Why So Serious? vs Electrostatic Discharge (5334 views)

ca RaNA
us Equanimity
us jon
fi dTEC7
gb Gnome
gb Element
us hayzay
us hobbit
ca crono
us vein
ca rockstAr
ca Tomun

CB ET 6on6 Ladder
05.08.13 03:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: RaNA! (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 4258
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 19


gl jon
just cant get enough of that et huh jon
gl to my boys in electrostatic discharge
gl crono lad
05.08.13 03:00 CEST wtf
der is daar een andere timezone eh slimme jongen
oh echt?
wist ik niet hoor ..
waar was je in turkije?
Waarom komt gij geen ts3 of xfire meer :(
wast tof?
ja :p
khoor datr massas snelle naar antalya gaan :$ :$
wtf you guys talking about?
kapot thought all countries got the same timezone =<
haha :D
ja man ik zei dat alleen omdat het zo laat was voor CEST
Good luck both

Jon and mccloud on one team :o
05.08.13 03:00 CEST

nice lives gnome and dtect :s
ill bite, photom8. I work at nights 1am-5am and sleep 6-7am->. Since thats my free day the war is during the time im awake so huhu nice life.
not avi rana :(

gl tho friends!
GL crono FDS
actually I can.make this on monday
gl crono and vein
thanks nightbreedi
um... im not nick lmfao.
BAHAHAHA nightbreedi nice one nigga i hope u feel insulted taz :>
gl pl wssquad
gl brandoN


i should rename to RiFF RAFF
Gonna definitely spec this at 4am
inb4 gnome doesn't show up
oh my goth play in 3 hour at the night nerds xD
dtec playing at 4am ;DD hf nerds
dtec playing at 4am ;DD
yea its like iam gona watch this 4:00 hahahahaha

oh wait its 3:29

no need to be ashamed, we're all nerds
fuckin faggots talkin bout how they wont spec this
no one gives a shit if u do or dont
i wont be speccing sorry
Used Slots: 5
Viewer Peak: 5

lol good job getting your parents and ur brothers to join u
fucking lying nerd
gl rockko, see you in the morning for work
You have € 50 on us *|*
You won € 78
You have € 20 on ca wss
You lost
oh okay i see why we lost. well enjoy that extra 28e
<20:54:54> "A|G": i want my name on that gtv list
stats are broken :`(
I can confirm that Crono outdamaged Hayzay on both goldrush and supply.
dont forget that i outdamaged rockstar too :>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I can confirm that rockstAr carried crono every map.
I can also confirm that last time I checked, it was weezy and drake playing.

every 2h you had people who were shit replaced with 2x better players. srs gaming at 4 am
well they werent avi and btw u changed ur lineup too :>? where is ipod and fumble :=Xp ?
they weren't avi, but I see foreigner and A|G were avi :)
oh so we should use shitty players to make it easier on yourself :=Xp ?
you should stop trying so hard vs a random mix, + 3 tired as fuck players from EU
ca Why So Serious?
random mix? lol its pretty much cntrold gaming team... fuckin tit.
the only 2 people I play with as a team were gnome and dtec, don't know what you're on about. but you're never making sense anyway. so no shock there
better get bossHK

pretty much the same as cntrl gaming.. other than uhurcool and rana.. get the picture now ?
lol Element plays for erase, he played 1 offi with us that was also a mix, with lunaa and glenn. so pls xD
i heard it was u guys who challanged *|*, why would you do that if u have "a random mix, + 3 tired as fuck players from EU" ?
I don't play officials (just ask ohurcool, I only spec them) and A|G doesn't play with us. He filled in for Tomun because he was on ETTV and said he would play.

Also, Tomun and Empty were originally in the lineup and later replaced with weeZy and drAke.
im not on their LU :P was a random merc
my studies and statistic proves me all of any doubt that you are a faggot foreigner go kill urself
hahah get face and muscle nerds
tomun would get rockstar LOL
You have € 25 on ca wss
You lost

crono pickin up faggots
Fucking sad really
You have € 95 on wss
You lost
rockstar wtf hahah