yours truly vs botZ (3512 views)

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03.01.16 22:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: litoriousJ (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 2075
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 8


4-0 Against All Odds
4-0 Against All Odds
4-0 Against All Odds
4-0 Against All Odds
4-0 Against All Odds
4-0 Against All Odds
4-0 Against All Odds
4-0 Against All Odds
4-0 Against All Odds
4-0 Against All Odds


Sooooo many flavours
4-0 Against All Odds
4-0 Against All Odds
is here list of people who got killed in my movie or whats up
Awesome frags m8 , especially against de Butchji !
nice face, perfect aesthetic features 5/7 would use as a punching bag
Insert profile picture "hardcore gamer" :D
nice clothes, really close to a down 'Kappa' face. Girls would bang you 10/10

Unfortunately i'm not allowed to post your real picture, you must be happy with that.
send me in pm pls
ayy lmao how is that supposed to insult me? here, have some more

pm me again when you need more, meanwhile I'll be fucking your balding underage sister
nothing compared to the cancer I got from kApot
be online tomorrow @ 17 GMT +2, lets get back what we unfairly lost
Well done, you finally took your clothes off. Now it's time to buy some new ones like this :


I hope theres a possibility to get a ' Face-changer ' Mister hardcore gamer fi Faggotdi.

Never post your face here again please, otherwise it will break multiple monitors..
(lmao is this guy serious?)

no thanks, I don't want to look like an autistic pale skinny nerd like you. I'll pass along your message to Rong though, it's his life long dream to look like someone out of Auschwitz.

here, have some more pictures. I like to dress like an adult with some sense of style:

Anything else to say to me?
Talking about autistic people, meanwhile you look likes a 'Hardcore gamer' with down syndrome.

Skinny? I am still young man don't worry about that, I Don't really have to change my self like you Mister ' Hulk ' :DDDDDDD

You're 3rd picture is like my casual stuff. Never send me a picture again please.

ok Mr.
whenever i ask for your photos i get jackshit
that's a lie bro, ask me on whatsapp anytime 8)
Is it a troll or thats ur real pictures and u're really braging about such look?
Real pictures (old ones though), and I'm aware I look good. But I aint braggin' about anything.
äijäl ainaki kasvuvaraa toho kauluspaitaan ekassa kuvassa =DD
4-0 Against All Odds
4-0 for juicy
botZ never loose
4-0 Against All Odds
god, what's rong with people here?
posting pictures of yourselves and insult others for their looks :D this gaming community just rose to a whole new level of being childish :D
ITT: Nerds calling each other nerds...
ITT: people growing their e-cocks
Is this tinder or gamestv ghehehehe
8 : ]
well both places are perfect for attention whoring lmao
Hah that seems about right
<Rong> it's such a shame your lan performance never was even close to your irc skill
<Rong> nice improve
4-0 Against All Odds