Canada vs United Kingdom (8611 views)

ca bN
ca crono
ca embarrassed
ca monkey
ca Tomun
gb crmbs
gb Mztik
gb koop
gb razz
gb R0SS
gb sqZz

6on6 NationsCup 2014
Lower Bracket round 3

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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET 6on6 NationsCup 2014 » Matchlink
Manager: ChilAx. (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 46627
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By: mental
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grudgematch between rito and koop
if uk play as awful as they did last match, canada will rape them.. especially with powerhouse such as rito
Canada sucks.
Says a lot about USA right? :P
griim will step in this time!
Totally forgot about this game :D but lineup looks solid anyway!
no careplicator no win
i can only begin to imagine the stress levels of tomun right now. he's got research to do; to see where each individual player on the uk team plays for each map for each stage. good luck with the studying
LOL he just sent me a 10 pages document about UK players' position on supply
le pire c'est que je sais même pas si t'es sérieux ou pas
Qui nécessitent un effort, tellement non
dunno if you're trolling or not, but i'd believe it
good bye to tomun's dreams he was a better captain than anim tho
i think we can all agree that anim just likes to fuck everything up. he smurfed last year on our team without our knowledge and now TOMUN is being a better captain than he was. shame anim, you should feel it.
leave my nigga alone man, dont want him taking anxiety pills too
pop a molly im sweatin'
should be easy for canada.
UK, can you play this on Sunday?
First Australia, now Canada. Nice bracket for UK xD
Canda will win 8:0 with superstar ca crono in their lineup.
Isn't CGAC forced?

Sike, it's vatican
Casted by Williams and mental to Test everything till the monday Match! :)
gl embarrassed bro
dont know if ill make it unless its scheduled bit l8r
How much later?
Well, razz told me this time/date was fine (was 1 week ago, so dunno now) . I'll talk to him, UK can use their wildcard. But this match must be played before 2nd of June.
get owned crono
GL Embarrassed m8
GL Tomun, Rito & mztik!
gl rito,tomun,crono & gav <3
mztik lol
gl uk
lol @ :D
Tomun's dreams are crushed.

There is always 2020.
We would be thankful if people can comment on the post made on crossfire about our shoutcast tonight. Thanks
Lol at my faker good try boys srry couldnt make it
What is that suppose to mean? [Countdown]: gl hf shoputoyut subpski [Warmup]: ja mapois

come to irc or xfire
Hehehe tell emb to carry next time so he doesnt make me look bad
I still don't understand.
I wasnt there i didnt play. Most likely embarrassed used my nickname
Sorry friend, had to maintain appearances.
Canada would have won with REAL RITO
huhu mztik :o)
Are these pliers sharp? 10 deaths without fragging
Gingerbread man 23 /kills
since when is detdet canadian ?
he went to anim's house specifically for this match.
you traitor too! switching over to the us flag! XD
go back where u came from <3