Yermanz vs rockit.ET (10270 views)

de Bl4d3
de kReSti
de stRay
be chry
nl hayaa
gb R0SS
nl SQuid
gb sqZz
it XyLoS

United Cup II
Group A
Match 2

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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: United Cup II » Matchlink
Manager: foreigner (Generaladmin)
Maps: Bremen_b3
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Total Pot: € 38641
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Enemy Territory TV

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WHAATTT, Maus is back ? :D
looking forward for this one.
interessantes match gl & hf

You have € 10 on de Yermanz
Possible win: € 33.9
Going to be awesome.
Match of the year! hf both!
Ihr zockt das ja immer noch :DD

easy :D
na denn viel Erfolg und Gruß an Fatih ^^
why rockit having german flag where nobodie is from german their?
chry and mAus
because their team leader is SPU9 which is from germaniaaaaaa
Sponsored by de SPU9
gl rockit.ET
So you cant play monday but have germany playing monday nice try harding newbies 😂😂
do we? did it requestested by any of us? and if so, does it still mean we have our lineup up there? and if so does it mean we have 4 hours time for gaming? you guys are always rescheduling your games, so stop flaming mate ..

the nc game most likey wont be tomorrow, estland didnt even respond in any way yet
reschedule? did we requested it? did we asked to play it sunday? :D where you see us requesting for this game to be on sunday we say we can play every day except sunday so we give 4other dates to play this game and you guys just say no only sunday :D so nice try hard
read the rules :] maybe dont play the cup next time!
you 2 teams are so funny to follow xd always problems
"did it requestested by any of us?" deEnglish <3 shame on you Phiil
You have € 100 on de Yermanz
Possible win: € 512

You have € 25 on de Ri
Possible win: € 83.25
Germany, lets play right after this, since you're all on anyway? Tomorrow is the only day we ca play with only 1 teammate missing.
what makes u think germany will lose!
So rockit/yermanz can u play after this game on sunday? :)

Sunday, 5th of July - UB Semi + Finals, LB Semi Final - Play offs

gonna be long night :)
- Maus
+ merc
razz time to shine
+ squid
You have € 10 on de Yermanz
Possible win: € 40.4

Well played Rocket :D
9-44 :D
replay of the stream up on youtube: