Coffee Time vs Good effort (3907 views)

pl Baczo
pl Pablo
pl Sinnsyk
si Aniky
gb Artstar
fi Webe 3v3 OneDayCup
20.11.14 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Events » Matchlink
Manager: kAPOTNL (Requestee)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 7003
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Enemy Territory TV

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Viewer Peak: 9


Goodluck both teams !

pl Coffee Time asked to play on this time !
Please make sure you both can play this or reschedule this.

( Thanks to every team who played this cup .. And i will create a other ODC soon as possible ! )
Thanks for the cup. Nice amount of teams!
Cheaters vs cheaters

I guess this is ET in 2014.
playing with cheaters must be ET in 2014...
And then u realize, clean playerz like insane getting banned just for nothing, malibu cant even finish cup because admins hate them all... if players from this team would have at least 10 bans togeher! But no, its only 8 and only 4 for cheating. How can we live on this sick planet?
Ok, thisone was bad. But my previous sarcastic comments about u and ur bans were brilliant.
Tg fdp
oh putain mais il a les boules ce cher sanjih blup blupppppp peter leur putains de chevilles negro tentend ouais ouais rive sud ont represente ce putain de rap jeux ou quoi??
OneDayCup :XD
one day cup, and the grand final playing tomorrow gege
gl coffee & Marek nasza gwiazdo bij hedziki
Marek gwiazdo rozjeb <3
pamietaj sie odpalic przed meczem
GL kawusia !
Whats this?
Quote pl Coffee Time asked to play on this time !
Please make sure you both can play this or reschedule this.

Je moet de Grand-Final nog spelen.
Het duurde gister te lang voor ze dus wordt waarschijnlijk vanavond gespeeld als jullie kunnen.
Coffee Time w Grand-Finale :o

Do boju chopaki
Liczę na Marka Majznera. Jego legenda go wyprzedza
maggie de block will eat them
almost like online finals of Polish LAN ;(
both teams kenkerlow
New pocol without playing gg
Good effort
i hope you will never be able to request games on gtv...
wat did i just...
yeah man i dont know..
sad life.. get out and find some friends...
i'm depressed because my tr friend is muted all day long on ts... so nobody there for the takbir :(
hm maybe ask nl leroy if you can teach him the life, since he is so alone at his basement.. i wish you good luck in the fute <3
hehe thx mate, i will keep it in mind <3