Serious Incident Called Karma vs phase (11362 views)

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CG EU ET Season 1 Tournaments
6on6 Division 1
Lower Bracket Final

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27.05.14 22:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET Season 1: 6on6 » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: ohurcool (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 136891
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 106

Overall Viewerpeak: 139


Dont know why but sick6 will take this.
gl night + oxy :)
Glhf both.
You have € 40 on eu SICK6

phyzic stop trolling the odds
is phyzic's Gambling Stats ( unranked )
Open Bets 0 Pending Money 0 €
phase.csgo will win this!
pls, sick6.csgo > phase.csgo

not sure about how ET will go!
you wish ;)
I am afraid I can only confirm twidi's statement
wont be played today, razz broke his arm in a wrestle match with his 12 year old cousin. Might possibly have a toe fracture too, after having violently kicked big holes in the wall, afterwards.
camel toe fracture?
Well when will it be played then?
Still debating, will let you know.
Forced to Monday. Date/time can be changed, but the match must be played by Monday the 26th!
I can tell you : in 3 weeks
That was a good joke apart from the fact that you missed out the funny bit
nice life Kamz :D checking gamestv while your in hollidays in Spain xDDD
news flash: nobody gives a fuck about this match

hf though ye guys. cya
Gonna be casted by Williams and me! :D With better quality this time :P
+1 I picked out this match looks like its going to be fun and close one! Mental has promised better sound :D
take care of all the listeners not used to your chewy accent
You have € 31 on fr phase Cancel bet
Possible win: € 110.05

go,go ! ;) gl both
gl both :*
so will it definitely be played this time? Waited forever for this match.
gl 3G///IronEagle, best rifle EUW
looks like this wont be played tonight
Tbh I'm doubtful if this game will ever be played as it has now already been rescheduled twice due to a single player (from phase) not being able to play. I understand that you want to have the best possible lineup on important games, but both times the dates have been known for a long time and then cancelled last minute. Whenever the next date will be I'd say that it's more than likely that there will be a player who can't play and as admins have already allowed to rescedule twice they don't really have a good reason to not allow it especially if it would be our team missing a key player.

I gotta say that I'm really disappointed in how ET cups have been running for the last couple of years, running weeks behind deadlines and finals being played like two months after they were supposed to. These cups currently running will most likely be my last ones unless some major changes come up
ET All Stars bruv. There's no rescheduling possible.
I've already told razz that the deadline was today and to talk to Oxy about it. Feel free to take the forfeit if you want.

It's not like we as admins enjoy seeing games delayed or forfeited...
Nah I don't want a forfeit win, but due to these rescedulings I won't be able to finish playing these tournaments as I've got a new job starting very soon and won't be able to play after that besides on some odd days. What I would've wanted would have been for this game to be played within the time it was supposed to with the best available lineups

edit: Also besides the players it's very rude towards the spectators to keep on rescheduling these games last minute and I wouldn't be surprised if they start to lose interest in these games and tournaments as the games they've been waiting for never get played
Me too, but here we are. I can't force players to show up, and if you don't want to win by forfeit then the only other option is rescheduling the match and delaying the cup.
Will try again tomorrow, for the last time, after the FIN/PL game...
AGAIN... omg
basic phase nothing new here to see
will be this 1st phase loss? :o
Lower Bracket Final

I doubt it will be our first loss if we manage to lose
keep changing the date .....
Just play it without me. I'll be busy for a while now that my golf season has started. Sorry for that but last time i showed up we had to reschedule due to razz losing a boxing match against a wall. Lost interest in showing up to games that are scheduled without anyone saying a word.
hard to keep you in the loop if you're rarely on ;p 3on3 rtcw on wednesday, if you're avi, else we'll use squid again.
From what I know there is a lot of golf "pitches" :D
eat shit
eat shit
avi for golf
avi to carry phase
gl all ;)
avi to carry phase
Due some happenings and the fact, that the date changed, we're not able to cast this. We might cast the final or something like that. Sorry. :)
gl nuggan twidi phyzic razz sqzz colt45 boyssss

avi to spec
gl squidgay
You have € 10 on fr phase
You won € 14.4

where was Nite? So I didn't miss anything? Match wasn't casted?