Damon vs Mxt0r (1817 views)


-Valhalla Station TE
-Multi Huntplace
-Osiris Finall
21.01.20 23:45 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Miscellaneous
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: Damon (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 222
The bets have been cancelled.

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This match can be removed anyway as he requested it without I say anything so I won't play it.
ofc you are not going to play it because you are scared comin up to me with some excuses about the map and some bs. I just think that you will never play against me ever because you know you gonna lose and everybody should know that.
Crawl back to your cave and i hope to never see you again.
Lol, I never lost vs you before, why would I lose this ?
You come to me and request a match without even knowing if I can play or not, when we agreed about a mappool, you decided to change the mappool without even asking me neither,

and I think that to be so sure to beat someone you never beat before, there is only 1 possibility : cheating

As you've been caught cheating few years ago, i think it's not impossible that you cheat again because you seems to really wanna beat me.
You've not been able to beat agsor, idk how you could actually defeat me.. But keep thinking that if it can make you find yourself stronger xd
agsor won against you mongol
ask agsor if he won against me :) We played just before i won with 7 kills lol
scared lil cat you are with some fake youtube videos and screenshots against your friends who are using some fake nicks to make you look good.

Funny part is that you are actually proud of those fake screenshots and youtube videos.

You are nothing and you will always gonna be nothing.
P.S. just for the record so you can see where you stand:


and you think you can beat me? then you have some serious issues my friend.

Why are you mad and frustrated that i dont play with you ?
You schedulsed the match while i didnt even tell you i was avi

Why dont you assume our matches on YouTube ? Like i need to fake xD you just less good thats all. But ofc i am proud !
Its fine for me to be nothing, i got nothing to proof to myself unlike you who seems to need to beat me, and you seems to be so sure to beat me while you never beat me before lol (Would you cheat for this occasion ? With your past I wouldnt be surprised) so if you so sure, why do you need To play ?

About thé match vs LoCk, if you are a true competitor (but seems that youre not) you should know that every matches are always different and a score between 2 players means nothing ;) and lets speak about thé matches, We won thé same map and lost thé same map, you just played a decider while i didnt cause i didnt have time. If you didnt play thé decider, score would have been thé same.. and I can tell you that if you played the LoCk i ve played you wouldnt have won trust me he was way stronger vs me than vs you
So ofc i am way stronger than you, everybody knows it.

So by your madness you show that youre thé one having serious issues ;)
Im not mad or frustrated at all is just that ive asked you many times to play this game and every single time you had some other excuses to avoid it so ofc that shit is gonna piss me off eventually.
I just want to make it sure that everybody see what a scared fake nerd you are and ofc you faked some videos and screenshots and now you are so proud of them.But everybody knows the truth of that already.

And about the match with Lock you left not because of the time you left because you knew hes gonna win you anyway so you went so scared that you had to use some another bs excuse to leave the match.
Stop lying to the people my man that wont get you far anyway.
Ive asked you also and you were also dodging for many months bécause you had your exams lol, exams but you still play 3v3 24/7 so dont say shit

XD thé most funny part is that you seems to believe what you say, you can say I faked if you want, you know inside yourself what happened ;) and all the players who appear on YouTube also know ;) so i got nothing To proof, just look at the bets on this match and thé previous you requested, i am always favorite

When its 23 and you start job at 5 AM, i think you dont rly have time To waste 20 more minutes for a fucking game, anyway, lets talk about thé match yesterday, you made 29-29 vs agsor, i won 35-28, just before he plays vs you so he played us in a row and thé difference is wordless

agsor would actually beat you in a full match mate, you would win Multi thats all xD so youre not even number 2 lol
lets get the players who seen you losing vs agsor shall we?
my draw vs agsor was fair i cant say it wasnt but i never lost to him same thing would happen if you will play vs me you only know valhalla and hunt place and you will get rekt on the obj maps.

Lets face it you re dodging this match because when i will beat you you will cut your veins because this is all that you have in this game.

You can talk whatever you want but as long as you are not going to play vs me you are just a fake lying rat as you always been.

And since im not even nr2 as you say and you beat agsor i shouldnt be a problem for you right?

Talking without actions is useless so i wont respond to you anymore.

You will never play me because you will lose and you know it.

Best regards,
Sure lets do it ! As thé only time it was close in 1 way it was uYop and mayan and i wasnt losing :D

There would be no draw between us on Valhalla
Unless you decide To cheat as you already did and then you could run around the map xD

Look, you only think you will win, how can you be so sure as you always lost before vs me ? You can only cheat again if you are this 100% sure to win, cause as you seems to be, you apparently would care a lot to lose too ! Why do you deny it ?

Ofc youre not a problèm, i saw it already around 30 times, i just cant get and understand why your ego is so big xD

Ofc you can win... with your cheat ;)
Its thé only possibility i see for you to be this sure of yourself
Have you ever got laid guys?
He got banned for sharing cgac acc not for cheating, just saying :p
ofc not mate lol i got caught for cheating in 500 offis or so and im multi-busted since 2011,even now im busted but its my brother playin for me so xD
these stupid nerds like always xD
He has been banned for cheat already & also because he played with CGAC loaded on an other pc
show me proof where i got caught with cheats besides the CGAC where i got banned for sharing on 1 game.
you still got nothing on me but nice try tho keep going.

P.S. are you going to create some fake screenshots for that too? xD
You've been banned for cheat & also for using CGAC on an other pc while playing an offi

You even seems to admit it yourself here.
if you would read that post it says that they found evidence of cheats only for stary and upload.

and i quote: "We've also found evidence of cheats on the accounts of Stary & upload"

so again your argument is invalid but keep going my friend.

And above all how can you actually talk about cheating since you never played actual offis and all you do is faking videos and screenshots.

I even told you that if we are ever going to play this match which i doubt it because you gonna kill yourself when you lose, im gonna stream it and demo it.

And even after all that shit, you told me to use my phone so i can record my screen while we are playing. ARE YOU RETARDED?

you're just a paranoic little nerd whos afraid that hes gonna lose and inventing some stupid arguments so he can avoid the match as much as he can.


I dont even need to say who are you in that video because i bet people will know right away xD
May i ask what's the point of recording by yourself and streaming it when demo is already available on gamestv? It doesn't make any difference.
If i wanted to cheat i could stream it, record demo and record it with my phone and you still couldn't spot me cheating and prove it so your arguments are invalid too.
ET in 2020 ? a drama including a multi-busted gypsy
so sad
True.. thank you Eky
Play mongols
Damon n m@xtor, why dont you guys rent a room for the weekend and have some sex with eachother.

All I see in here is a broken relationship that needs to be healed.

My heart got this touched I might sponsor you guys a room, all you guys need is a little time together to sort things out and everything will be fine, im sure of that ;)

With great respect,