Damon vs uYop (5833 views)

07.12.15 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET Community 1on1 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: Damon (Requestee)
Maps: Te_valhalla
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
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fr > ro
rekt again
Let the hype begin!
phisse thai tro phaurt <3
Damon got absolutely smashed lol
nah i was tired and he asked me to play and i said yes anyway im starting to get bored of this 1on1
And whats the next excuse?
excuse? well lemme tell you something my lil chilax if im 100% motivated nobody and i mean it nobody can beat me at 1on1 its izilikethat
Awwh you're so cute. Did he win by the rules?
So when you spam the shit out of people to play 1v1 you think we're always willing to play and not tired? obviously you're tired of 1v1 cause you start loosing and you nerded that so much
actually im not motivated to play anymore against same ppl over 100 times and since ur just a piece of shit you wouldnt understand it anyway so cba to explain you
oh please you know if ur going to play against me again ur gonna get rekt so thats why ur avoiding me :3
The only reason I don't wanna play another time against you is just to see you mad cause you takes thing so seriously in a ladder no one cares winning or loosing :DDDDDD
im sorry are you trying to show your intelligence right now? xDDD you should go and take a nice and cold shower and then come back here and wake up man and realise that u're ugly and skinny asfuck and i bet you dont even have a gf just a dog to fuck from time to time and thats pretty sad my lil snatix but keep going man you will improve someday to fuck a great woman wich is going be with a bit of luck without a dick xD
ahah what the fuck? :D you sound like fucking igla or skyline LOL
nah man i like to make fun of you cuz you are ugly and skinny asfuck thats all :p
I could flame you all day long, but speaking to you will eventually reduce my IQ so i'll stop there. Cu on the street gypsy!
Talking shit to damon while using "it'll reduce my IQ" in a sentence.
You have no idea the messages this nerd spammed at me since 1 week on irc, so mind your own business faggot
you're funny for a gypsy!
well since u're not gonna give me the rematch atleast i would spam the shit out of you and make you fell like ur nothing in front of me you lil frog :P
ur just a big disappointment for this life, just close your eyes for a moment and tell me what you see?thats right man nothing because ur just a lil sad fag with a fucking sad life.Enjoy the rest of your life being the most incapable person alive to do something usefull with his life.:P

Well of course I can't see shit if I close my eyes LOL you're feeding me way more that I would imagine! too easy prey, i'm leaving for good now cu was fun
sure man keep liying to urself xD
says gypsy oh my
you're alive ?
Always ! Legends never die !
same as cancer cell, coincidence?
oh baby nejm i'll fuck you in the ass
I'm not really curious about what maxtor taught you.
you forgot the part that he's a midget damon
Enjoy your full nerd
Omfg what did i just start, Sorry Damon i didnt even see the match
Hes about to cut his veins cus of the second defeat, u gonna have that death on your hands!
GG uYop putain :D
The real "skill" won!!!
Haters gonna hate lol. Damon the only thing these peeps want by commenting and laughing is you to get mad.
Stand above them and just ignore it :d
Anyway facts still speak in favour 3-1 vs him and 25-2 in total gg
But he always got an excuse and thats ridiculous :P instead of just accepting that he lost...:P
i have a right to say that i have an excuse right? xD everytime im gonna lose ill have an excuse just for peeps like you to come and suck my dick for making me feel better xD
Gypsy standing above anyone else? hahah i sure wanna smoke whatever u are smoking.
Iirc, uyop and me were on ts3 when Damon was giving gizmo some tips about 1on1.
Gg Damon, giving away your secrets :S
Die jongen zit vol verdriet.
lol Damon :D
What has just happened :s
Oh my, yet another one, so close to ripping his veins off already :s
What a noob gg

Snatix best keep going snatix u r the best! Show this Damon the place where he is!
5/5 entertainment in the comments
wanneer kom je weer is potje spelen chucha
Na mijn examens :) als het tegen mij is want men reactie werd verwijderd :p

E: je bent lekker aan het rollen zie ik
gg uYop <3
Stop le aimbot quoi :D