one.soldier vs gstars (3376 views)

lv Clown
gb crumbs
gb MerlinatoR
ee Night
gb owzo
gb sharky
be xai
gb kiz
gb meeky
gb neo
gb Warphase
fi sirkka

Group C Matchweek 2
Beach & Base
23.05.13 21:30 CEST
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Game: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein
League: RtCW Legacy Cup 2013
Manager: MerlinatoR (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 25416
The bets are closed.

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stream or wolftv?
hopefully stream, depends on the SCC I think :)
GL Latvian powerhouse clown! nogalini visus!

Im going to spend summer in Latvia this year :p Rojaa!
epic latvian man! Roja is a nice place to be during summer, plenty of spots to chill ;)
hf both! Isnt crumbs on the wrong lineup?
how do you watch this?
Looking forward to a bloodbath! Pretty sure you guys agreed to use knife only!
Not sure about Voice but unfortunately Mr Bias 2k13 isn't going to be about to cast tonight. Best thing to do would be to message Voice if anyone does want it done, although I have absolutely no idea whether or not he is going to be around.
3 stars? dont think so more like 1
definitely 3 as your not featured
its a onesided match one soldier will smash you to pieces end off.
for example tonight sick6 v turbot that deservs maybe 3 stars because its 2 top teams
don't get mad! We have no doubt about result! Blame Merl!
I'm not mad mate im just pointing out that the rating system if weird :o
Yeah is little random.
razz noob
Night not playing in raw? Where can i see the lineups?
KiH = The same
u forgot the most awesome clan named cave!
i just mentioned the lineups i knew the lineups for! cave i dont have a clue ;<
you better check sunday!
Sad that there is no stream or WTV, yet :(
gl one soilder
no strango, no win :(