Hodor vs Effectus (5926 views)

pl buggs
pl LoCkheed
be PlAyer
cz Sklamak
cz tezaXo
nl Aie
ch Aq
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SummerCup '15: 6on6
LB - Semi Final

#ET:U - Brackets - Facebook
30.08.15 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET:U 6on6 SummerCup '15 » Matchlink
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: Sebhes (Highadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 3940
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 6


Tezi a sklamacku :-* HF big GL ;)
And for all:
(")_(") Bunny4U :xD

+nl MOTiF
lol photo kk nerd
lol aquila kk nerd going to lan what a fucking fruitcake
once on my way im gonna visit you in NL in case you cant make it to brussels
good luck to my old clanmate (friend) Kevin Sneller (PHOTO)
i miss you man (shaun), saw you got a new appartment (on facebook) looks sick (:))
+ pl jiN
Hi Clan-leader of effectus

Are we playing this?
yes we want to play if u guys can play
Yeah we will, didn't notice you answer ;)
[20:22] <IGLA> halo ChilAx, change LU @ http://www.gamestv.org/event/53907-hodor-vs-effectus/ to buggs IGLA LoCkheed
[20:22] <IGLA> thanks!
[20:28] <IGLA> it's LoCkheed
[20:28] <IGLA> since 2004
[20:28] <IGLA> i know you could not remember those times thats why i write it - LoCkheed
[20:28] <IGLA> thanks
[20:30] <ChilAx> i won't change it since you just are a retard
[20:30] <ChilAx> you're*
[20:30] <IGLA> Its not about what you think or not, you are admin so do your job, you always got some problems with proper nicknames
[20:31] <ChilAx> atleast i do something for this community
[20:31] <ChilAx> so stfu
[20:31] <IGLA> i clearly write LoCkheed so no idea why did u put loCkheed instead
[20:32] <IGLA> You are the one who acting like retard since i remember
[20:32] <IGLA> cu
[20:32] <ChilAx> cu

It's not the first time when admin of GTV abusing his rights and acting unproperly to his job, i hope he finally loose his rights which he shouldnt ever had cause hes busted cheater who notoriusly playing with cheaters, thanks for attention. I hope so main admin will react finally about it.


Edit. he will prolly change it again so

Edit2: Yeah as i said ChilAx already scared and change nickname to proper one (atm just mine) its just prooves again my point.
Because i put 'loCkheed' instead of 'LoCkheed' ,, really?:D You are so funny <3 xxx
It's not first time when u act like this towards me and my players without any reason cba with this anymore. Funny is that busted cheater without any respect to others are admin of GTV. That's the funny part here.
Thats your opinion :P Go talk to msh100 about, take my rights :-) i'm just acting like this since you always whine about the most stupid thing 'like an L instead of l' thats why. Just look at yourself. Cheers

And for the record, i changed the FULL lu of Hodor to 'buggs, igla, lockheed' and he still whined about it :D So i did my job :-)
Nah not really, It was plenty times before you special put our nicknames wrong like tonight " iGLAaaaa" insted of IGLA or loCkheed instead of LoCkheed the nickname he use since 2004. Yeah you changed it when u realize how retarded you are doing that kind of shit and demotivating one of the most active team in ET scene nowa days putting wrong nicknames AGAIN. Cause as we both know and as admins maybe somehow can check NOT FOR THE FIRST TIME. Stop acting like e-gentelman and good admin now cause we both now u are piece of faggot who use his rights to troll towards other people. And no, you didnt do your job. There's still loCkheed instead of LoCkheed.

It's EOT for me, i hope u will loose your rights finally. Cu
:D you made me laugh, really xd haha
At least he wrote my name properly, only think that matters anyway. Thanks for the effort.
Igieu - king of retards
If you try to insult someone you could also finally find your balls and dont use fake nickname
Both of you niggas take the L for this nerd shit LOL
man, your arrogance in that log is rly bad tbh! have some respect for the admins who are doing a good job keeping et alive!
I just ask him to change LU, when i saw what nickname did he use at GTV i start to be arrogant cause it wasnt first time when ChilAx act like this, EOT
c´mon man, give it a rest already :D you really dont have any bigger problems/issues in your life than someone misspelling your nicks ? :D
Its not like i really care if theres loCkheed or LoCkheed / IGLA or iGLAALala but since were forced to respect rules admins are forced to show some respect for player who keep respecting the rules and keep this game alive but maybe im wrong anyway i wouldnt made that post if it was an 1st situation like this or ChilAx made that just for fun but he made that plenty times before and i didnt find it funny in any point before or now
true true, but its always been like that, and you still get your games played dont you? wether its IGLO or loCkpeed :)
No it wasnt always been like that, and we wouldnt play this if our nicknames stay like this. Also i never got any problem with nicknames/requests with any other admin like Fore or Sebhes they always made good work and use proper nicknames just ChilAx want to show his "power" and troll us a bit. EOT anyway as i see he already find his brain and change nickname as it should be.
well glad it worked out !
I'm glad aswell!

Where's the like button?
IGLO instead of IGLA pls
Chilax acting like a faggot again?
Igi bitching about more stupid shit?
Pretty sure Igla suffers from mad cow disease.
Ease up boys
gl iGLAaaaa and loCkheed

Avi iglaa ! :3
strasznie slaby poziom w et jak takie lowy dotarly do polfinalu
Czego oczekujesz od sceny 2k15?

gl topek
A Ty kimkolwiek jestes fejku moglbys sobie darowac zostawiania komentarzy pod kazdym naszym meczem
pisalem juz up kim jestem wiec o jaki chuy sie spinasz, ten komentarz up nie byl ironia---> wskazuje na to, ze et is dead
Sie nie spinam, dziwi mnie tylko natarczywosc z jaka zostawiasz te komenatrze pod kazdym naszym meczem ;)
Gdzie widzisz ta niby natarczywosc? Raz zrobilem spam pod waszym match,a nie non stop cos pisze, odpowiedzialem koledze tylko.
Scierwa podobne Tobie h2o co dostaja bana w RTCW co kilka tygodni nie powinny miec prawa glosu na GTV
avi do rozlewania wódy
+ be bltzZ
+ ch Aquila
- motif
+ goldenboy nl kAPOT
gl l0CKhEeD
gg stats bug :(
nie kłam Igor koniu xD

You have € 100 on nl e:
You lost
bltzz carried us..

..to our doom
what kind of bullshit is shit, i thought that joke was meant for me, faggot.
youre right im sorry, it was to be meant only for you, untill fucking bltzz played rifle this match and tk'd the shit out of us with rnade