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Grand Final
KiH have to win twice!
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Game: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein
League: RtCW Legacy Cup 2013
Manager: MerlinatoR (Highadmin)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 34270
The bets are closed.

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WarWitchTV HD
By: MerlinatoR
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Language: English

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good luck lads
jump online if you are around on the day mate :)
gtfo...colusion cup
MerlinatoR, you spoken with playa on IRC last week...everybody read you telling him that you will play vs raw-phase in november 3rd and what happen? you didn't appear and not interested to play, crmbs and Nait tried to convince you but nothing. your word isn't worth anything.
someone has been spinning you stories again I'm afraid, you don't know what you're talking about :(
Merlinator scared to play vs raw/phase again so takes the forfeit sad really..
Most members ive spoke to in one.soldier (owzo,night,crumbs) want to play against us with our full lineup, because we had a wildcard and were aloud to use it.

SO basically Merl/Zed fucked raw/phase up. Everyone knows the is merl's life so i understand

Try to use wildcard --> Everyteam gets one
We are not allowd due to merlinator/zed
Was ok for everyone to wait for crumbs to move house before one.soldiers game.? :D
+1 and he was agreed to play vs raw-phase in november 3rd then, IT'S november 3rd and he disappears :D? it's rly sad for all except Merl/ZeD, even their members wanna play the game LIKE A REAL MAN and he refuses I don't fking know how ZeD can allow this in Warwitch's Cup, in STREAMERS/DONOR$/RTCWLOVERs's just embarrasing.
Come on mate. The community is so small now that most people have played together and know each other well enough not to start this kind of shit. I'm obviously biased but Merl does more than most to keep this game going.
Having said that - In the 9 years I've played this game with Merl (sad but true) we've only ever been awarded two "forfeit" wins, both by Zed! On an unrelated note - Announcing our newest member for the next cup, please welcome one.Zed...
oh man dont even joke, these guys believe this stuff :D
lol at one.zed :D
If i would have donated to this cup i would be upset or even pissed off.
Where the money went? Prize pool together was less that 1000 usd and the donations were over 2k. And then all this bullshit with teams not motivated or whatever reasons they had to be incapable to organize games with all that time they had to do it proper way. Shameful indeed.
The donations that have been put towards WarwitchTV have been used not only for the prize purse (which will of course be rewarded), but also for day to day costs associated in running my Twitch channel, ie: costs of monthly internet, xsplit fees, skype fees etc. I also plan to use much of the said donations for other upgrades to my hardware in the form of anything computer related that will help things look better. Everyone who donated did so with the understanding that their money was supporting WarwitchTV on a broad scale. I decided it was only fair to open up some of what was donated to the teams for the Legacy Cup. It was my hope it would motivate more people to play and teams to show up on time. Unfortunately, that clearly didn't happen. In the past we were ONAIR nearly every Sunday providing content for our viewers, but with no games to broadcast there is very little I can do. I hope this makes sense.

* edited multiple times for clarity :) :) use money for this - Game Broadcaster HD - Record and Stream Gameplay up to 1080p!
Only way for me to do 1080p is to be a partner on Twitch. I can do it now if I were, but I need to build viewership first. In time that will happen, especially if I get more active as I hope to do in the coming months :)
Thanks for the answer. I really pursiate it, nothing of this is your fault. Looking forward for the future shows.
moar drama pls, my popcorn is waitin'
Diccie had the wrong name/phase2stronk = FORFEIT FTW!
It's unfortunate that things had to get ugly at the end. I'm hoping for some good games on Sunday. We're going to focus on staying positive and having a fun time! We have some exciting plans ahead in the form of shorter and more efficient monthly 3v3 Cups going forward. We'll discuss that more on Sunday.
the only problem in the rtcw scene, is merl and his big ego its sad to say, but him wanting to try to keep his only thing in life he thinks hes good at, what else has he got, sweet f.a Phase get punished for using wildcard and merl/zed dont allow us to use it? abit biased on phase/raw to be fair... only going to push some top players away from playing in cups with the attitude of the admins.

You should get some proper admins, and everything would be perfect, for example
Merl tells zed to eliminate maps all the way up to grand final?
So top teams cant pick there best map in the final?
Its all so shit.. merl is behind it all.
This game is a good game and everyone should be able to watch one/phase
But thanks to MERLINATOR this will not happen
Everyone else in one.soldier even said its not fair on us not being able to use our wildcard.
If crumbs/nait were not avi against us and one. needed to use wildcard no questions would be asked.
We even informed the admin 5/6 hours before and zed said its fine, until merlinator came online... GG :)
indeed mate, its just bullshit, Merlinator runs the cup to his own satisfaction.
Imo no prize money should be awarded to such a bad sportmanship.
We all get together to make 1 big good cup lots of new players from ET,
once again merls ego gets in the way.

He wants to be able to grow up and tell his kids if he still fit to make a life
Ive never lost 4.0 in rtcw in 11 years xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Manager: MerlinatoR (Highadmin)
Means I requested the game on GamesTV (just like 90% of the other games) as that was my admin role in the cup - You learn something everyday I guess :)
what SupNa and I said
and all the people learn something every day
Manager: MerlinatoR (Requestee)
you're an idiot.
I don't think he fully understands - his English is not that great so he is excused :P
Maybe he means 'ironing' below this comment? xD
you fall into my irony.
"Merl tells zed to eliminate maps all the way up to grand final?"
Map elimination makes both teams play on 2 maps that they can both player, means closer games in general. Warwitch and a lot of the viewers were getting bored with the same maps everygame. This cup we saw map combinations that we haven't seen for a very long time and it really brought back good memories for the viewers and WarwitchTV and even some players that played back then.

"So top teams cant pick there best map in the final?"
Top teams can play more than one or two maps, if they can't they aren't a top team.

"Its all so shit.. merl is behind it all."
All I did for the cup was request games for GamesTV and let Warwitch know when and what games were coming up - If I had control of the cup, like the RtCW-Cups in the past, they would have lasted 1-2 months max as those did.

"This game is a good game and everyone should be able to watch one/phase, But thanks to MERLINATOR this will not happen"
The only people who have not turned up to games in the last two cups are phase/raw. oP had massive lineup issues but even they soldiered on and nearly beat you - since that game you have been struggling and rumours of infighting and arguing with each other are rife. So much so that supposedly olbaa left the team and razz (you) left the team multiple times. You guys have massive organisation problems this is clear and I suggest that you get someone who can actually CL into your team.

"Everyone else in one.soldier even said its not fair on us not being able to use our wildcard."
I'm afraid that is not what was said at the time, and I protect my own teams interests with what they say to me.

"If crumbs/nait were not avi against us and one. needed to use wildcard no questions would be asked."
sharky broke his arm a week before the game, we did not try to reschedule for when it is better, we did not try and delay (we didn't even try to delay the final a couple weeks for him to be back) we checked with people on our roster and we were going to play with players who hadn't played rtcw for a few months. sharky is probably along with me one of our most important players, as our backups are all medics basically.

You have just always been mad at me because of the game you lost in a 3on3 cup, ever since then you have just been upset and try to make up nice little stories and hate towards me for what? you lost a game fair and square - you just cannot take it. I've not once given you shit about the way you are which is pretty toxic and self centered and tbh absolutely no one would back you up on your personality, because you do not have one. Your comebacks will be lowbrow because that is what you are - and you project your own insecurities at someone else on the internet, which is pretty obvious as nothing you have said even registers let alone hits - I think you should just settle down a bit and perhaps grow up because your current mentality is not really in your long term interest online or in real life.
not even going to read this lol u writing books u sitting there scratching ur big head feeling bad for yourself because u cant man up and play phase, write as many paragraphs as you want your the one not willing to play us
phase dig their own grave tbh, they could have played both times the forfeit against us as they had 6, they prefered not to play at all. razz was banned for something unrelated which has since expired. -merlinator's quote

and maybe you should read that reply
ya should come to ET we need more mature ppl this kids are killin the game
A wise man once commented on LAN photo:

Merlinators Ass or Face, whats the difference? Love the drama.
Not gonna sit here and pick sides but the fact is that ZeD licks onesoldiers ass, he has never liked us anyway dont know if it was because we took the piss out of his moustache on stream i dont know all i know hes a fucking drip.
You sat down and picked sides mate, you liar!
hahahahaa YES!! the mustache!! fuck's sake YEAH! hahahhaha
Pretty sad to read all the flaming comments :( why can't ppl just get along. It's just a game! This kills the RTCW atmosphere i have known for over the last years. Same little community having fun, playing some 6v6 mixed during the week, having a laugh on the comms :)
hey you
i dont get it either! so much anger in a game older than the average crossfire-user :D
You have € 850 on se KiH
Possible win: € 4904.5
lol noobs
link to brackets plz, who knocked out razz and gav's team?
Merlinator did apparently

"- Wildcards are allowed one per team, 1 at groupstage, 1 at playoffs. If a team uses wildcard they have to inform cup admin and the opponent ASAP."

Zed/Merl don't really care about the rules though. Merl just wanted an easy forfeit win and zed just hates me and my team. GG!
I hope the first maps 4-0 for KiH atleast :)

/flame on
I am sorry we didn't get to see Phase and one.soldier play. At this phase of the game any match between top teams is a match I WANT TO SEE. However, ZeD is the admin and he's made his decision. I'm sure it's a very complex situation and I'm not sure I'd want to be in his shoes. That being said, I'm determined that we get our coverage going again on a faster scale. Smaller hard hitting cups more often. I really just want to see everyone get a chance to play and have a good time together.
Warwitch you put prize money into this cup and the admin(zed) doesn't follow his own rules and gives one a forfeit win in the final just because he has personal issues with the players from my team:D the cups not being run fairly and phase/raw won't be playing in any other cups by zed. We need a new admin who's not a complete cunt
+1 and dont let merlinator get involved with any admining
merl is the fairest rtcw admin you can get at this time tbh. dno who would be able for the job, and even up for the job
Just no zed/merliantor admining the cup plz if things like this happen. its basically pointless n useless to even participate in such a cup :D
Didnt this happen last cup as well? Guess for some it's time to move on!

yeah Merls big fat ego agaisnt raw-phase his life is in danger, he also banned razz from crossfire what an admin abuse -.-
phase dig their own grave tbh, they could have played both times the forfeit against us as they had 6, they prefered not to play at all. razz was banned for something unrelated which has since expired.
Honestly u both act like 15 yo tryhards, who playing for serious money.
I'm not getting any money personally so you've got that bit wrong. :) The rest you only need to read the comments to see who acts like a child and who doesn't ;)
apologies Merl, I retract :<
i guess rtcw is die like et now
I absolutely love when WarWitch is watching Merlin at RTCW, joy to watch (and eat at the same time, lol)
GL oP..... :o wait
Gl, great match
still so much anger in this game! i hope u had fun! ;)
nice to watch
Relax ukboys, take some money from your parents to buy some weed instead potheads
My comment to all this useless bullshit: