Boomaye vs masterekters (4429 views)

nl kApot
nl iNsAne
nl outlAw
fi Rong
se Tetra
08.10.15 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: iNsAAA (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 879
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 5


You have € 1 on fi mast
You won € 17.24
Skinny lowskilled idiots getting mad during supply 2nd round and abused ref command to mute me because they couldn't stand my natural rektage and spammage of the "soz4ownage" bind.

Hilarious. Don't be so salty. Did your father's salty cum make you that way? Mmm. You are indeed lucky me and Rong aren't coming to the LAN.

Last offi vs you ever. We would like to play against actual high skill, not some wannabes.

Oh, by the way, Elak has played this game longer than any of you. You are the newschools here.
talk singular instead of plural, didn't do jack shit. cba wasting my time to this e.t drama
My bad then. I did not honestly take notice who participated - comment not directed to you then, just the first guy who muted me + Kapot.
Last offi indeed
Nef, tetra, elak or whatever shit name he uses is the most braincrippled player in this game ever anyway, who gives a fuck about him?
I remember you ragequitting when I rekt you and spammed "soz4ownage" :-)
JuiCy 92hs @ supply - confirmed cheaters.
74 in 30 min supply, soz4ownage
Thank god I just carried your sorry ass at CSGO. #GlobalEliteMasterRace #AssertingDominance #soz4ownage (c) PATENT PENDING
u have to make up for the times I carried ur ass lowfaggot
Can't even remember a single time bro.
not hard shooting 92 hs vs lowskillers soz4ownage :s

But lordi please do come to LAN, act like ur mouth does :-)
Too bad no one needed me as their 6th player. I'd have gladly came.

Also, don't expect me to turn into ass-licking beta male at LAN. Never gonna happen. I'm not one to back down from a conflict.
your binds are annoying. Thats childish behaviour!! Dont you think so? yes or no?
They might be annoying but it's frankly quite more childish and pathetic to abuse referee to silent me. Don't you agree? Yes? No?
Spamming a bind 1000 times per round is mute worhty! Yes or No?????
If I spam your doorbell 100 times. Wouldn't you get something to take me down? Yes or no ?
Maybe the shittiest analogy ever.
<19:15:11> "lrd": ye but i played with left hand only, eyes closed and without monitor while fucking rongs sister
not really. If someone is being annoying. People will handle on it... Just the nature bro.
Gotta agree with that
You have € 50 on fi mast
You won € 862
ez gaim
nitro says hi
So when are they getting banned for abusing ref during an official CG war?
Tetra kk retard number one

Niet best kapot en insa
mad? dutch homos rekt

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e: endless loop inc
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chuja ci to dało bo i tak jestes gownem XXXXDDDD

e: ryknij
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? You got rekt lordi and rong carried your ass
still rekt u tho:DddDDD
well cheated, cba the make timestamps for low scum :')
6 times busted trash cryin about other cheaters and tryin to ref abuse to mute one of them wow one of most pathetic games ever in ET, what a coincidence that stats are bugged ;)
Please dont talk about ref abuse kid :D
Irony right?
eat a dick pigface
:P woah your life must be so great
Hha skinny fuck tell yo mom she can get that bigdick pf mine imma show her how she should have swallowed. Inbred trash
mad nigglet?
Not a sprinkle honey, please boy tell me how you owned us again? Boney ass trash
Wow u are the most pathetic human being i've ever seen xD this is too funny
most important two commands in ET
rong isn't irc only anymore, he got promoted to the next rank "offi vs kapot only".

I'm sorry kapot :s :* slap me at lan
This amount of drama :-D
need some popcorn m8
Some people just cannot simply handle the amount of rape I always unleash upon my opponents. Bleeding anals everywhere - OutlAw is a prime example of that. I think he needs a proctologist.
cu lan
Ik snap niet eens hoe je dit hebt veloren :x, die gasten zijn niet eens zo goed.
snap je
Just because we happened to lose once against you doesn't mean we aren't good. I'm sure rematches would result in easy victories for us.
cool story bro, didn't know it was possible to ragequit twice in 1 match :XD, also I didn't say you were not good, I said you were not THAT good.
Everyone has their bad days, isn't that right. Also, they haven't won an official vs us so I don't get why you are so surprised to see that we won.
Dear IceQ, don't let one irc game get to your head too much.

Would of wanted to do offi vs you guys, but too bad it wasn't possible cause your third wasn't allowed to play.

Was a good game anyway.

Me dagje niet man, kan gebeuren
No lordi no win
seriously, get lives please.
6 binds vs a 1000 gg wp
I just specced the whole match. You continued spamming even after I had been muted.
speccing kapot with r_shownormals 1? jesus christ
Myself of course. I wanted to make sure I hid my wallhack properly.
9/11 joke
#NeverForget #RIP #BraveMuslims

Wich retard are you?
The one in the middle. But you just could have googled that one. I guess you are as retarded as everyone says you are, huh.