girls.rawrr vs tryout (6923 views)

pl palemki
pl chickita
gb deryn
pt punky
pl stokkie
ro nebu
pl Arturinho
pl sNi
pl Tokar
pl Zgred
pl WuT
pl nightmare

CB ET 6on6 OC Fall 2013
Fourth League
Grand Final


eu rawrr has to win twice!
27.01.14 21:15 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2013 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: deact_36695 (Requestee)
Maps: Supply

Total Pot: € 15713
The bets have been cancelled.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: unknown


izi 4 rawr :) hf tryouty
gl & hf punky
gl WuT
najz gl
GL ladies! :) x
gl punky chickita !!
Dont tk chickita :X
izi cwelout
chicki and palemki make me proud
will do man :D
are you trying to steal him away from me?!?!?!?!?!!
im not your property bitch...i OWN you

now go make me a sandwich
gl derynn
te emocje!
WuT:Do Mycia Garów!!

izi tryout
boa sorte punky!
YES! radar glhf
GL panowie & panie
gl chickita!
have fun chickita punky & rest of rawrrsquad! :D
you too lolooll!
r u guys getting married in Las Vegas?
nice flag lolooll
have fun!!
gl girls ! :)
gl chicki get ur tits out
gl lunanoob

achete csgo nubs
Tokar - dalej na haxach napierdalasz?
hf punky & chickita
since when is luna girl?
u better lose to girls or otherwise I will sexually abuse your friends on facebook
you sexy bastard, let's do some 3o3 sometimes
gl deryn and chickita
gl Mrs.Bobr<3
gl deryyn :)
punky brings gold !
gl deryyn, nebu, chickita, punky, stokkie and lunAa
Izi for deryn and punky
only if u make another journal bro!!
win it, make me e-rich, i make cf journal :XD
gl punky :)
Gl gurlz!
gl chickita!
omg, nebu!
gl & hf
plyta doszla dziekuje !!! powodzenia dzisiaj
myta muszla dziekuje !!! ogrodzenia sisiaj
gl rawr :::D 2ez
Gl punky , deryn , stokkie , artu and sNi mates !!!
derynn will carry <3
pannukakku wut , this gunna be guud
gl nebu :)
gl ]^[ punky
WuT odpal tego trigera!:D
gl punky.
chick dezza nebu <3 gl girls
gl my love<3
girls.rawrr won by forfeit
best final eva... schwör alta
wut happened?
we rolled, time for journal!
it deserves more than a journal! Invite me on your TS I will make a very special interview
ok later at night show up on irc!