Canada vs Belgium (6502 views)

ca Tomun
ca anim
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Showmatch for the upcoming 6on6 NationsCup 2014
13.04.14 19:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Misc » Matchlink
Manager: foreigner (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 14336
The bets have been cancelled.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: unknown


gl be
amai se david hedde goesting in patattekes
April 1st was yesterday, it's over now boys
No eden ?

+homie, eden, w/e
no mAus no win
get chry?
they alrdy tried that :D
Ma ik sanp da ni?
Die zei toch:
We komen terug (we met een paar oude goede Belgen), want we gaan gesponsert worden door Cyber Gamer.

Da was het laatste da ik ervan hoorde of van hem.
daar zit veel troll in denk ik, vooral dat gesponsorde deel :D
wat eron said :D die ging spelen als er van bF meekwamen, wat niet het geval is.
nooit gezegd ze jonge :D
dan haaft een andere belg u gefaked.
Was op nbs, dus indd men kan niet zeker zeggen dat jij het was
ma kmoet het nog wel op demo hebben.
Highly doubt that it will be the real LU for this game but w/e...

Get r4pz!
Get rapz
get anger, tj pro
what is canada?
"i speak french and english"
oh god if any real canadians were to read this they would rage their asses off
same for us Belgians :p

If I remember correctly, you speak decent French and you can write it without any grammatical errors
What makes that of you? A 'fake Canadian'? :p
mostly because there is animosity between the 2 an english speaking canadian would be ashamed to have french roots or even worse speaking it lol we even have laws here that almost prevents people from speaking english or having any commercial signs written in english could be a serious offence that leads to a costy contravention
That is happening in Belgian too according to some politcians.

Good to know their is already an example out there, ty.
Fuck Quebec! Most fucked province.
you suck
Quebec's government is fucked regardless. Shit Parti Quebecois suck a dick you will never win.
you suck
Okay, and your point ?
you suck <-------
That's a very general statement, be specific.
kcus uoy
But your said you suck, but at what ? Or its ironic as well, cus it has double meaning.

you suck paki
Kid doesn't know the difference skinhead, oh well what can I do can't change every retard out there. :)

suck a dick faggot we'll conquer your land again
Give it a try, at least India wasn't taken over within a day by the Nazi's unlike France during WW2
yeah because native nations are related to india HAHAHA youre retarded as fuck
why are you calling us out for being french and then whine that we are racist?! when you arent even of the master aryan race you fucking barefoot mongol turban wearing robe fagget
buncha moose
- Buzzer
+ Azur
will there be team usa shenanigans this year? I nominate ipod
vein won :D
i didnt even go for captain
Yo enemy territory comeback?
u saw whos capt right lol
Nigga you know NA side of ET is dead when vein is captain and when all the worse players of ET are still playing nonstop for years to finally be considered "good" since they're the only ones left playing. let them have that shine for a little
no rossko no win

where is HellfaG ???????
to low

See what i did there?
I told the truth. You should try it sometimes. Would suit you well.
I'm awesome and you are low, right. That's the truth.
proclaiming yourself to be things when half the community minus .pl calls you a fucking retard ego cunt, that's the truth
You seem to know a lot mr Member Since 11th December 2013
nice one
its mccloud -

@eclipsee how is it with your internet girlfriend?
are you bipolar? talking to me like little miss muppet now you trying to look cool infront of your friends on gamestv? don't talk to me hack trash
why do you have a new name btw? and i was just asking how it was with her? idc if you met a girl at internet or irl.. Love is love.
I don't even know you, so idk why I would tell you on a website like this how's my private life doing lol
gl maus
hf dAv1d (if you play :p)
gl rito
have fun friends
gl guys
wrm doe jij nie mee?? geef je op bij xAeee ?? denk dat ze er nog nodig hebben

& die vlag is bij veel belgen soms.. Das een bug
amaai ze emme ier precies mijn land verander na die kezen :)
prod where are you man? We miss you :(
Exams...brb in one month :)
MDR cte line up, à part xae personne qui a bien le niveau...
WHERE IS R4PZ?!+!?!?!?!?
still discussing with his brother who is the best :XD
gl az et bz
putain de line up en béton
gl xae, spiroze :)
gl cronos :)
Gl BE! :D
gij zou moeten meedoen
belle décadence sur ce jeu..xAe en team be ! stop that shit
Get rapz in team. !!!
- siL
7 uur is te vroeg

Gl hf!
-ViKO probably
die snap ik niet
Hij bedoelt dus dat hij normaal altijd achter de PC zit 24/7 en omdat hij niet kan spelen nu dat hij zogzegd ziek is. Maar hij speelt zelf 24/7 (=
Zover ik weet valt dat bij ViKO nogal mee :--)
Ja, maar dit is wat base bedoeld :D
hf boys :--)
to bad wanted to spec u :/
Canceled because Belgium don't have enough players.

Canada - turbot @19cet!
Showmatch NC
How so? :O
What? Yeah 19cet is too early for 50% or more of this current lu of team Belgium