Netherlands vs Finland (16370 views)

nl aphesia
nl Lightning
nl perfo
nl reVo
nl Testi
nl vaNQ
fi Swanidius
fi Statti
fi squalli
fi vokki
fi olBaa
fi Iron

6on6 NationsCup 2014
Grand Final

1st Final:
radar 0-2
goldrush 0-2

2nd Final:
radar 0-2
supply 0-2

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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET 6on6 NationsCup 2014 » Matchlink
Manager: ChilAx. (Generaladmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 145904
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Video Streams
By: MerlinatoR
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: 79

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 111

Overall Viewerpeak: 190


after he carried you :sssss
nice final (UK SUX) HAHAHAHA
gl NL :D
gl nl!
izi lampje
Great how its spelt Ligthning here
need Matias and olBaa, Swani go fucking away
in fin we trust!
fin gonna need their best lineup for any chance
fin best line up : sem, m1lk, mize, kris, tekoa, fost
not sure if troll or just retarded :D!
thought it said final for a sec there
Grand manj
is this what ET has become?
polaks are getting worse :ssss
back in my day, none of these lineups would make it out the groups.. :\
You probably miss your best buttbuddie saKen :D :D
azatej pls
aphesia&lightning got this :)
Gl nl
Good luck swanidius!
Good luck swanidius!
ensam, sample????
5o5 is back, it's real people
i think oxy is avi
gl testinator
lOl testi in a NC final - ET is dead ffs
someone from malibu should replace him wtf lOl

gl mate :*
i think esab would be the better option :<
perfonator got this.
bash em testi :)
come xf or tell me if ur avi m8
Good luck to both teams, have fun! x
Good luck, we all know what it means if you lose.
GL L4mpje shoarma buddy :D
testi? wtf lol
Netherlands wildcarded.
pls :D pls what the fuck ? :D
Yeah talk with timbolina about it.
haha, expected
fuck this shit
wheres JALLLAA?

wauw u must be mad right?
hmm.. no
this is the NL DreamTeam lineup
ah oke, thanks for the info man
its snickje, not scnikje.

And i knew the toothfrry didn't exist.
I wished you get hit by a bus.... unforntly nothing happend :(
wao.. you are funny boy
I welcome your mother
^ good luck aphesia! :D
Would love to shoutcast this together with Merlinator, we d make an incredible duo.

If you dont mind, tell me :P
but you need to buy a new mic for this and cancel all your business calls for that day.. you think that you'll be able? :S

Already did bro ,,
setupj, is dragons avi at 21cet for 6v6 vs KW?
Nop. We d be avi at 22.30 if they want to, otherwise it has to be on thursday at 21 if they want.

Cant find any of that guys online LOL
motif is online at irc now:D
Hm, il be online in one hour aswell, on sphone right now
Just in case you didnt know (cus that's almost impossible even for you) your a fucking mongol, another thing you prolly didnt notice,, your worst than quebra-tolas,,

Ah another thing, if your cf pic is suppose to scrare anyone well it may scare my rabbit cus hes a fucking pussy.

Wanted to write this for ages but didnt had patience but as im very passive today i did.

Freakin moron lol
Lol ofcoure y did
wtf does that even mean
L4mpje and SQuid on holiday
gg ur best players out
Yes but you're also in the Finnish team. So thanks for the commpensation
I'm still playing
gl & hf Fin :D :D
easy FIN
omg revo omg
pwn die stumpers stads vertegenwoordiger
Testiii<33333333333333333333333 gogogo
gg, let the flame start under this line

dc about it bra, wp.
You have € 500 on fi FIN
Possible win: € 980
Thank you Testi.
GG Swanidius
he simply makes things happen
noob lowest damage :*
time to watch it burnnnnnn

testi nooberino lel
bad day
Finland took the first game with 4-0. 2nd game is going on now!
wp olbaa & kumppanit
You have € 6145 on nl NED (other account)
You lost
easy win, gj
You have € 19912 on fi FIN
You won € 39027.52

Poor testi :P
Easy loss.
You have € 1409 on fi FIN
You won € 2761.64

sorry but expected :P
niet verwacht met deze kk nerds in deze kk lineup
wtf? 0-8?
Grand final is 2 matches played consecutively.

Finland had to win both matches to win NC, which they did.
i know..but higher levels of the Dutch 0-8 ..One map could have won
Maybe if they had L4mpje or sQuid instead of Testi ^_^
if only you were playing for uk man, they might have been in this final! u r so good!
Testi in lol no wonder they lost
what? lol
im so proud of finns atm :)))) fucking nl nerds lost häähh
lol testi lol
no walle wtf
he had internet problems : <
ye he was probably scared imo
scared of testi
I think testi couldnt handle the pressure in this match
wow rape.
netherland jam!
Are these pliers sharp? NEDTSTI! 11 deaths without fragging

Nuff said.
You have € 50000 on nl NED
You lost

gg fake lineups ftw
fin|OLBAA<3niiBeR dmg:22806

NEDTSTI! dmg:12165

this lu was funny
expected, Swanidius tryharding getting olbaa&squall while NL played their last official (and probably last time together?!) 42 days ago (when they raped FIN), getting a random lineup with Testi while everyone else is partying
actually vokki was the man getting players gg!
You have € 1500 on NED
You lost
replay of stream:

Was good games!
You are a really good streamer man keep going !

There are some things where u can improve! Like sometimes u are a little bit lost whats going on. I know that u cannot cover everything always :)
a casting partner would help to get better view of the game :)
Hahahaha the match was already over when it was announced swanidius would be playing scrubs, get rekt.

Maybe testi can now finally stop making these shitty fragmovies
Viewer Peak: 79

ET is alive
Overall Viewerpeak: 190

Never forget, NL didn't lose a map, testi comes into the line up and they lose 8-0