Elysium vs back 2 kill (2384 views)

nl iNsAne
nl outlAw
nl Sebhes
pl dialer
pl Blo0dje
pl Abject
stRay's 3on3 ODC #1
Grand Final



gl hf both:)
Danke für the cup!
nice ego quit
thx for quit
+1 for disrespecting opo
dialer pathetic nerd couldnt handle loss
u mean abject
nah he was shit talking me in our 3v3 lol
wasn't dialer to blame m8
nah he was shit talking him in their 3v3 lol
gratz elysium!
Contact KAMZ for the headprize, Elysium gets 6pack of cola and polaks get new cleaning equipment for nightshift.
Nie wut nie win
jesus gratz elysium!1oneone! propsy
gg Sebhes !
bit of a bummer how it ended.
expected winner tho :)