United Kingdom vs Sweden (9196 views)

gb crumbs
gb griim
gb med1xza
gb koop
gb razz
gb sqzz
se alexL
se cupcake
se jONAS
se slajdan
se tornis
se Weslann

ClanBase ET NationsCup XVI
Upper Bracket Round 2
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XVI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: GoldoraK (Highadmin)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 900409
The bets are closed.

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By: DtSje
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: 115

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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 105

Overall Viewerpeak: 220


we need this match to be played as soon as possible in order to keep the Playoffs moving smoothly, so it's been forced for Thursday!
One of the players is a complete fucking faggot.
Can you guess who?
weslan? or newbje?
He's in team UK
give us the 1st letter i cant figure it out
Look closely man, only pussies use hints
i dont see any ipod on the list tho XD
so its weslan?
dont get it why he is in NC Team the SWE community must be dead there
Dont be like that....koop is a great bloke
he is just jealous cause koop is darker than him ... fake paki ipod shame on u bruh
Complete fucking faggot. That's not a nice way to call Dave gay :S
gwan artstar lad haha
gl nuggan
where ross
gl Artstar gl Mud hf all
hf artstar razz cupcake and titesm8
alexL allowed to play? lol
You have € 100 on se SWE
Possible win: € 10000
not koop ofc
<3 koop
nice flag fucking faggot
Yep Nice flag !
was using proxy :P
for some reason college blocks gtv
lol dat freedom
please torm bro wipe that shit off ur nose and tounge first
lmfao :DD says asslicker #3 in community :DD:D:D
can i bet weslann bottom damages
You were correct:

Weslann.se 52 168 23 44 3 0 3 4 3885 5858 230 0/0 1/5 21/27 3/8 169 133 3 5
i think artstar is fucking with me
Artstar gl ; )
gl UK :)
wtf happened?
hf artstar&mud :)
gl Artstar : ')
GL Weslan & slajdan and Nuggan <3
hf Weslann and sqzz
I wonder who will win x:d:x:/D/::x:D/D:eheheheheheh:x:d:x:/D:d:x:D/d:d:
alexL don't forget to gib like you did some NC ago vs poland eheheheheheheheh:x:d:x:D/:x:D/:d::X:Dehehehheheheh
how is that even a question? they couldnt beat usa b squad how r they even a challenge for uk?
USA out of NC while Sweden still in. Discution closed, you can get the hell out of this game lowfuck
doesn't matter to me everyone seen how badly they got raped in the first match us being disqualified doesn't change that. Dont worry sweden will do good vs uk when godfather and tupac out damaged more than half their team. Oh yea hows starting for team france in 2013 hahahhaaha
rofl snatix low-
can't remember who got rolled the last 2 times we played against each other..
you suck deal with it don't get upset man. Maybe 2014 will be the year for you. Cross your fingers
because seNuggaN
Nerds mad, my job is now done.
far from it tehehehe
Catch all the action with DtS and Voice from 21.30cet on www.twitch.tv/shoutcastcollective
n!ce :)
Will most certainly do! :')
Without bugs it would be awesome plz :)
gl kooooooooooooooooooop and alexL!
Inb4 sweden doesn't leave spawn.
You have € 1 on se SWE
Possible win: € 90.46
nice game , gl Weslann
You have € 64 on SWE
Possible win: € 6400
Sweden doesn't have 6 players so this game won't be played tonight, sorry
So when the fuck is the game suppost to be played? We had to pull strings to get a lineup together tonight, and now this? why in hell did you set it to this date then? Do u have any clue that you have fucked up bigtime, gg i guess no more uk now
us ohurcool Tuesday, 19th March 2013 22:44
we need this match to be played as soon as possible in order to keep the Playoffs moving smoothly, so it's been forced for Thursday!
Relax, why not play it on sunday instead of a boring forfeit?
Em let me guess? what did i tell both you idiots, we cant play on Sunday
You guys should just field a lineup
I guess Cb admins are in love with Sweden, Gave Them another chance v USA, then game them forfeit against USA, and Now this shit? inb4 Ohurcool gets married to Weslan hf noobends
let's calm down a bit please

[14:39:36] <Weslann> Ive talked to razz but he said that if we cant get players for today, they win by forfeit
[14:40:43] <[CB]ohurcool> I'm afraid I agree with him, unless GoldoraK says something different in a few hours

not sure why you're upset at me for Sweden not having 6 players

edit: Sweden will play tonight
rofl :DDD
just kidding, the match will be played tonight!
good !
GL böjs
gl weslann :) destroy uk
gl weslan


gl uk!
You have € 5 on se SWE
Possible win: € 500

gl Sweden
gl uk
UK scum! Go SWE!

You have € 25 on se SWE
Possible win: € 2500

Jonas will bash noobs easy.
juncie :(((
I thought sweden didn't want to play anymore
rofl they got like 5 admins to come to the 2nd game and to make us replay them you really think they dont care? lmao
Vote Weslann for President!
Firstly he have to be mature
stream lagging like madness :S
sweden doing surprisingly good or uk seems to lack a bit :D
or U$A just too stronk
U$A too strong.
that joker guy is amazing
couldnt even finish my pudding =(
weslann out and bring a jaymod random
Idd, played so bad
atleast u noticed that :P
Thanks for watching guys!
Lady Macbeth alexL.se 46 kills
Killing Spree alexL.se 5 frags without being killed
Accountant alexL.se 131% kills/killed ratio


he was always good even when he was not cheating so give him a break :D
23:57 @Swanidius • made a nice comment there for u alexL
23:59 alexL • Swanidius
23:59 alexL • <3333
00:01 alexL • Swanidius i dont have a account there so i cant reply
ye sure mate you're just jelly of his skill
well koop i got a good and bad message for u
the bad one is u played shit
the good one is u got no HIV :D
Fuck you nuggan, they switched him for weslan again.. :(

You have € 144 on se SWE
You lost