Estonia vs Poland (15146 views)

ee freeze
ee Night
ee Sinnu
ee subbi
ee yEnch
pl Abject
pl dialer
pl fanatic
pl lesti
pl Lukey
pl wiaderko

ClanBase ET NationsCup XVI
Upper Bracket Round 2
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XVI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: fanatic (Highadmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 139329
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By: DtSje
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: 115

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 205

Overall Viewerpeak: 320


richest man in EE
Are you serious!? :D
Estonian press speculates so for years. He quit music years ago, was doing it for fun anyway, but his parents had huge lands in Russia where they get oil now.
They think he has around 300 million euros, but nobody really knows.
Join DtS, Voice and a special guest for the pre-show and game, show starts at 21:30cet on
Love what you do :) GL
Make sure it doesn't lag plz
It never lags.
wasn't lagging for me =d
For most of the ppl it was laggin
i didnt see that many people whining during the stream ;d
Well twitch had problems during the stream so it was lagging :)
not while I was watching seemingly
Wanna fight? cu@LAN :b
:D lan
after you see his down syndrome face, you might let him win
shoutcastcollective =/= warwitchtv
That's Warwitch's stream, not ours mate!
Take me as a special guest. -> insta win.
-Lukey or lesti or hunter

because he is the most active player in TP atm?
cumin bakc
widze ze wiesz lepiej ile gram:D
widze ze hunter non stop cos gra wiec strzelam, ze gra wiecej od Ciebie i wymienionych kolegow. mocno sie myle?
rzadko gram na ettv ;)
w takim razie zwracam honor.
nie mozna grac wiecej od mitra!
a gdzie WuT ja sie pytam
izi ee
ee can do this, gl!
No bN?? Waaaaaaat :Ooooo
powodzenia patrioci
GL polska :D!
bez furmana wygranej nie będzie
czesc, chetnie po komentowalbym ten meczyk, natomiast potrzebuje osoby, ktora postawilaby albo pomogla postawic radio bo ze mnie taki informatyk, jak z Piusa skilled gracz. zainteresowani piszcie. gl PL!
już chyba zapomnieli gracze co to pius :x
o low skillach sie nie pamieta...
gl PL :P
Wczoraj przeprowadzony został poważny trening, dziś planowana jest kolejna potyczka. Kibicujcie, bo różnie to idzie:D
Garnitur w praniu?
Fraki, garnitury itp zobaczymy czy nadal sa jeszcze wyjsciowe:D
wygraj dla mnie <3 kocham *.*
Ta gra jeszcze żyje?
gl Polsko

hf Night, freeze, subbi
nie ma , ze boli ,, practise make perfect '' :P good luck PL, czekamy na 4:0, ewentualnie 4:2 :P
oczywiście bądźmy realistami i stawiajmy na to twoje 4:2 w dupę :)
mogliby sobie lola odpuścić na 3 dni przed meczami
What is the most overrated team '12 in Wolfenstein:ET?

Team Poland
gdzie mi takie herezje tu piszesz :P trzeba wierzyć .. ,, w swoich '' to moze na duzo powiedziane, ale no w reprezentantow :P a niektorzy to tam trenuja troche dluzej niz jeden dzien z tego co wiem :P troche wiary :D
no skoro jeszcze despero wbija na gtv to jest jakas szansa :)
ale on skilla im nie doda
;o kto to jest :D? btw co sie stalo z naszym lu X<?
lu bedzie bardzo zmieniony :) jeden z nas ma dzisiaj nocke w pracy, a bez niego niektorym nie chce sie grac bo to nie ma najmniejszego sensu, zapytalismy sie ich o przelozenie tego meczu, ale biznesmeni wzieli nawet wolne w pracy na dzis zeby zagrac ten mecz.
syriusz biznes na szczeblu miedzynarodowym ;o no nie dobrze :< w takim razie duze good luck polaczki :P
btw despero to gosc ktory kiedys chyba ze "studia w Wawie" ciekawie shoutcastowal mecze ET w czasach kiedy byly jeszcze bardzo popularne (hstv czy cos takiego)
miedzy innymi dlatemu ET zaciekawilo mnie bardziej
no coz moze rzeczywiscie warto sie temu ,, komus'' blizej przyjrzec skoro tak go dobrze reklamujesz :>
estonia nerduje juz z 2 tygodnie i ewidentnie idzie na upper bracket final. TP gra cos wspolnie od kilku dni i jesli nie zgubia gdzies motywacji wpierdalajac jajka na wielkanoc to moze pokonaja silna jak nigdy Francje w LB.
gl night & sinnu <3
estonia exactly
lineup yet unknown
gg wp easy win for estOWNia ( see what i did there? :PPPPPP very clever ;)) ) all my money on EE :P)
hahahahahahahHA XD
You have € 1500 on ee EST
Possible win: € 3705
lesti jedziesz z cwelami
powodzonka !
gl&hf Sinnu!
dialer got fired from work cuz they didnt want to give him a day off for this :D so we gonna play it with a normal lineup
"lu bedzie bardzo zmieniony :) jeden z nas ma dzisiaj nocke w pracy, a bez niego niektorym nie chce sie grac bo to nie ma najmniejszego sensu, zapytalismy sie ich o przelozenie tego meczu, ale biznesmeni wzieli nawet wolne w pracy na dzis zeby zagrac ten mecz."

biznesik sie kreci w garniaczkach prosto z pracki. powodzonka chlopaki !
No proste, ja mam zaraz samolot z londynu, bo wracam specjalnie na ten mecz. także powinienem zdazyc!!
mam nadzieje ze nie zabraknie CIe na serwerze !
who is this nazty guy and why is he such a dick riding faggot
gl estonia <3 poland
gl dialer lesti abj.
Where is Robertowa riffla!?:XDDD
baba jaga odleciala po ostatnim myciu i dlugo dlugo nie wroci :P
hf subbi and sinnu bro!!!
gl lesti m8 and fanatic :D
Sinnu has this
Powodzenia Lukasz Karol :)
stream audio only please :p
Ja się nie zdziwie jak będzie ee 4:0 pl. Ale gl dialer oldskulerze.
Polaks not playing b4?
gl estonia
my expactations totally fulfilled =)
You have € 5210 on EST
Possible win: € 7398.2

bb money
freeze fucked it up
ggs wp, close match
Dobrze Polacy :)
You have € 1530 on ee EST
You lost

Guess lesti's NBS practice paid off
Overall Viewerpeak: 320

yes, thought the same!
dat fail :)
You have € 250 on POL
You won € 845 ya !
nice obj running there freeze epic game
not easy when 2 axis ppl shooting at you! :/
You have € 120 on pl POL
You won € 405.6
Great game!
nice fail :D
freeze :D
lest w garniaku i wszystko jasne
great match, even though I've lost my money.

great offense on radar by Poland, really wp.
You have € 10 on POL
You won € 33.8

this was a fucking great game
You have € 45 on pl POL
You won € 152.1 GG
Shit happens
Thanks for watching guys, best NC game we've covered so far, really exciting!
I did not watch
Really good man, really good! And what about the one day cups you were talking about?:)
very nice shoutcast
PL shit def on their own map :D
ggs, enjoyed!

p.s. dialer 3rd best pf > nait gold medalist
not often you get 2 maps in the same match that are won within seconds:D must´ve been quite exciting to shoutcast :D
You have € 5390 on ee EST
You lost

cu lan freeze, nice game
Thanks for shoutcast, enjoyed it + the match + that awesome fail :D!
estonia low
wheres usa at? oh right looool get_stomped :PPp
weslan you lost to godfather and tupac they dont even play et. While you play every single god damn day.
LMFAO now that i look at scores again 62 319 60 97 13 0 4 9 8863 12736 114 0/0 4/4 53/51 7/29 148 131 4 7

U$A Godfather* 72 329 71 98 20 1 1 21 9738 8727 1158 0/0 0/9 43/49 9/22

U$A vincentchinapen 71 324 79 110 25 2 7 31 10964 8527 1127 0/0 30/10 4/52 42/17

holy shit 2013 and you still suck dick at et
"Poprowadzone do zwyciestwa, pozdrawiam KOKIA!" heuheuhue
ryba, nie ma opcji
ty sepolno japa
chujozo na taki lineup estonii wystarczylby nawet twoj niszowy klanik, wiec o czym mowa
you lost to us and had to cry to admins to get a rematch your garbage and ugly lol
nice replying skills
Wait what? We had to cry to admins? you can't even assemble over 5 players to the same server. 1st world country my ass. Go eat your burgers you fat cunt.
he just failed to reply to weslann
lol im definitely better looking than your ugly estonian ass. Ask any bitch in this community who they would rather fuck, wouldnt be you thats for sure craterface
>> dialer [Warmup]: you are lucky we are keeping upload for final

o kurka :S wchodze za fanatica aka 300 dmg przez 5 minut?
to i tak o 300 wiecej niz ty :??O!
no ale mialem 1.3k, wiec wtf?
Get your effort. Funny.
Just can't stand when players like yourself, make fun of him/find it funny, but you yourself can't even get a decent skill enough to rise out of OC 6th league.
"freeze for the rescue" in the video indicates that. Next time don't put names then.
Just annoys me how people who are not even in the game talk the loudest. Put a team together/get a skill level to get there, and then talk.
he just having post-game stress
why he should not put names in it ? it was freeze and nobody else -- btw these are the situations i love this game for
best game sofar.
this is et btw love this shoutcast <3
well said!
You're so cute when you're mad :D <3
Oh you, made my day! :D <3
Im a player in the team, you moron. I didn't mean it the hard way, as I said, it's funny. And if you lecture me on that stuff, you must be joking." Can't take it, you're a pussy." If I couldn't take it (all the pressure and work) why would I be there then? Just on the internet it's unclear if people are trying to be funny or mean. Just have had many more occasions where people talk shit and stuff, without playing game over low+ themselves. That's why I said, what I said. No hard feelings tho. Was a bit frustrated at the time.
Called you a moron cause you know nothing about the players and community. Yet make fun videos.
I smiled
ahahhaha lmfaoooooooooooo :DDDDDDDDDD
dobra gra rodacy :D
good mood !:D!
How did you do that ?!?!
why laugh at freeze? best player in team ee in this match + he'd probably be killed before reaching the truck
Entertaining match!
could have made an supply lucky moment as well and put em together :D

about ~31 seconds left, truck started moving at depot gate, allies spawn at 29 and 1 guy driving who got riffle under his arse, a grenade + few bullets and didnt get killed :D really doubt they would have made it after spawning with 6 guys while we had 4 alive and truck drives ~28 sec from gate.

and dont mind Sinnu, we're all obviously kinda mad.
wouldve made an avi of it myself tonight, but dont think i need to now :D
Laughed loudly! :D
You have € 154 on ee EST
You lost