You have € 1000 on CZE
You won € 3300
Green_clon dat pro!
Don't worry Team BE, just an offday thats all :)
Better luck next match
well done, congratulations
You have € 750 on CZE
You won € 2475
"lol: Buzzer should resign"

mnewcko pouzil srdicko !
to nejvetsi srdicko co sem mel v kalhotach :D

lol ..
no eden no win
hahha wp milhaus
in cpu we trust p:

You have € 109 on CZE
You won € 359.7
cz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
roflll wtf lol???????????????????????????
You have € 110 on cz CZE
You won € 363
gg viko, ty
This Belgium team so high skill :o
You have € 750 on CZE
You won € 2475
gg viko, ty
You have € 100 on CZE
You won € 330

lowest team be in ET history, even the first was better :D
ET is death :-)
Congratulations Czechs, you won the internet!
no maus no win
what the.. omfg.
Player. : 19651 dg , 14 death without fragging . Fucking fragstealers 's mate :p