Slovakia vs USA (8153 views)

sk bladee
sk filuS
sk Kredenc
sk LoR
sk boby
sk SilentAssasin
us vader
us ouch
us Quota
us demented
us bliss
us Axcess
20.07.08 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Crossfire Nationscup
Manager: Bladeee (Requestee)
Maps: Supply Depot
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Total Pot: € 15421
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Radio Commentary
cz TeamPlay Radio
By: ResP
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Language: Czech

Total Slots: 250
Listener Peak: 38

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By: andyF1 (ettvd)
de #fayntic ETTV 2
By: h3ll (ettvd)
de #GMW`ETTV 1
By: Hartlight (ettvd)
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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 86


gl&hf SVK..
easy for USA !
let's hope there wont be any complications and USA will get pwned :)
gl svk, nakopte im prdele :)
wtf?! no D.C.? proc kua?!
nejaky boby misto nej.. a imho je daleko lepsí nez Lor,ktery se mimochodem minule vyznamenal :x :/
od zaciatku sa pocitalo so zostavou ako je teraz, akurat ked este nebol boby tak mal hrat tux, ktory sa ale tiez par krat vyznamenal s dochadzkou, tak sme povolali nahradnika za nahradnika, D.C. :) ale ked uz je boby spat tak mame tu svk v najsilnejsej zostave aku sa dalo zohnat
ok,díky za info,jen jsem myslel že dc by mohl být dobrá a kvalitní podpora ;)
glhf ;) dej jim na prdel!!
Ten nejaky boby hraje etcko snad 3 krat dlhsie ako ty a presiel vela klanmi ako napr chronic a dalsie ktore ja nepoznam pretoze som vtedy ani klanovo nehral. To iste plati o Lorovi ten tusim hraval aj s nim tak pls nekecaj do toho o com nevies zostava je takato a finito.
1,myslis ze vis jak dlouho hraju et? kdyby to hral 3krat tak dlhsie nez ja tak by to hral v dobe,kdy byla snad nejlepsi hra princ of persia,nebo ani to ne o_O
2,to kde hrál mě celkem nezajma..zajma mě spise to jak hraje..
3,pisu co jsem videl,a to,ze dc>lor
4,diky za "care", glhf
nabuduce ak budeme chciet pocut tvoj nazor ozveme sa ti vdaka
ale chalosi, sak sa nehadajte :) ten neznamy boby to strasne dlho nehral a tak by som mu moc neveril.. majte sa, boby :p
et je ako sex na bicykli, to sa jednoducho vrati a nezabudnes to. A to ze to isty cas nehral nie je dovod aby sme mu neverili.
dc>LoR? :D sure...

easy for Slovakia with LoRi<33333333 in lineup :))
dc > all - its certain!
gl slovaks have them yankees sent back in bodybags k :)
SVK sk 1.15
USA us 7.85

wtf ??
server location? x)
lolz. unfair for usa...

place server in afrika or antartica.. then its fair
lol... they wanted UK srvr and agreed
But maybe you could provide us antartican one ? :P
Go swim to the middle of the atlantic and set one up plz
You want it to be hosted in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean ?
east coast usa get 98 ping on uk servers
gogogo yankees =DDDDDDD
Good Luck -> Vader, Ouch, Bliss <-
gl filus <3 SilentAssasin <3 easy bash for slovakia
NAD TATROU SA BLIZKA HROMY DIVOBIJU! <3 shoutouts from Croatia :)
correct me if i am wrong, but using words of national anthem like that is classified like defaming, and in our country its against law :D anyway, screw that u cant cast us :(
quota will surprise !
gl filus
gl USA
gl silent
Demented no flood with "Yoohoo" x)
GL filus and bladee
gl us
gl slovakia
i almost forgot, izi for USA :D
I was a very happy man untill you wrote that :(
When NC is over im gonna kick ur ass
gl ouch bliss
no linsen no win

GL USA and bliss
Kredeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenc will pwn you hard! <33333333
anyway pl will win
i have to say fu BUSH!

edit: (& sarkozy ofc)
gl USA

Gl Usa
<3 SlovakiA :** GL
gl fileeee :)
so to u against bel :)
go Bladee go go go ! :)
You have € 4 on sk SVK Cancel bet
Possible win: € 67.44 hf
Drzim palce, smelo do nich!
CML ty uz si z et skoncil for good?
dufam ze hej :) potrebujete backup? :)
mame problem s jednym hracom pada mu to , zisiel by sa :)
gl filus
GL for my svk skiller sillentassasin ... pwnd them all(ololol)
4-0 for usa
btw, nice epic ping for me :D
we all had that ping too dumbass
who cares about u? but my ping 3 times higher that ping of my teammates, and thats weird
who cares about you
who cares about you
who cares about you all :)
this game was too gay