Germany vs United Kingdom (14364 views)

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6on6 NationsCup 2014
Lower Bracket - Semi Final

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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET 6on6 NationsCup 2014 » Matchlink
Manager: ChilAx. (Generaladmin)
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Going to have to be Thursday for us Rtcw Offi for me crumbs sqzz sorry and Ross away to newcastle
I wont be here from Sunday morning till Thursday morning - family vacation before i fly to australia for a year. Would appreciate if this could be scheduled for next thursday
Will try, but rather unlikely.
gl you sexy germans <3
gl butchji
engalnd cant make bc world cup england play xdddddddddddddddddddddddddd
England are out mate..
i think thats wat he was getting at XD
Put kamz in the lu = win
wtf de ? :o
Internship remember :D begin august it will be nl again
move out of germany polak <3
Not yet, gonna terrorise this country a little longer :D
stuttgart girls are already scared bro
They better be, my face looks aweful nowadays :(
inf for team de
Hab gehört du magst mich nicht lol
"nicht mit mental, den mag ich eh nicht"

jajajajaajajaj scatmann
kann ich verstehen
kann ich verstehen
kann ich auch verstehen
np ich mag den scatman nicht
Wont be played at sunday.
*on sunday.
Alé, zo hebt ge toch al wa vlaggekes aan uw collectie gehad, dit jaar.
(op) Vakantie nu?
Mztik O.O
hf gr0ss
So, when is this going to be played;?
Has to be played before sunday.
Just let them , if they cant find any other day? Sunday is the day the most guys can play :S
Well yeah, before sunday or sunday they can play it :)
gl United Kingdom
hf koop
German Stream for this match !
Not sure it'll happen on this day/hour, but if they don't schedule it on another day, its just this day/time

i'll ask an admin to add your stream.
kresti vs razz
kresti m8 gl :)
auf gehts team :D

glgl :)
gl kresti da beast
lucky england have skilled NC team to make up for their terrible ass soccer team
You mean the game where you use your FOOT to kick a BALL. More commonly known as FOOTBALL?
when england can progress further in the World Cup i will go back to calling it football.
What about USA :)
further than england #groupofdeath #rekt
obviously ur knowledge of football is none to 0
English league is the best in the world they playing 90 min 200% and people in stadium they are just awesome when they start to sing together like liverpool its just magic :)
Barclays premier league
too bad the top players in the world play in la liga doe
u only know ronaldo & messi dat's why
quite the assumption there, is it because I'm american? EPL is the biggest money maker but that doesn't make it the highest talent pool. considering the recent records of real madrid and barcelona against EPLs finest and the information from this article one might suggest la liga is better than the epl from top to bottom. ;o I guess we'll find out less than a month from now at the big house when real madrid and mancity face off again.
I wonder in which league Bale and Ronaldo were playing before liga :) England deserved to qualify, they were better in their both matches, lack of luck...
Like u know anything about football lolz.
sorry to disappoint you, but that video is staged along with every other one from Kimmel's "Lie Witness News" segment :P
this drama is pointless, soccer is actually the original name that was given to this sport by you the Brits..... it actually changed to football when the sport became more international. Its even more pointless to start that discussion with an american, considering Most of them don't care much about that sport and since your comment seemed to be attacking the name Football , the name of this american sport that is called that way because the ball is one foot long..
just sayin
Sounds to me as if many people are mad. Pretty funny considering they have fuck all knowledge :)

I guess these nerds such as torm are aiming high, to be on the same flame level as me, but are clearly failing. I am truly touched that some of you yanks and yank wannabe torm want to be like me. Truly inspiring.
hahaha idiot, as I said this is a pointless drama but wow now I am an american wannabe and I also want to be like you just because I stated a fact? Dream on kid!
You need to aim lower. If you aim as high as me in life you'll always feel like you have failed. You can never be on my level, few people can.

Keep your chin up though my friend. I will always welcome people who want to follow in my footsteps into the brotherhood.
I am sorry but you lost me here, no clue what you are talking about, go get your head checked little deluded kid! bye
rofl, soccer :s
well if this was actually just England, they wouldn't have made it this far considering razz and sqzz are not English.
The game was invented in England first football team Sheffield. USA couldn't think of there own name for a sport so just taken another. World cup of football is world wide, when have you ever seen world cup of American football?
the original name given by the brits was soccer not football XD , it changed to football when they "exported" the sport, you can't blame americans for calling it that way when they have a bigger sport in their own country called matter how much you hate ameircans
the original name give by the british people was "Association football" and even the americans called it football or even soccer football...

nvm people just have to read 3-4 articles to get a full overview...
ehmm no? Soccer was the original name, asso football came after, this is a very known fact and tbh I have had this discussion many times in other forums before, you clearly just read wikipedia and came back to comment for the sake of it. Check this link maybe you get a better "overview" yourself.
homie said you probably just read wikipedia then you go ahead and post a wiki as if it's a cited source, damn
yep sorry.. the reddit inspired site above is waaaaaaaaay better... oh lord... checkmate, england made up the term then disowned it cause they got jealous the game was no longer only "theirs".

original articles should be prove enough that the americans used also the term "football" in various ways like i wrote above...
I would link you to 5 known papers on the subject but I doubt you would even read the titles and understand the content since you couldn't even read my 3 line comment ::D and as I said above to the sad brit this is a pointless discussion since there is nothing to discuss other than some people's ignorance fueled by -american hate-
so a original newspaper article from 1911 is nothing worth but you could link me to 5 "Known" papers... and i pointed out that the original name from the brits was Association football which someone shortened into Soccer and i even pointed out that the americans called it football-soccer..

true pointless to argue with someone who obviously trust a paper from 2010 than a orginal article from over 100 years ago...
You should at least read the link I gave you, it is not a paper btw (your reading comprehension is killing me) just an article that sums up the history of the world based on several papers on the subject. Anyways , the original american article you provided is from 1911, if you even read 2 minutes the link I gave you, then you would understand that you just agreed with what I said and not the opposite...
And after all my point stands , the word soccer comes from the brits , not the americans , so as I said it is a pointless drama to start just based on american hate and it is more pointless to waste my time here since your 5 minutes wikipedia research clearly makes you an expert! xd
where did i sais that the word "soccer" came from the brits?

dunno where in your link anyone from the us called it "footabll" "soccer-football"... but yes whateva
Hahhaa I said you just read wiki and you come back and reply with the wiki link, it doesn't even make sense to me to waste time replying to such an idiot like you xd
you know that wiki got notes and there are links...
none of which you even read apparently
Its uk not england.
Bin nicht da hab keine zeit, bin in Griechenland WM im 200 meter rückenschwimmen! VG
Viel Glück in Griechenland mein Freund.Ich weiß es wird nicht einfach das rückenschwimmen,wegen deiner Narbe von dem Löwenkampf,aber ich weiß du wirst es schaffen denk immer dran Mourat liebt dich! *PS* falls du ein schwächeanfall bekommen wirst ess ne schöne medium gebratene Bifteki die hat viele Proteine um dich wieder auf die Beine zu zu bringen!
Ich habe Otto Rehackles als Coach und werde mir genug reis reinziehen vor dem wettkampf! Ich packe das viel glück bei deinem Online spiel.
GL Kresti my god!!!!
more easy for UK:S
seit jeher hasse ich mental und stray wie die pest!

...wollte ich nur mal gesagt haben.

mfg euer Jan Eberwein
Gl snakey snakey ;)
gl razz R0SS sqZz :*
deutschland deutschland über alles!!!
mztik carry hard
needs moar flopjehz
R0SS best player 2k14
You have € 167 on gb UK
You won € 238.81

EPL is only good because 90 percent of the players are brought in from other countries. America may not have better individual players but as a team they are definitely better than England