meet your masters vs phase (2196 views)

fr kazim
fr sMiRZz
lv Clown
gb razz
is phyzic

CB ET 3on3 Ladder
25.11.13 23:15 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: kaziMmM (Requestee)
Maps: Sp_delivery_te
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Total Pot: € 35155
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 53


sKILVA got this
fr vs is, the finest
4.30 on grush isn't that bad
fr sMiRZz I love the way of your madness :) skilva pls man i told you to hide and not to do nothing
What means rnzje on ur rage scale?
that scale be mine
Proof or didnt happen. Anyway u could at least answer me :S
the opposite of sMiRZz
U should calm down ur brother.
you polaks always needs some drawings, viko will draw you that I have stole his scale.
U slovenians always need to pee in the forest since there are no public toilets on slovenian fuel stations.
there are toilets but it says wc, we don't have drawings for that one. Only man and women are drawn sry man.
50 people connect to the ettv server to see skilva's great show and then he is playing like a fucking braindead asshole with monitor off.

get cancer homo
guess that happens when you used to hack your tits off all the time
dude he was nervous :D
oh the pressure
Nice guys !
sKILVA = clean
Not the real sKILVA :/
quited about a year ago, have no idea why ppl would play with my name

Atleast its still hilarious how the "great" koop still thinks i cheated, thanks for the compliment man <3