Israel vs United Kingdom (7760 views)

il fragon
il malos
il benjee
il trixx
il destiny
il 1800-470-470
gb sheep
gb hentai
gb mud1tza
gb razz
gb sqzz
gb hype
Group B
CB Match Link
30.01.08 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Nationscup XI
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: andyF1 (Highadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 12043
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
By: Anaconda (ettvd)

de [] - ETTV 1
By: sHiZo (ettvd)
de #andyF1 ettv Server 1
By: andyF1 (ettvd)
de #re-play ETTV ONE
By: synt3r (ettvd)
de iNmotion_TV
By: CuttyP (ettvd)
de OldMans - ETTV 2
By: 8Bits|Skydriver (ettvd)
ua ClanBase ETTV
By: Bartichello (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 220


EZ bash for the kingdom ...
so was US :0/
i <3 u amirjinho ,but
andrey aka fragon sucks,
UK plz win thissssssssssssssssssssss
Trixx ata ahuliya ahalasha ,SHALOM !!!
united kingdom for the win
come on uk!!
well come on the english guys in it ;)
LU for uk ?
Hey look its backrape every spawn, get 1 or 2 kills max then die!
And how you got in i dont no
Sorry, but weren't you practically the same every other year that you didn't get in?
If I was remotely interested in joining team UK this season, I would of tried out, but I would hate to be in a team with such a retard like yourself.

Funny how you said you weren't an "arrogant egomaniac on the internet", looks like you might of been wrong.

And before you say I myself am an arrogant egomaniac on the internet, I already know, and I enjoy it.
then why the hell do you draw attention to yourself every time UK are playing? you sound pretty desperate
Let's see, I've done it... Once, wow. if im not mistaken, it took you 3 times to say how bad the uk team were in order to get your point across

i sense a little attention seeking there
Have you seen the lineup this season? It really is laughable.

But you stated "Every UK game" - I have no done it every game, seeing as this is the first season I've done it. ;)
well there has been 2 games so technically you have done it every game..
There have been two games this season and because I'm going full out retard atm, you didn't say "Every game this season" you just said "Every game", so yeah, you're wrong.
you spammed the uk usa game as well <o/
the reply was @ kamz
hVk please shut up...

you really suck and have no right at all to flame hype
Since when did you decide what I have a right to or not?

I can flame him if I want, and I will.
It just shows how much of a retard you really are
Well, like I said, I already know I am a retard, and I like it.
But I still find it funny, that I'm getting called a retard by someone like you of all people.
what do you mean with "someone like me" then?
or did you just say it because you didn't know anything else to say?
I said it becuase you're a fucking huge retard yourself.
how is that? explain yourself
Well, you explain how I'm a retard and I'll happily return the favour.

But the main reason is, you're Belgian, and most, if not all Belgians are fucked up in the head and are retards.
you're the one flaming hype for no reason actually, and there are loads of retarded comments by you on crossfire
and saying i'm a retard because i'm from belgium doesn't make sense at all since there are obviously more than enough belgians wich aren't retarded and more than enough english cunts wich obviously are retarded...
I have my reasons for flaming him, clearly you don't read gamersnation.

And please, look at the Belgian community and how fucked up they are, I'm pretty sure I aren't the only one here that thinks they are all retards.
you don't only flame hype, i've seen you doing loads of retarded comments on crossfire
and being belgian doesn't have fuck all to do with it
It really does, and yeah I flame other people, I don't like them.
And I mainly have my reasons for insulting people, I won't randomly pick a new guy out and decide "I want to get into an argument with this guy"
fact that you make this stereotype about belgians shows again how retarded you actually are
OH PLZ we are not all retarded

But if you havent realized already I am x'D
sorry, who are you again?
tbh you got pwned, since after my reply on you, you couldn't say anything else than "=)"

Have a cookie to make you feel better, maybe it will cheer you up!
rofl oh please.
isr ofc! ...
malos ftw !!!!!
isr FTW :)
gl jinosta
Easy for uk? gunna be a close one, i think Israel are better than the us
rly close game! why is not deadman in israels lu? :S no deadman no win!!!
UK lineup?
np 4 ISR
You have € 17 on il ISR
Possible win: € 41.31

xd (either way i win)
True patriot :P
deppends on how u look at it.. one could say u lose either way too :)
yes but a uk win would be worth more to me than ebooky :)
gL croZzZzZzzZ
i believe in my lovely jews so that one should go for them because uk sucked ass :<

still, we raped them in ww2 (bad thing it was! dont try this at home)
crozz <333
eze for CrozZ :>
gl both teams :>
easy for Israel, because UK sux!
izi for griim
gl gb UK

evo tell me lineup:<!>@?:D
1800-470-470 CrozZ?
Yup, leet nicknames only with digits and non-alpanumerics characters now.
Uh oh...
whats the line-up from UK ?
No Sheep ? RavenEye ? eVo ? soL ?
didnt know that raveneye and sol converted to uk
Raveneye is playing ofc
fragon ftw :D
gl armyman!
GL destiny !!!!!!!!
ALL UR MONEY @ UK PLZ: LINEUP: sheep , med1xza , razz ,sqzz , hentai , hYpe .. they'll win 4sure

*make me rich plz plz :( *

whos tht lol :D
UK lineup?
sheep , med1xza , razz ,sqzz , hentai , hYpe
4:0 uk
gg UK :) thats more like it
You have € 250 on gb UK
You won € 540

sheep makes the difference =)
not really, was a good team effort (y)
a sheep, a win
a sheep?! where?!
recent comments:
WP guys gg
gg's israel, nice game

crozz smells :C
med1xza? wp UK ;)