amped vs eXecutors (2189 views)

ee mexor
be supna
in rambo
si Kwiz
si M1tja
fr faks

Grand Final
30.06.13 20:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: one.more Cup #4 ET 3on3
Manager: MerlinatoR (Highadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 1782
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 7


Mexor in a final? nice low cup hahaha
Member Since 30th June 2013

Sup some lowfake guy scared to show his real nick?
i know who that hating low shit is haha
Member Since 18th November 2011
kwiz and m1tja in a final? nice low cup hahaha
jij die praat over low hahaha (A)
Je bent zelf ook low :D
zeg ik over anderen dat ze low zijn? nee indd
en nu naar bed jij
hopla is nog nie gedaan
sup Jere?
sup mystic?
wait u r trying to say mystic and m1tja sounds same? xD
both starts with the letter "m", fucking faker
sup sh1tja
gl amped !!
ip ettv plz
dat final :XDDD
gl supna m1tja kwiz :)
where we can watch it on ettv ...this ip is wrong??????
score is 4-2 and we have switched coz of m1tja getting DDOSed hard
for all those madzors

Session Start: Sun Jun 30 08:11:47 2013
[20:11.47] <GPS|Rafal> i go dedos
[20:11.47] ->> GPS|Rafal is (» Fragger | by #brainlag «)
[20:11.47] ->> GPS|Rafal is on: +#GPS #ig.privv #brainlag
[20:11.47] ->> GPS|Rafal using * (QuakeNet IRC Server)
[20:11.47] ->> GPS|Rafal is authed as Fragger
[20:11.47] ->> GPS|Rafal :End of /WHOIS list.
[20:11.48] <GPS|Rafal> you
[20:11.49] <GPS|Rafal> man
[20:11.51] <GPS|Rafal> then gl
[20:11.57] <GPS|Rafal> in final
[20:12.02] <GPS|Rafal> and rest of you mate
[20:12.18] <Kwiz> you wont bro how life?
[20:12.33] <GPS|Rafal> yep
[20:12.37] <GPS|Rafal> gl in final
[20:12.39] <GPS|Rafal> ;]
[20:13.00] <Kwiz> tnx :P
get avs !!! i got the best one with anti ddos include
fuckin noob there is no DDOS cure
oke thx kwiz
ok fine now post score and give me my eMoneh
amped be 1.41 vs. 3.44 eu eXecutors 35 € on be ampd Lost
really supna :s
luckily i didn't bet :x
so et is really dead?
no just supna sux xD
ya ro raely good play yea hah