#erAse.et Runo<3 vs rockit.ET (6347 views)

fi dTEC7
gb Element
nl esSe
gb Nips
fi toNi
nl vANQ
be chry
lv Clown
gb koop
ee Night
is phyZiC
gb rAzZ

CF ET Spring Cup 2013: Division 1
Winners Bracket Round 1
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CF ET Spring Cup 2013: Division 1
Hosting: Crossfire.nu
Manager: SPU9 (Highadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 359651
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By: remyy
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: 32

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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 78

Overall Viewerpeak: 110


o rly
rockit too strong for anyone I guess.... would be nice to see Night playing rifle sometimes though
night wont play rifle cause poop is playing with it :D
lol I know, that's what I meant - WOULD be nice to see hm rifle, but I know there's no chance
Queens, Rockit , Kingz same Lu lol but strong as hell
same lu ....
razz out toxic in
have toxic in a team when you allreeady got night is pretty uselss tbh, and r0ss, but toxic is a amazing player but he wouldnt play my roles like i do ;)
btw easy kotka :p
i wont go all-in this time :( srr guys
Hey chizz6l thanks for letting us know!
bad call, big and easy money
R0SS did quit? he's not in the LU
R0SS at lan only tho :p
You have € 18 on eu eA
Possible win: € 1398.96

koop do you wanna playm8?
izi for Dtec.

Gl erase :s
gl erase :)
izi for erase
score so far?
Sort that tag out... Ri is the best tag ever, use it!
what's with the flame at the end koop?
Flame for a flame
because adding more flame to a flame makes sense. you don't seem very clever.

you won, it wasn't as one-sided as some expected, it was a gg. move on, don't be a immature faggot and flame at the end, that's just retarded
Ok so now you're flaming me? l0l

This contradiction
Learn the difference between flaming. and telling someone how they acted.
No soz ur flaming me, saying I don't seem very clever, calling me an immature faggot and retarded
"Don't be", is a difference between "you are a immature faggot", learn the difference. and its actually not clever or sportsmanlike to flame at the end, and that kind of behavior comes from immature faggots like team usa for example
? Doesnt matter if you put "dont be" at the start or not, you're still implying that im an immature faggot
Your behavior at the end was
Well he kinda started it.
but thanks for proving my point that you flamed me and contradicted yourself
np gl in the rest of this tourney
All I said was "forfeit in 70 seconds" then you and razz both "flamed" me, lol if you thought I was being serious, then I called razz a skinny nerd for trying to act like a keyboard warrior with his flaming, still so serious ET gayming in 2013, lighten up.
forfeit win for erase imo
Idd, sqzz not listed at gtv lineup, gg forfeit Xdxdxd
ooo I thought that comment was directed at me.

Yeah but dtect was saying it for like 2 minutes before you too
Nah, dtec wasn't serious either, just messing around, gg's and gl in ec/cup
nerds giving lessons lol
short man syndrome, they tend to be angry
Napoleon syndrome
Napoleon Bonaparte was about 1.7m (5'7") tall, above average height for the period
You have € 65000 on ROCKIT
You won € 65650
Lady Macbeth rockit phyZiC 66 kills

phyzic = 6letters


Red Shirt rockit Nait 66 deaths

Night = 5letters

5+1 = 6


Rockit = 6 letters
Rockit = 6 players

2+10-3-3 = 6


gg phyzic online only
Why yu no LAN bro? I'll pay for the water :D