Elysium vs back 2 kill (2386 views)

nl iNsAne
nl outlAw
nl Sebhes
pl dialer
pl Blo0dje
pl Abject
stRay's 3on3 ODC #1
Grand Final

Awards awarded to for
Lady Macbeth Elysium ~ succidamQue 30 kills
Killing Spree Elysium ~ succidamQue 8 frags without being killed
Accountant Elysium ~ succidamQue 167% kills/killed ratio
He's dead, Jim! Elysium ~ Sebhes 7 gibs
...and stay dead! Elysium ~ Sebhes 33% gibs/kill
Lead Poisoning Elysium ~ succidamQue 26 SMG kills
Spammity spam spam! Elysium ~ Sebhes 4 SPAM kills
Fragstealer Elysium ~ succidamQue 159 damage per frag
Die! Damn you, Die! Kojiro 318 damage per frag
What objective? Elysium ~ succidamQue 189 XP
Red Shirt Kojiro 35 deaths
Are these pliers sharp? Kojiro 9 deaths without fragging
Med Pack Whore Elysium ~ succidamQue 179 damage per death
Eyes Wide Shut :( 1 team kills
Gingerbread man Elysium ~ succidamQue 8 /kills
Player Summary for the entire Match
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Elysium ~ Sebhes91103212370063388314800/01/116/174/016113733
Elysium ~ iNsAne1251422520600541743584180/02/122/141/016717943
Elysium ~ succidamQue1671893018601847853228930/01/026/94/116017982
Elysium ~ 107558938720022315806143982340/05/081/99/117316754
Player Summary for sp_delivery_te
[-] 1st Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
Elysium ~ Sebhes91103212370063388314800/01/116/174/0DK/KDKKD/XKKDKKK/DDKDKD/KKKKDDKDDD/KKK/DKDDKD
Elysium ~ iNsAne1251422520600541743584180/02/122/141/0KDK/DKDDKDKKKKDDK/K/KKK/DKK/KKDKDKKDKDKKDKDDK
Elysium ~ succidamQue1661893018601847853228930/01/026/94/1DKDKDKK/KTKD/KKDKKKKKKKKK/KD/KKK/K/KKDKDKKDDK/KK/
Elysium ~ 112558938720022315806143982340/05/381/599/3

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Player Chats
[11:29]: Allies capture the Forward Bunker!
[11:13]: Allies have damaged the East Wall
Elysium ~ iNsAne [10:39]: :')
Kojiro [10:38]: 8D
[8:50]: Axis reclaim the Forward Bunker!
[7:30]: Allies capture the Forward Bunker!
iOWNmENACE [5:10]: :D?
Elysium ~ iNsAne [5:09]: :')
[4:49]: Axis reclaim the Forward Bunker!
[4:34]: Allies capture the Forward Bunker!
[4:04]: Axis reclaim the Forward Bunker!
iOWNmENACE [3:34]: :D?
[3:25]: Allies capture the Forward Bunker!
[3:01]: Door Controls have been constructed.
[3:01]: Allies have secured the forward bunker.
[2:38]: The Allies have stolen a gold crate!
[2:01]: The Axis have intercepted the stolen gold crate!
[1:58]: The Allies have stolen a gold crate!
[1:41]: The Axis have intercepted the stolen gold crate!
[1:18]: The Allies have stolen a gold crate!
[0:49]: The Axis have intercepted the stolen gold crate!
[0:35]: The Allies have stolen a gold crate!
Kojiro [0:22]: can we find 3 mercs
[0:16]: The Axis have intercepted the stolen gold crate!
iOWNmENACE [0:12]: avi
iOWNmENACE [0:12]: :D?
:( [0:06]: u can play
[Intermission]: >>> Clock set to: 12:00
iOWNmENACE [Intermission]: with myself?
[Intermission]: :( disconnected
Elysium ~ iNsAne [Warmup]: really
Kojiro [Warmup]: XD
iOWNmENACE [Warmup]: :D?
iOWNmENACE [Warmup]: Spec
Elysium ~ Sebhes [Warmup]: woow woow
Elysium ~ Sebhes [Warmup]: emberasse yourself
Elysium ~ succidamQue [Warmup]: polaks low nablets
Elysium ~ iNsAne [Warmup]: playing
asd [Warmup]: well
Elysium ~ iNsAne [Warmup]: till the final
Elysium ~ iNsAne [Warmup]: to leave
asd [Warmup]: what can i say
Elysium ~ Sebhes [Countdown]: who left?
asd [Countdown]: abj
iOWNmENACE [Countdown]: rq final
[Countdown]: iOWNmENACE disconnected
Elysium ~ Sebhes [Countdown]: why did he leave tho?
asd [11:48]: said he doesnt want to paly anymore
asd [11:45]: as its boring
asd [11:40]: well if you play bad it is
asd [11:37]: :D
Elysium ~ Sebhes [11:35]: :P
Elysium ~ Sebhes [11:33]: I can understand
Elysium ~ Sebhes [11:28]: but showing some sportmanship is the least u can do imo
asd [11:20]: its our first et since i dont know when
Elysium ~ Sebhes [11:19]: either way thank you for the game, can't blame you I gues
asd [11:13]: <3
Elysium ~ Sebhes [11:12]: same for us
Elysium ~ Sebhes [11:11]: good night m8
asd [11:08]: cu
Elysium ~ Sebhes [11:08]: bloodje right?
asd [11:06]: dialer
asd [11:03]: you fag
Elysium ~ Sebhes [11:03]: dialeerrr
Elysium ~ Sebhes [11:02]: even better
asd [11:01]: :DDDD
Elysium ~ Sebhes [10:57]: yea u fking homo name :P
asd [10:55]: nest on the server
asd [10:53]: easy to guess
Elysium ~ Sebhes [10:51]: hahaha
Elysium ~ Sebhes [10:49]: good night bro
Elysium ~ Sebhes [10:47]: cu next time
asd [10:44]: bibuy
[10:43]: asd disconnected
Elysium ~ Sebhes [Warmup]: ciao<3

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