iStar.uQ vs Last Evolution (3788 views)

12.06.06 20:45 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: A4D/nfP Spring Cup
Manager: (Requestee)
Maps: Radar
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Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
By: Trubel (ettvd)
de, Hub/Recorder 1 (30 slave slots)
By: skooli (ettvd)

de vp.ETTV.Server
By: gtv.otter (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 137


GL iStar! :D
gl i star 2 easy win
gl both teams, thx for being so active in the cup
iStar ftw! :D
Hooray for iStar :D

Buttcheek ftw ;)
Hurrah go iStar black boyos \o/
GoGo iStar Boyos!!!!!!!!!
punx'n'roll baby!!
hf p0rtrait \o// pwn them!
GL Tomm!e !!
go IStar ftw!
iStar Nubs FTW !!
AK is jealous, cuz he ain't getting to play for us nanananaananan ;)
I think luna should do shoutcast btw :>
Yea agree with u mine <3 Xo!
hey SHUT UP! I made iStar what it is today. Its why all iStar members (especially luna) call me "Daddy". Bow to me, dutchie!
ololol stfu precum face <3
C U Next Tuesday

Fool <3
oh thats clever jamie, i havent heard that one for a well long time, Thursday is better for me tho HILAWL.
easy bash 4 iStar anyway gl both
OMG AK WANTS BEEF! Bring it u fake dutchie!!! LEPEL!
Loser! As TosspoT says - "Hot ver dome err" :D
gl 'n' hf
<3 AK xDD the dutchflag looks nice on you ;)
go LeVo go! easy win for LeVo XD
selbstanfeuern is doof.
aber gl
gg cheater googo cheaters :X
GL&HF und so Ne
easy bash 4 levo ^^
u wish xD
we dont wish we know ;)
we'll see
gl levo :>
<3 zomec !11 you will own them for sure !<3
istar > all

iStar <3
iStar win :|

[if kakji play...]
<3 XO
Adios <3
levo suxx imo don´t need gl, they ve skill :>
gl & hf und immer schon au-hur radio hören :)
deine scheiße hört sich eh keiner an.
istar.uQ gogogo gL [tommie FTW]
rofl xo xD
how much replays u can do lock its only 1 match :O

gogogo Tommi!



tom ftw.
iStar! <3 :)
fewww toph :o that changes a lot... :o

What's rly funny is that we played against cmg in a mix the other day and rch commented that something "dodgy" was up.

You always do...

"OMG I got killed by AK he must be hacking." No
"I think it was a week ago or maybe a bit more, when some of my old friends persuaded me trying out a wallhack, that he created (Hes not a cheat coder, just a genius with C++ and normally he doesnt created cheats separate he created programs). At the first thought I didnt want to try it out, but then i said to myself, that its just 1 time and that isnt that hard, so I tested it on this war..."
Posted by LeVocMg on 09/06/06, 23:10

p0rtrait and iStar!!!
rofl what he said about his friend creating a wh just 4 fun and that he used it in a war is just R0FLC0PT0R!!!!!!!!!
kick some butt iStar.....tommie ftw!!!
gl both teams - iStar ftw :) gl tomm! boy - my ebooky bet is on you lads :)
gl iStar :)
go istar ;)
go go istar!
<3 ni7e & Wob!

gl by Woody ;)
Soz mate, do I know you?

Just different name methinks? :-/

Anyways, more excuses and fo'shiz please for this haxbotwtfpwnbbqmuthafu' (u get the idea :P)
yaya pls more spam....
i will win thx
<3 iStar
gl iStar
teddo, will slaugther damn like they are some low level pokemons
:> i am a low level pokemon :(
But <3 zenix :D
omg stupid shoutcast xD
ich finds gut dass es wenigstens mal nen deutschen shoutcast gibt in welcher form auch immer und zu deinem kommentar:

machs besser -.- "kind"
hier wen ich du wäre würde ich mal ganz leise sein "andern leuten sachen in den arsch schieben aber selber nicht spielen dürfen xD!" low ? und ja A_H ftw <3 ^^
y0da the Skiller :x

flame ftw ...
teddy bear kick there asses!!!

greetzz lowlander :)
is cMg disabled for this cup?
cMg is out of LeVo...
omg i can't actually believe you have even asked that?

So in other words, if he wasn't, you would play him? sigh.
raptr du bist so scheiße im hirn
Xo ftw! Give us a shoutout damnit :P

GL iStar
u didnt get the irony?
Irony?, I'ed call it sarcasm tbh, of which you failed obviously xD
lol lowlander :D
jo gl ß hf
gl @raptr aka cMg
qartex - mach weiter mit dienem shoutcast, lass die kiddies ruhig flamen, die gleichen leute haben damals auch bei FDJ rumgemotzt wegen musik ect, just ignore them.

wooohaahhaha i-star in action

you are not allowed to miss this stuff!
istar ftw.
HANFI > quartex
gg iStar :)
<3 xo
gg LeVo, nice guys <3 wizzor :D
gg iStar
wp istar :D
gg istar thx 4 gmae :)