MYSTERIOUS MONKEYS vs Ferocious warriors (4177 views)

at DrLagAlot
be eden
cl hanS
is jEzt0rr
de rAMOZ
be siL
at Scorch
at DonMatthias
at jaN
at joey
de meNtal
gb Williams

CB ET 6on6 OC Spring 2013
Premier League
Group D
29.04.13 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 OpenCup Spring 2013 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: galiathus (Requestee)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 13812
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 13


HF ramoz mate and Chopin aka DrLagAlot :)
gl mM

don and mott4m8 <3
Gl williams yaaa english twat & DrLagAlot
Too many austrians and no blizzardx I'm not amused
get blizz back and we would gladly take him :(
mott4 cant play on monday so:
-mott4 m8
+ [at]scorch
make sure he gets added to your roster + APL please :)
All will be Added before our First Match but how to add to APL List?
select Add new allowed player under FUS MENU on the left side of the cup page
mental (Germany) needs adding to fus line up.
I will add him for you via team viewer
you should be able to add him yourself to both the roster and the APL
lineup is:
at scorch
at jaN
at joey
at DonMatthias
gb Williams
de meNtal
gl M&M´s
Good Luck mM and jEzt0rr my loverboy <3
gl jungs :)
mental is gonna roll some nerds
gl williams(:
GL Williams........................FREEDOM
in willi i trust anywayz fuck up this fucktard drlagalot fucker
As I see you still enjoy your ban on
im givin u a power of ,, love'' now make me rich :D gl fus :)
hahaa I give us the power of luck :D
that right :D luck, love , now u can fight for docks and gold , and our money :D
gl williams!
You have € 2945 on <FuS>
Possible win: € 4594.2

All my money is on you, If you guys fail ,
i will start using my powers on ts , and you guys will be having the worst nightmares ever

gl hf ladies

williams do not use nades , that will just assist the enemy team
good luck Fus, this could be interesting !
gl jaN :o
get rid of williams and you got yourself a team

izi mM
u don't like fact people like me and not you :D
'cause you're not polish
nah, I'm confused by the fact how you can actually be worse than me. this is amazing
worse? lol last 3 times I played you you ego quit with face on lol
well that's just not true and you're still shit :D
well that's just not true and you're still shit :D
man, he made tactics for amenti
gl Don & Mental
GL jaN. and maybe jestor
gg wp
wp :) we messed up a little but first time together was good
"we" oh the funnies :D
You have € 100 on de mMONKEYS
You won € 242


why my stats are bugged every game?! :(
You have € 250 on de mMONKEYS
You won € 605
You have € 545 on de mMONKEYS
You won € 1318.9