Western Belgium vs Northern Belgium (12614 views)

be jetro
be mAus
be lio
be Kevin
be Anaconda
be Sui
be Worm
be SpiROZE
be Ganon
be Jeje
be emzii
be phille
West: Goldrush | North: Supply
16.03.08 18:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET Belgium AllStar 2008
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: CriTiK (Requestee)
Maps: Supply Depot
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Total Pot: € 21434
The bets are closed.

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fr #NerdVibes Radio
By: Esox
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Total Slots: 500
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de Ana's ETTV #3 [old]
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First again! waouw :D

Let's go west, I put my money on your skill x]
zalige match ;p but west ftw;d
:o ganon doet mee :D
Ocharme north ;p

I live there , but money on west :P
north ftw
west ftw :D my money on westxD
noord !
no nunca no party :)
go go anaconda, go go anaconda, anaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacondaaaaaaaaa !
lio's playing ? :D
remove lio from line-up x)
idd!! HACKER LOL!!
congrats west for winning the shit

(but mAus will pwn the prophet :( )
the profet is unbeatable, untouchable! when you see i'm, you died !
Jere <3
cant play, gonna watch football game ;)
mesq vs lio ;)
Ganon ? wb
gl lio, maus and allaim,nobrain Anaconda! <3
rA, plz go back:)!

psycho = P5Y?
GL West! <3
no its psycho from kreaturen
Ganon <3
gl worm & co !
spijtig dak er nie bij kan zijn :(
KAZEEEEEEEEE leeet nP4him ! (j'tenmerde celui qui me relis.) <3
même moi ? KaZe izi bash4you
Ow yeah, Anaconda is playing <|:o)!!

Ana > whole northern team
lol, its so unsure if im playing :D but it would be fun if i could play, i will be avi anyway, so we will see :D
zorgt ma da ge speelt ;)
en gebruik classbinds van deze keer :D
ben daar the highskilled voor :D
west win?
jetro pwned ze allemaal
You have € 79 on be North Cancel bet
Possible win: € 490.85
mAus vs all
the cup isn't as it should be.. there are nonames playing in it who doesn't deserver the honor :(
I noticed you are playing!
not so many nonames, maybe 2/3
troo, i aint playing, that must be a problem!
You have € 15 on North
Possible win: € 111

(mag) Lio speelt/spelen?
edit : actually he is banned now. I guess so that he won't play..
Let's see if ganon still got it? ;)

Have fun ey
he is not as strong as before, but he is still impressive
if he's not as strong as before, then he's not impressive
lul with lio???
he isnt CB banned yet , so we wait and will see if he was really hacking :-)
nice bullshit, he got kicked for multihack and pbbans is not saying its a bug.. so nice letting the cheater play! CB maybe bans him after 3 months i guess
gamehack *

say this to CriTiK , I dont care so much.
KaZe Friday, 14th March 2008 08:11
he isnt CB banned yet , so we wait and will see if he was really hacking :-)

get him off the list now k ty
critik lold
Dat komende van jou is wel heel erg grappig :D
kdacht het ook :D
lio can play! it is a funcup made by the players itself ;-)
then why cant I play ?:D
bcuz ur the biggest retard on this planet :)
Ive seen your pic, no thx :)
No Flashy no win for north
... wheres david... shewie.... m.ka... ? they should be there... i mean in this allstar... o.o
david is supposed to play in north, but he's not avi :)
you need motivation to play :) i guess they don't have it for this kind of cup(for mika and shewie)
Shewie doesn't play anymore anyway
Wie is nu de 6de bekende van north ??
Ge hebt Worm-spiROZE-mesQ-Rfki-ganon- ?
mijn geld op west^^

ziet dage wint eh anaconda!! :p

wb & gl ganon :o
north has a very nice lineup but west will take this without a doubt :)

GL rafiki!
You have € 59 on be North
Possible win: € 613.01
phille pwns them all , new mAus but he is a bit shy :(
Vies cheaterke isset.
idioot :D
als we het over dezelfde hebben, zijt gij de idioot.
xD annaconda lowskiller
You have € 35 on be North
Possible win: € 315.35

coz KaZe suce mal <8
will be pretty close imo
al die kut maus fanboys die op west inzetten
maus ga mischien ni spelen dus met uw " kut maus fanboys " ge zou beter uw mond toe houden
Jij bent 1 van die kut maus fanboys die het niet waard is om aandacht te krijgen
das toch perfect! want North gaat izi bash winnen en dan krijg ik hier ff veel geld op gamestv :)
gl anaconda u seczy biatch ^^
You have € 17 on be North Cancel bet
Possible win: € 108.29

de nunca :D :D :D
gl worm, spiroze & jetrooooo
no Sux0r no win
You have € 35 on be West Cancel bet
Possible win: € 44.1
nppp for phileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Northern Belgium can do it
Spiroze is a fucking retard =D
lio playin?
ye he is so what now?
2-0 West, but it was pretty close.
lol pls -.-
the password is so easy to guess
next time take cumshot or something
now everyone joining server
someone make a good protection against randoms plz
I lolled what all the people who were connecting :DDD PRRRRRT