United Kingdom vs Finland (12896 views)

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gb med1xza
gb razz
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6on6 NationsCup 2014
Lower Bracket - Final

#LIKEABOSS - Brackets - Rules
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET 6on6 NationsCup 2014 » Matchlink
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: ChilAx. (Generaladmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 109193
The bets are closed.

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By: MerlinatoR
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: 33

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 73

Overall Viewerpeak: 106


All my money on UK gl gav razz and rest of uk
Gorge profonde c==8
C'est plus une gorge à ce niveau là, c'est un gouffre
pour une fois que pupa il dit pas de la merde
Ta encore rater une occasion de fermer ta geule jean baptiste
je te kiff kazim fait moi une petite branlette amical mon compagnion
tu rage & en + tu sors mes blagues t'arrives a prendre plusieurs bites dans ta gorge
toi aussi tu concoures au titre de monsieur bite-en-bouche ?
la devise chez razql plus y'a de bites dans la gorge mieux on est !
non mais le *toi aussi* en dit long sur ta participation et meme ton classement petit coquin
mdr own3d
ta maman reste indétrônable hélas :(
ouuu sa flambe sur les *mamans* t'es un voyous.
Quand j'ai fini de violer ta grand mère y'a moyen tu lèches la dernière goutte qui me reste sur le zguegue?
la seul chose qui flambe c'est ta mere ensuite sa veu dire quoi : ya moyen tu leche .......oO apprend un minimum le francais avant de l'utiliser et ya moyen tu me suce bite ou ya moyen tu ferme geule ou ya moyen ferme ton geule et s'il te plait pour le bien de tous va voir un psy et retourne un peu a l'ecole .
lâche ET salope sa t'as rendu fou, t'as pas de répartis t'es un garage a bite.
t'es vraiment la pute la plus connu même devant provok & zahia tu dis "sa veut dire quoi y'a moyen" mais tu msuce en l'utilisant 10 fois dans ta phrases, sur ce Edward je te souhaites une longue e-life.
ah jcroi que tu na pas compris c pas grave xD
t'es vraiment née de parent frère et sœur razql :DDDD
j'ai baisé toutes les femmes de ta famille possible que je sois ton pere ou ton oncle ;)
haha vieläks tää paskacuppi on menos. btw pystyn varmaa pelaamaanki, maybe.
hf all
seeing statti in lineup just kills everything.. et really is finished
You said the same about Jewe and me a couple of years back, why dont you try and come up with some original banter? With the lack of imagination you display I wouldn't even be surprised if you have plagiarised your master's thesis.
Yeah.. you're both shit too.
Hej man, do you know something about this NC match? The date or somethinggg?:)
nyt sit =D eks säki ala olee jo likeemmäs 30? oisko aika mennä purkaa tota turhautumist vaiks oikeesee maailmaa?
Kyl musta täällä ne on parempi purkaa jos on tarve.
no tietty jos ei oo ketää ihmist ketä jaksais kuunnella ni varmasti iha varteenotettava vaihtoehto, jos ny iha pakko on kiukkuumaa päästä.
näin on :)
kazim: Je suce des bites.
Mais ouais nique ton oncle un peu kazim
arrête de lui rappeler de mauvais souvenirs :|
this match needs more kamz
Let's hope the fins can get their game up :O)
Unfortunately with my trip to Australia for a year being Tuesday, i have little time to play any games of ET etc. Sorry as i wont be able to make this, or any other games for the next year for that matter. All the best to both teams, but especially UK <3. Good luck to NL in the final with whoever they play! x
All the best Ross hope you have a great time there, Best Wishes, Kev & Shell
be sure to visit redfern
gl geordies
gl final NL and FIN

i crie evry tiem
might as well start shining that bronze medal now LOL
i know LOL
if it makes you feel better, i'd say you would have lost anyways after that shocking performance vs dutch
na, we pulled it back recently, I'm pretty sure we would win NC, but without ross I doubt this match is even going to be played
comment too serious for this time of day :X bye
Just play highskill no comms, way more fun
gl both, easy fin
world cup tonight doubt this will be played in all honesty
You also commented, does that mean you can also win the keyboard?
I think he can win the keyboard because he commented man
I think he's cheating aswell, he's got 5 comments.
Finland, UK, please get a date for this match.
Like its my fault that they don't talk to eachother lol
5 nc games in last 30 days, intense gaming
Well, 1 month, 4 weeks, 5 nc games. Thats not so bad, thats more than 1 game / week :-)
yeah considering the Grand Final was supposed to be played on 22.06.2014, and we got the 15th of July now with 2 or 3 games left to be played (and I can't see them playing in any near future), that's not bad at all :-)
Ever heard of sarcasm? And yeah, I better force this game, and noone will show up at this time. Its just their job to CONTACT eachother..

I contacted them 10 times or more (same with the other NC matches btw)
I'd suggest you to wait 1 more year with this game so R0SS will be back from his holidays to play this so you will avoid a no-show from UK.
you are such a whiny faggot - does et really mean so much to you still? lol
claiming he's been inactive for years, commenting to my every post after few minutes. oh parrot parrot, go back to your cage
dont think ive ever replied to any of ur comments but had to for this one cos you're such a whinging gimp who clearly has nothing else in his life going on apart from gaming
Yes, but has anyone ever really been far even as decided to use even go want do look more like? I don't think so!
Also, I like how reply comments go forward in a sort of ladder so I'm just contributing to that end, I want to see how far it goes.
Make me Finland's captain.
I'm not here till 21cet. If you guys wanna play, just ask another admin of CG or gamestv for the IP // #gamestv.org // .
The real bet line should be whether it takes Finland over 30 minutes of playtime to win.
team NL meanwhile

Has to be played before Sunday.
its rly gonna happen this day:D:D:
pelaatteko tosissanne vai laitanko rahat uk ?
no stream? :(
If they both can get 6 players, i maybe have someone who can cast, but its not sure yet.
hopes are high :>
i heard the real fin lineup will be: xpaz, mystic, champp, olbaa, lepari, squall
you got 2 persons right from there
Stealing our viewers, better to win then!
hey, can you guys play on monday at 21:00 CET instead of sunday?
You could play this game instead and bash UK with POLARBEERS :D
go go sqzz!
hope you lose hard swani!
You have € 100 on "This ain't happening"
Possible win: € 101
im avi for team uk, 1/16th uk'ian
best of luck UK.. ill be watching :)
get life rlly nerd
well the stream a fail when me and mental do it no one is on gamestv servers
You have € 20000 on fi FIN
You won € 35400
You have € 13000 on fi FIN
You won € 23010
You have € 127 on gb UK
You lost
gg wp :)
Thanks for streaming merlinator!

Gg wp
no worries, intense supply!
I only saw a bit of supply. was intense indeed
You have € 1209 on gb UK
You lost
stream replay of the game, game starts at 44mins:

You have € 15900 on fi FIN
You won € 28143

izi money