MYSTERIOUS MONKEYS vs Supski (5636 views)

at DrLagAlot
de Fendah
de rAMOZ
de TimeN
gb fumble
se IcEcrusT
gb owzo
ca rito
gb ScarZy
se trickjay

ClanBase ET EuroCup XXVIII

The winner qualifies for EC!
14.10.13 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXVIII » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: ohurcool (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 19797
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 30


WTF ?? First
Thursday I guess?
sounds good for me m8

cu thurs
omg, avi if needed!
must be trolling
no! ppl gonna blame us cuz of 6on6 groups, but as u can see it is not our fault!
just want to help ;)
i'm avi.
Someone pick me please.
Ok :(
gl owzo
gl tites
GL & HF Fendah
wtf. i cant play tonight.. so i guess this wont be played tonight.
No, you'll easily be replaced. You're not as important as you think you are.

can you please tell rAMOZ to reply to my messages then? it seems like everyone from mmonkeys has been ignoring me for the past three days

this game must be played before the first matchweek starts, so let's get it scheduled

edit: nevermind, discussed it with both teams and the match will be on Monday
you denied them forfeit so they are obviously scheming on how to kill you, just like you killed their EC dream
Said to him to give you EC Invite to make your big dream true :))
no we r just not allways behind our computers like u Robert. We have real lifes u know. outside the computer world if u understand
and you expect me to believe that?!
not surprised
money on DrLagAlot
money on Supski
gl CiD!
thanks nightmare but i wont be playing with them, they made a german team only and i dont speak a word or understand anything in german :D. so im avi for anyteam any league :D
omg cid still playing :D maybe FuS got a spot or smtg if someone drops, I guess we're hat div 2 or smtg :D pm the legendary Williams, maybe he can tell you more :D
already talked to him :D we will play together again mate :D
a good reason to play again :D
Pasame un server pub que estoy amargado viendo ettvs hahah :D
mandame un wazap flatin, por cierto el viernes voy a tu ciudad natal :D
monkey noobs.
izi DrLagAlot
GL to all of my supski friends
gl MM
where are those guys like

es CiD
be eden
nl jesse
is jEzt0rr

stable team i see
praccing hard for NC vs Polaks..
you don't stand a chance :) not your league bro
cuz we need to start now! :D
the manager want a new LU with only germany players now so we got kicked ...
HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA everyone benched time for supski to make a move
gg lu change
i think game should be replayed
You have € 44 on de mMONKEYS
Possible win: € 121.44
even you get bashed by the mmonkeys... hypocrit fuck.
I don't really care about lineup change but I hope they stick with it for rest of ec.
R.I.P supskis dream to play EC
next season we will come back stronger
I like how mM complained about lineup change but other way around it's fine
You have € 3000 on eu supski
You lost

good lineup changes
cheaters cannot into EC :D hahaha (didnt mean supski!)
ouch rito
lol uac and 'almighty' supski loses? Nice, I should play et again.
You seriously got some issues, don't you?
Not anymore so it would seem.
Seems that UAC is doing, what it should do: make cheaters afraid of playing.
Since UAC came out, '''''skills''''' dropped huge in et.
Unbeatable teams suddenly loses like they are crap.
''''skilled''' teams are afraid of playing with UAC like tMoe and give excuses "oh no mamy I don't want my pc to be scanned, don't make them do it, pls!!"
Bitch pls :D

Finely we can see who is skilled, who is a chicken, and who was obviously cheating (ironical: without any real proof).
For once, I really like what Ohurcool and co did for et. gj!
You've got 0 clue of ET at all and just proved it once again