Impact Gaming vs FatGames (26639 views)

ee Night
ee r3vers
de snoop
mt toxic
si JaKaZc
pl kot
ee Holz
de urtier
pl buzka
ie sol
pl S4rna
be mAus
Group B
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27.04.08 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XVII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: mUnduS (Generaladmin)
Maps: Bremen_b2
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Total Pot: € 74982
The bets are closed.

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Total Slots: 2,500
Listener Peak: 24

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mAus ????? just in ESL !!!??

This match should be renamed to ECXVII Finals tbh. :)

*edit* Or not, with ferus 'gone'. :(
dobry mecz bedzie
2 easy for impact :P

LONG LIVE ESTONIA <<<< !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gonna be a great match
wtf is mAus?
A random newtalent
some noname
sum newby who wants to get some experience in playing cups..
a little tiny animal looking for cheese ?
well this will be interesting to watch 2strongest teams :D
Great match!! Can't miss it.
Very great match !
LONG LIVE ESTONIA < < < < !!!!!!!!!!!!! noshit :D
gl idle
1/2 idle with someone vs 1/2 idle with someone...

its 1/2 idle with someone vs 1/2 with someone + mAus

it's 1/2 Idle with someone vs Maus with 1/2 someone
You have € 150 on eu FG Cancel bet
Possible win: € 441 gl kot , buzka , sarna
fg has the good side of 1/2 idle :D
and impact has the best side
id rather say that impact has the better part :P
only coz there r 3estonians u patriot :D
that too ofc :D....but look idle history and lineups
best match of EC:D
reload vs mAus:D:P
no...ferus will play
what a game..
karta on et impact voidab vabalt :D
cmon i no u can do it fg since u got mAus :)
you think they gonna win just cause they have maus ? :D
not only coz of that dude...all of their players r proS
MOT Month!
more idle in da match :)
impact - r3vers + Night + RELOAd + JaKaZc
fg - sol + urtier + holz (+kot from dignitas)
so, as always, idle gonna win :)
oh n1, u've discovered the america ! o_O
fatgames to win, they are better than us
mAus at clanhopping?
cool, cant wait.
What a match :D
lolz this is gonna be pro match i cant waitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Holz and urtier to impact and we got back kk.
Will be rescheduled to sunday the 27th...
bet my money on: euhmmm, dunno :(
another einstein !!!
gl impact,monieZzZZ on you o_o
imo this shud be ECXVII Finals not some shitty random match >.<
i hope there is going to be radio commentary in english or estonian >.< !!
Clash of zeh titans! Good luck r3vers, kot, buzka & S4rna!
gl fatgamerS !
going to be a great match :) battle of titanz
easy for afroguy......
cmon some1 comment in english >.< i cant understand polish...all he will say is kurwaaaaaaaaaaaaa the whole match so cmon...some english dude go watch the match and tell us wats happening :D
Never heard a polish shoutcaster using vulgar language during the shoutcast tbh 0_o
i no :D but u always say that :D always hear that in school..wisziemaslfalsbalblalbal kurwa kurwa kurwa
great match.. s4rna and mAus ;] gl FG
50% ex idle @ Impact and 50% ex idle @ FG :D
it's dignitas vs dignitas ?
kot and s4rna > all
it will be a great match to watch :-o !
who will be the FG's backup ?
hf night
impact ftw
izi for FG
Kot maus
idle vs idle :o
fg = nice lineup but think impact = better teamplay
rumours say that impacts teamplay sux
tosspot please shoutcast this game ;D
idd probably the best game we'll see in a while :o
Fat Games FTW : - ) money on u
$$ fatgames €€
100$ on FG :D GL
impact needs overschie!
with maus 4:2 for fg, without maus 4:2 for impact! :|
dude..its not all about mAus..its about how their teamwork will be....coz r3vers reload and night will put lots of pressure on fatgames....
urtier kot sol holz on `i too :)
did you saw EDiT vs MPG? mAus took the whole team down twice or smth @ sd crane controls xD
yeah with maUs fg take this for sure
tosspot we are missing your sexy voice :X
i agree with u hal90000 cmon tosspot we miss u!!!!!
4-0 easy for impact..
mAus playing, important for my bet! :D
You have € 56 on FG
Possible win: € 130.48
why now more than half ppl think because this mAus guy is in FG that FG will own now ... if he is so fucking AMAZING how come he didint win the match against TLR when he was playing for New Project ... =/ ....
Finally someone who actually thinks and doesn't only look at big names :)
Though mAus is a big asset for every team, he can't boost the lvl of FG to the lvl of Impact.. I'd say easy for Impact.
gl kot&mAus postawilem kurwa 2o euro maja wygrac ;**
we are in desperate need of a english shoutcaster!!!!!!
sure.... fuck you , no betting for this :C


: D

snoop + toxic.

You have € 25 on eu FG
Possible win: € 63.75

grubasy pokarają
izi for Reload and Night

sol will die of kanker
he needs to unban me first imo
Me too, banned me while being banned.. And I still dont know for how long im banned.. But hey Proxy > *.
proxy sux hard :o)
we need you back
i pm'ed hin 2day, hope it will work! otherwise i have to w8 till 27 may xD
goh ik kijk eigenlijk nooit naar gtv ;(
Dezire Sunday, 27th April 2008 22:07

loekino Wednesday, 14th May 2008 13:51

k merk het xD

One hell of a match. (:
liga4fun niveau
TosspoT on 20/04/08, 09:57:08 PM | Reply

I dont have a mic or a mouse here, No shoutcast this week im afraid
Uuuuuuuuuuuuugh .... :(
gl sNoOp
WTF only 325 slots?
baah !! cmn make commentary in english ... !!!! >.< ... noone wants in polish or french !!!!!

You have € 100 on gb Impact Cancel bet
Possible win: € 183
Match of the century ... almost :)
more radio slots than ettv slots.. need english radio..
kot sarna maus >all
best match ever the best polish players without wiesiek coz he is retired ;]
At least one english shoutcast. ty
match will be canceled =[[
nie mam pomyslu na obiad..
match will be rescheduled to next sunday
lmao, both teams are sick
TGS Stream online 1500 Listeners slots. Tune in for Preshow Request songs on IRC
Game wont be played tonight, being rescheduled to Sunday 27th
omfg, why the hell
+_+ RTCW CUP Final is at 21 CET, can you work around that? :D
not again:/(
So fucking annoying. Please update info on earlier if you know it's gonna be rescheduled.
Next time please tell earlier if the match is going to be rescheduled, it is really annoying...
Fuck that.
are you afraid of yourselves for not playin????
game cancelled or what..?
game was removed from list 20:10. nice.
anybody know, when they are play?

is it correct? 2nd time cancelled?
fucking wildcards

fucking fuck fcuk
Match will be played sunday 27th 9pm or 10pm
Toss what is ur excuse for not shoutcasting this now ? :D
nice match gl FG
22:00 is very late. :(
do it @ 20:00 PRIME TIME !!!!!!
I somehow miss a German radio commentary. Come on, FlyingDJ! (:
This is going to be the match of the century btw. I still don't know who to place my bet on. :(
idd ^^
but the game will be rescheduled again imo :XD...hopefully not...
Prolly to monday this time ;)
gL impact!!
gl snoop!
Gl both, will be a nice match!
they are low ...
easy 4fg
lovely mOusie
gl plCapreolus capreolus
s4rna - deer`?
Go go estonian boys!
Still easy for impact I'd say ^^
toss, will you shoutcast?
Fatgames have the players impact has the teamwork since they been together for a longer time anyways GO FG!!!!!!!!!!!
toss, will you shoutcast?
gl toxxc & reload
get a life
xDDD n1
toss, will you shoutcast?
Why are people actually betting of fatgames? They stand more chance of all getting stuck by lighting at the same time 5 times in a row while they are cooking pasta and on the phone to george bush discussing taxes for public transport.
Answer: mAus
i'm pretty sure... fg would take it even without maus. Maus is just another great player in team
If "just another great player" means "top 5 aimers in ET history", then yeah, sure.
mAus is just aim. s4rna , urtier means also great aim ( spec s4rna nad you will see what i'm talking about) and great baggage of experience
match will be canceled?
FatGames vs Incomplete Today 22:00

Impact Gaming vs FatGames Today 23:00
They better not.
dude...u think 1hour is not enuf to beat inc?..if fg attack first in both maps shud finish in less then 20mins
wtf is going on ???

21:00 Impact vs Unkind

21:00 Fg vs Incomplete

22:00 Impact vs FG ...

Play 2 matches or something or 1 will be canceled ???
Why can't a team play 2 matches on one evening?
like revenge said, 1 hour is enough to beat unkind/incomplete, look at it as a good warmup for both teams so that we get an even better match to watch ;)
anyways, gl both teams! need tosspot, need this 1hour and a half that is left to figure out who i will be betting on xD
impact needs ferus imo^^
Don't be too sure, i think both Inc. and unKind can fight back effectively!
esti power, gl both
too easy for r3vers :) hf
4:0 to impact, ez bash
expected ^^
WTF @ night, running next to the hole fatgames team and then easily destoys CP, someone make avi of that
That is, my friend, his genius.
Night is god for me, really.
4-0 impact
4 - 0 impact
4:0 impact :]
FG rape :o) wp
snoop &co owned today :O
mAus avait la rAge !
IMPACTTTTTTTT WP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah.....wasnt really a good match to watch.....imp was a bit better in every element
why didnt mAus stay at 'i?
omg Night
haha fuck you every single fucking idiot who tought FG will win just bc of mAus ... Just look at the score 4:0 and cry until u fall a sleep :D .....

aaaah idiots >.< :D

Well done Impact !!
Better luck next time FG !!
Nice to see your professional approach to this, but then again your probably just another child who wishes or dreams rather than actually living reality
yes i am a little child and we are all very sad about that :'(
well gg fatgames u give it ur best shot[maybe not] but anyways gg ...anyways impact had advantage coz they been longer together but anyways the match is over gg :)
anyways xD
anyways.. teamwork+skill > skill
anyways i said to many anyways ....XDDD
next week next failure :XD
who will u buy now?
They're into EC playoffs aren't they? That sounds like a success to me...
i suspect for my Krosan it was all about beating Impact
I'm not a big mAus fanboy, but he completely rolled that game.
yeah rolled staight over the cliff .....
wp 'i