Sweden vs Czech Republic (13704 views)

se alexL
se jONAS
se NuggaN
se slajdan
se tornis
se Weslann
cz cpu
cz Green_Clon
cz malfoy
cz milhAus
cz mnew
cz teente

ClanBase ET NationsCup XVI
Lower Bracket Round 3
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XVI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: ohurcool (Highadmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 76051
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By: DtSje
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gl weslann
gl green clon mate <3
gl wes
Lätt vinst...
should be a close one, gl both!
gl pepiczki
why do people ask about him in every single game?
cuz he is pretty beastest tbh
They will stop it maybe after u kick germany or pl from this cup. Gl vs uk in final anyway.


Because even if he plays a bit solo, he is your best chance to go far. Every team needs a beast to outdamage and outaim the enemy!
hey agon guess what?:)
what? :D
they came really far without them, and they proofed they dont need him at this point:D
why no jalo?

btw. cz best NC result ever?
Its not their best result ever, theres at least in 09 when they were in quarter finals. And apparently some of the team doesn't get along with jalo.
depends how you take it. that team, that got into quarterfinals didnt win their playoff game, so basically, they just moved from groupstage. but it was all different back then.
and its not about getting along with jalo, but his approach to gaming in overall was very slack, so we chose cpu instead of him. best decision I made imo.
but they will be in top6 if they win vs se which is better than top8 in '09 :P
top5* (winner of this match, ger, nl, uk, pol...)
+ estonia which was in the round 4, this is round 3
ty bez trenovat at muzes udelat motherfuckin comeback ;)
btw why NL vs UK got forfeited that fast (on Monday) if these teams have time till Sunday? :o and NL is waiting for one of them anyway. UK vs NL could be played till Sunday/Monday too or if you forfeit games do it with all of them (forfeit for one of these teams on Monday too) :-)
well, got no idea about nl vs uk, but think it was something like they didnt talk to admin or something like that. and we have this match delayd not because of us, but because of BEL. their inability to get full LU made it one week longer.
what are you talking about? why on earth would we give a forfeit to one of these teams?

UK/NED and GER/POL were given 2 weeks to schedule their match yet somehow failed to do so

CZE/SWE were given 1 week to schedule their match and actually managed to do it

let's try to think before typing please
thinking too hard man :s)
so whats the point of forfeiting a game if NL doesnt have a team to play against? and now they've been waiting 6 days for an opponent right? I could understand the rush if CZE vs SWE was actually finished by the 1st of April. But it wasn't so you could as well let them play till Swe vs Cze is finished. but yeah let's forfeit one of semifinals :D

fin vs ee (same matchweek as swe vs czech) managed to play their game in time (just like we did because loser of PL vs DE got insta opponent to play against in next round), so dont blame me that you didnt manage to force teams from SWE and CZE side of the bracket to play their games faster so now because of SWE and CZE the NationsCup is 1 week delayed :-)
what is the point of solving this @ this site
we don't have to explain our decisions to anyone except the teams which are directly involved

the delays have nothing to do with CZE or SWE
CZE incomin !!
greenuv pohled kdyz me vidi stelovat rifli na trickshot :DD
easy czech republic : D
gl mnew beast
This video describes how flying hovnos master will be tonight :
vole :D
I meant you'll be on fire but didnt seem talkative :D!
my hovnos ll be on fire as always but i ll be like clint eastwood :D no change in face for whole movie
gl CZ and Alexander!
gl alexL
GreenClon will roll! gl mate!
lycka till tjejer!
mnewcko will deliver :D
did she stand up again?
she bounces back after 2 secs
sweden lol
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Lycka till Sverige! Hvor er Tites? :o
valle ownage
You have € 3500 on se SWE
You won € 7315
gg wp
1k more damage Weslan you are so fucking close I know you can taste it
You have € 250 on SWE
You won € 522.5
sweden win !! ho god ...
GG sweden
You have € 250 on SWE
You won € 522.5
You have € 50 on SWE
You won € 104.5