P*SSYBASHERS vs Fuck my life (2691 views)

fi Rong
fi Sungi
fi hazz
gb brodypig
ee Dreamworks
no hyperloop
de nefral
21.12.17 20:30 CET
Awards awarded to for
Lady Macbeth odd5 Tw1NNN :z 11 kills
Killing Spree h y p e r l oo p 3 frags without being killed
Accountant odd5 Tw1NNN :z 183% kills/killed ratio
He's dead, Jim! -[TEAMFULLRAPE]-tonto 3 gibs
...and stay dead! -[TEAMFULLRAPE]-tonto 38% gibs/kill
Lead Poisoning -[TEAMFULLRAPE]-V1RG1N 6 SMG kills
Spammity spam spam! -[TEAMFULLRAPE]-tonto 2 SPAM kills
Die! Damn you, Die! fML#Nefral 291 damage per frag
What objective? h y p e r l oo p 30 XP
Red Shirt -[TEAMFULLRAPE]-tonto 13 deaths
Are these pliers sharp? odd5 Tw1NNN :z 3 deaths without fragging
Med Pack Whore odd5 Tw1NNN :z 184 damage per death
Eyes Wide Shut h y p e r l oo p 1 team kills
Gingerbread man -[TEAMFULLRAPE]-V1RG1N 2 /kills
Player Summary for the entire Match
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odd5 Tw1NNN :z1831511600001344110700/01/12/31/112218523
h y p e r l oo p883078001011121091130/00/14/31/015913632
Player Summary for sp_delivery_te
[-] 1st Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
odd5 Tw1NNN :z1831511600001344110700/01/12/31/1KKDDDKKXD
h y p e r l oo p873078001011121091130/00/14/31/0DDKDKTKKD

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Player Chats
[1:21]: Allies have damaged the East Wall
[0:51]: Allies capture the Forward Bunker!
odd5 Tw1NNN :z [0:08]: WELL THAT WAS FUN
-[TEAMFULLRAPE]-elephant [0:02]: I didn't think so :<
[Intermission]: >>> Objective NOT reached in time (2:48)
odd5 Tw1NNN :z [Intermission]: gg
-[TEAMFULLRAPE]-elephant [Intermission]: you know this thing some people do after an offi
-[TEAMFULLRAPE]-elephant [Intermission]: just keep playing you know
-[TEAMFULLRAPE]-V1RG1N [Intermission]: hazz always bm
-[TEAMFULLRAPE]-elephant [Intermission]: cause the're enjoying the game
h y p e r l oo p [Intermission]: :D
-[TEAMFULLRAPE]-elephant [Intermission]: let's not do that
[Intermission]: odd5 Tw1NNN :z disconnected
-[TEAMFULLRAPE]-V1RG1N [Warmup]: what hazz is rly saying: 'lmao gg ez'

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