Evil Geniuses vs Denial eSports (2679 views)

nl Bamboe
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American Dota League
Quarter Final - Match2

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Game: dota2 DOTA 2
League: American Dota League » Matchlink
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: timbolina (Highadmin)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 103
The bets are closed.

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American Dota League
By: timbolina
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Language: English

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nlBamboe instead of Maelk,

nice job to post dota 2 matches! :)
You have Timbo to thank for that :D
gl denial
there are much better games than this one to request
I think Someone is mad... second time i've seen you crying about Dota2 being on gtv, go get some tissues :D
You whine about only putting 'important' games on gtv, well every match of OC & EC usually gets coverage @W:ET
Who are you to decide which game is important or not? gtfo :D
I was going to write something constructive but
suck my cock
this wasnt an actual whine, Timbolina is obviously not requesting all dota2 games because there are way too many to be requested, so he's requesting the ones he thinks are important/2 good team competing against eachother. I have played & followed dota+dota2 scene for the last 7 years (still do) and I can tell you that this game isnt important at all and so is this tournament, there are far BETTER GAMES THAN THIS ONE TO REQUEST. I dont mind him requesting dota2 games, but if hes not gonna request all of them, then he should request the interesting/important ones. And let's not compare ET with DOTA, dota scene is 100x bigger than ET. Timbolina has a lot of choices of which dota2 games he wants to request, so if hes not gonna request ALL of them, might aswell request the good ones
IMO a quarter final for a tournament is a good match, like it or lump it.
so if I make my own tournament with random semi-pro teams, I can request quarter final?
Yes, you can request any game on GamesTV
Good cause I always wanted to request the EPIC games of minesweeper
Unfortunately there is a limit to the games which you can request
Sure, if you can find $10,000 to actually make teams want to bother competing.
like I said, there are way more important games than this one, might aswell request them all
You are free to request them! I'd be glad if you did actually =)
This game , easy as fuck for EG