TheMoneyTeam vs Elysium (18492 views)

be chry
fi Matias
be mAus
gb R0SS
gb sqzz
it XyLoS
nl GiZmOoO
nl hayaa
nl iNsAne
be Jere
nl outlAw
nl Sebhes

KBG 6on6 LAN
Grand Final

eu Elysium has to win twice!

1st match: 4-2 Elysium
2nd match: 4-2 Elysium

News - #teamoxid - Playoffs
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Krefeld Battleground 6on6 LAN
Manager: Ektomorf17 (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 106884
The bets are closed.

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By: MerlinatoR
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Language: English
Teamoxid with TosspoT
By: chosen_
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Viewer Peak: 550

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 48

Overall Viewerpeak: 598


who to spec? whos the best aimer atm?
outlAw is absolutly amazing !
mAus too ofc !

XyLoS the best rifle
toonyyy? ;-; krein?
ill spec outlaw, he'll feel the pressure and wont deliver :->
outlaw, insane, gizmo... nuf said
hey arnold
all bad

e: where is azpiliqueta
hes on holiday atm but he will be back some day !
hope you'll be abled to build a team together!
You have € 200 on eu Elysium
Possible win: € 9622

1,06 for TMT
48,11 for Elysium

boyz... thank you.. the match wont be that easy lol
GL both :)
crossing fingers for both teams ! lets have a great final!
Thanks a lot SPU9!
this is not Best Of 5 ?
nope, double elim so no reason to be
oh ! So Elysium must beat TMT twice ?

I thought every Grand Final was like Best of 5

3on3 was single elim so they made it bo5 for a more interesting final
oke ^^ nice, thank you man, thats why the bet are such bad for Elysium then ^^
are you in the states already!?
nah I'm watching from the cinema @ LAN, on phone so got American flag 8)
gl tmt
Make me proud sebhes
you made me proud <3
thanks hunny! did you watch me? :D told you guys give me a pc I can actually play :D had to buy a keyboard, and mouse mat on way to lan!
c'est plus le grand mAus des années précédentes
omg maus omg
Wow sick game! Well done elysium
ur alive where was u at lan
fuck me
You have € 250 on eu Elysium
Possible win: € 3870
You have € 2898 on eu TMT
Possible win: € 3100.86

N1 bets
gg Sebhes winning lan by allowing both outlAw & iNsAne to cheat.
G fucking g
Amazing final and cast :D wp Elysium
very fucking well done elysium!
You have € 251 on eu Elysium
You won € 3885.48

easy bash,thx elysium
gg elysium
You have € 200 on eu Elysium
You won € 3096

I"m really sad for TMT I was for them... Adler is horrible.. dunno what happened but 2:57 and Elysium win.. Congratulation dutchs, impressive team !

It remind me the match of PSG-Barca with the 4-0 at first then 6-1....
oui les papy de E.T on loose :( dmg
ouai.. mais j'ai bien peur que du coup cette defaite scelle définitivement leur fin sur ET...
pourquoi ils sont toujours actifs ? sa fait 3 ans que je suit plus E.T
non ils n'etaient pas actifs, ca faisait 1 mois qu'ils s'entrainaient le soir mais clairement avec 1 mois d'entrainement c'etait dur de gagner et ils n'etaient pas loin ^^

Mais du coup peut etre que s'ils avaient gagnés ca leur aurait redonné envie de jouer régulièrement, alors que cette defaite peut les faire ne pas revenir à la prochaine LAN..

Affaire à suivre..
Should've studied, but thanks for the amount of fun and insane match altogether, TosspoT godmode :)
Incredible final, well played Elysium!
oh dear
sick game holy fuck
You have € 127 on eu Elysium
You won € 1965.96

new drago
Somebody post twitvh clip
Jere is the drago of our times
shiiiiiiiiii lekker boys!!
gg boys...deserved! :)
mAus lowest damage given, that's a surprise...

anyways, very interesting game to see.
You have € 14 on eu Elysium
You won € 216.72
Well played elysium!
mAus lowest DMG and kills.

How many beers did elysium feed to him before game?

You have € 106884 on eu Elysium
You won € 1654564.32
Gefeliciteerd Elysium, toppertjes
This was the worst timed flight I've ever booked (I had to leave when TSB lost first map) so obviously missed all other games.

Have fun tonight and have one sambuka on my behalf :-)
i can see that ET still alive :O, nice to check the after years and see that :) Steam ID: add me if someone wants to play some cs:go or ET
Matias fault :) they need a better one
so sad it is over now :(
well played guys amazing match
Congrats dutchmans
Proficiat jongens! Wat doet het toch wonderen, zo één Belg aan de line-up toevoegen! ;)
2 belgen toevoegen aan de line-up is dan kut?
Ligt eraan wie de Nederlanders zijn die je erbij steekt
i can se it was very moving match =D GJ Sebhes.
Overall Viewerpeak: 598
The final that we all asked for, and also a amazing tournament. Well done to TMT and Elysium for the final and congratulations to Elysium for winning, deserved. I did want the boys at TMT to win, some of my favourite ET players in that team.

Let's hope for another LAN and future tournaments in general. Once again, great event.
A lot of good games during the event, congrats to Elysium.
thanks for the casting you did this weekend merlin xoxo
huge effort Merl, thanks for covering so many games and congratulations again for the twitch partner!
good job casting !
ty mate, you played really well :)
awesome job merli
nice casting merli! gratz on partner with twitch!
Amazing job merl! Never stop pls
Well done boys! cya next lan
matias :/
my last cast of KBG LAN up on youtube:
Omg.. Elysium!!!! :o :o clap clap clap!!!
Where are the everyday praccing german nerds? XD Not even 3rd place I heard XD
Nice flag
missä kaupungissa oot nyt? Tavataanks :D
Joo :D
Savonranta, welcome
hyy vittu :D
voi ei, se on melkein 500 kilometriä minusta. Oon Vaasassa nyt.
Huomenna helsinki
went to learn swedish?
Haha actually even our teachers speaks Swedish when they talk to themselves :(
full match (tosspot shoutcast) + interviews:
LAN fragmovie made by mental:
Are these pliers sharp? TMT@mAus 17 deaths without fragging :(