Electrostatic Discharge vs Controlled Gaming (5811 views)

ca Tomun
ca Empty
ca crono
us hayzay
us sandbag
us hobbit
us Equanimity
gb Gnome
fi BossHK
gb Prodigy
fr lunaa
gb Element

CB ET 6on6 SummerCup 2013
Fifth League
Grand Final

us Electrostatic Discharge has to win twice!
25.08.13 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 SummerCup 2013 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: foreigner (Requestee)
Maps: Supply

Total Pot: € 21066
The bets have been cancelled.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 10


are you playing?
ahahhahahahhHAHHAHHAhahahhaahahHAHHAHAHAhh yes the master skilled ipod is playing hAhAHahAHAHAhahHAhahah
25.08.13 12:45 EDT

izi control and their annoying ass rifle :)
you sound cocky
who is the annopying rilfe? that Equanimity? l0l, OK!
it was in reference to his comment on another match we had he realy though a shity rifle was enough to STOP BDMATT AND SO ON AND TOMUN AND ALL THE BLABLABLA "foreigner talking"
just stop
what? can you speak proper english? the rifle that mccloud was referring was not playing vs you.
GL both! :D
Euros will worship bdmatt after this match.
gl equam8 gnomem8, lunam8 & cronom8888
gl cuntrol
avi for both team!
gl ctrl
the big dogs back for this one
shut up gamma!
avi too!
But pointless to even post this.

gl gamma!
crono, has to win twice!
gl electro ez win boys
gl crono
lunaa :O
team fra soon, believe meh
vas-y doucement avec nous lunaa :<, ctrl sort les gros cannons leur meilleur joueuse
lol merci pour le comment :) mais tkt pas je suis nub :D
nub toi pfffffff tu est une peteuse de cheville professionnelle femme blanche avec de la poudre blanche pour le nez
pussies play me on weekday
lunaaaa <3
gl-hf BG <3
go BossHK!
hf *|* and lunaa :)
GL lunaa
Fucking nerds, after 3+ years you still play in 5th league, rofl
after 3+ years u cant play any league.
Hahaha oh god how this community is so stupid, u dont think im playing? stupid
been there done it now casual whats the problem?

Go back to your hole, beta trash.
You have € 10 on us *|*
Possible win: € 21.5

u got this boys, my team rather fuck around sitting on xfire all day playing other games than focus on this
We've done a total of 4 practices, all of them with some ringers, so you guys should be fine.
we played 1 game beat that :)
not practicing = skill?
brb gonna practice abit with rifle on Max Payne 2
"ur pracing alrdy for 3years"

Member Since 14th February 2012

"still 5th league"


nice attempt to flame, but you fail. go back to your little tree friends
you sound a little upset, what's troubling you?
brb shining gold medal
no fame to gain from jaymod, since I play that mod more than anything else. I think you need to get yourself checked, whining every game when you lose, and flaming others. maybe emotional problems? or if that's your way of having fun, then that's pretty sad.
but I knew there will be kids like you on etpro who can only flame and talk shit. and that's usually how these type of kids "have fun"

brb now, still shining gold medal
Do you have more backups from my posts? i'd like to see them

this McCloud XD retard
XDDDDDDDD i think he got a map in his ETmain with all my gtv posts.

mccloud, go outside, just for once. find a real girlfriend, fuckin over skype doenst work bud
gl crono empty equanimity gnome lunaa
There's a chance that this won't be played tomorrow, if we can't field 6.
good job bro
keep getting more aimers
replacing matt with sandbag. yes, definitely getting strong aimers to carry us.
this needs to be moved to next sunday or some other day, you have 3 24 hour players in your clanbase roster which is not allowed, and control apparently doesn't have 6th anymore.
no bdmatt no win wtf ur saying ipod lol
no bdmatt no win wtf ur saying ipod lol
no bdmatt no win wtf ur saying ipod lol
im quite sure sandbag is better than bdmatt
no lunaa no win
you really do have your tongue far up her ass do you? :D
don't cancel the game... just make it unscheduled
i was wondering the same thing... morons.
you're one to talk
lol, how so?
lmfao, oh. good one!!!
so funny. faq off stubbs.
ohurcool Today 14:06 wildcard = cancel
ahhhh, tha explains it. my bad.
gl prodman